Moon Child – Broken Will

Moon Child - Broken Will

‘Moon Child’
“Broken Will” by Ryuuzaki Kusakurin

DISCLAIMER: I wish Moon Child was mine, but I don’t think it does seeing as I’m still poor. u_u

Warnings: Death, blood, vampirism
Characters: Sho, Kei, Hana
Theme Songs: Yi-Che [Goro Yasukawa]
Pairings: None

This came to me during church for whatever reason. Slightly disturbing to say the least, considering how this thing ends…

Chapter 1

Sho’s first victim was just another person.

The man holding the girl’s hand had been his first target, yanked out of the lighter shadows and into the darker ones, away from the girl. Sho’s teeth ripped into his flesh, tearing into the jugular with little finesse and pushing the smaller body against the wall with little effort. The man struggled vainly, yelling for the girl to run until Sho silenced his cries by digging his fangs further into the man’s throat and ripping through the flesh, dragging his teeth across until his fangs bit through the unidentified body’s windpipe, silencing his voice before discarding the body.

Then he had turned on the child, the beast completely in control of his actions, pulling her off of the ground and to his own level so that he could sink his teeth into the young, almost supple flesh of her neck. A low groan of appreciatiation bubbled past his lips as the first droplets of liquid touched his tongue, so much more satisfying than then man’s blood had been.

Her yellow bookbag lay discarded on the ground, illuminated by the setting sun. Colourful papers, pencils, reminders of teacher meetings, and all the school supplies a child could need spilled from the bag, the same way her young blood spilled past Sho’s lips. Her dress fluttered around her legs and small body as Sho’s grip on her waist tightened, and her pigtails blew in her face as she squirmed uncomfortably, too young to realise that she was dying, old enough to know that something wasn’t right.

“Stop it,” the girl pleaded softly, legs kicking into thin air, but her life was nearly gone, drained into Sho’s greedy lips. He heard the man he had thrown and presumably killed get to his feet behind him, but by then the child was nearly limp in his arms and he was too far gone in his insane bloodlust to care, having been starved for almost a week before he had stumbled away from Kei in honest revulsion for himself. It had led to this monster, this mindless beast that craved nothing but blood and carnage; his will had been broken and left Sho posessed by his own nature. The beast within cared nothing for the dying sunlight that was barely enough to harm him, and he didn’t feel the prickling of his senses when the child in his arms attempted to move once more – he only wanted her blood.

From behind him, Kei stood motionless, his body faintly smoking as he stood as if rooted, unable to move from the fading light as he watched Hana die in her father’s grip.

Sho’s first true victim was his daughter.


~ by Larkir Kusakurin on Thursday, 09.10.2008.

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