Moon Child – Instinct

Moon Child - Instinct

‘Moon Child’
“Instinct” by Ryuuzaki Kusakurin

DISCLAIMER: It isn’t mine, as much as I wish it was…

Warnings: Violence
Characters: Kei, Sho, Toshi, Shinji
Theme Songs: Tomo no shi [Goro Yasukawa]
Pairings: None

This came out of nowhere, I was eating breakfast and picking the next song when I turned ‘Tomo no shi’ on. I got this great image of Kei in black leather pants and a white shirt, holsters strapped onto him, and then this dark, relatively desolate setting that was probably the outcome of him pulling a job alone. So I wrote the next part of the image. I hope it’s okay…

Chapter 1

The silence of the place is eerie, even concerning as Kei walks in, the guns holstered to his body making faint clinking sounds with each step he takes, entering their ‘home’ with a vague sense of unease. He’s coming back from pulling a job – alone, as always – and his pockets are full of money that he estimates will keep their patched-together ‘family’ fed and clothed for about a month. As he pads quietly into the main area of the abandoned building, his unease grows.

The warehouse is empty, and Kei can’t see the children he’s more or less adopted as his own anywhere.
“Sho?” he calls softly into the darkness, not wanting to wake any of them up in the event that they’re just asleep and he’s overlooked them. When he recieves no response, he tries again. “Toshi?” Again, no response. His eyes widen and he begins to shuffle through the open-air building that they live in, growing increasingly more concerned with each discovery.

Toshi’s tin of money is gone, and there are no signs of it being anywhere. His backpack is also missing, but Kei overlooks that because he knows Toshi stashes money in there too, when he has too much for the little tin he keeps.

Near where Shinji sleeps isn’t of much concern to Kei but he looks anyway, searching for any clues that he can. He discovers Shinji’s metal baseball bat laying haphazardly on the dirt-covered ground a few metres away from his cot

Sho’s makeshift bed has rumpled blankets on it and some of them have been dragged across the floor, indicating that the boy was dragged out of it. This is enough to send him into a panic as he stares blankly at the sheets and blankets dragged through the dirt and left. He doesn’t realise it, but as he grows more and more worried, the vampire instincts within him are unleashed as they would be on a job, and his eyes flash golden before he can think to stop the change in his being. By te time he realises it, his mindset is that of the beast’s and he catches the lingering scent of the three boys before taking off after it, following the newest trail with nothing more than instict.

Kei nearly misses the trail in his haste when scent indicates that the boys entered a narrow alley at some point, and with a growl he turns back, pausing for only an instant to ascertain that nobody is about before tearing off into the passageway.

He can hear familiar voices now, raised in a symphony of fear and attempted assurance, and he doesn’t even hear the words as he runs forward, into the light. 

Three men surround the boys and they are armed – dangerous. They look up from where they had been threatening Toshi and one aims a gun, firing point-blank at Kei’s heart.

The bullet hits and Kei crumples to the ground with a low growl of pain. His hand automatically goes to his chest, and when he feels it healing only seconds later he bares his teeth and lunges at the shooter, forcing him against a wall with his superior strength. The vampire plunges his fangs into the man’s neck and rips across, leaving the man to support himself as he gasps for breath, though the only sound he makes is a choked gurgling noise.

It is dark, but not dark enough to hide the gaping wounds across the man’s throat and as he dies the boys gasp and Shinji looks away in both horror and disgust. Kei doesn’t hear them, doesn’t see them; he is too focused on carrying out his task. He ducks once to dodge a bullet that was aimed at his head and then stands straight, surveying his remaining soon-to-be-victims.

Kei stalks closer to the second man, roughly yanking him closer by the hair and breaking his neck in a swift movement. He tosses the body away as though it was a used doll and moves on, not even trying to dodge bullets as he makes his way forward, towards his last toarget. His eyes shine golden in the near-darkness as he surveys the third man with a predatory sneer on his face – his lips are covered in blood and the beast knows that the last man is afraid. The acrid scent that he can smell permeating the air is that of fear, sharp and biting. He stalks forward, about to end the third attacker’s life when the man makes a move and grabs Sho.

Kei’s eyes widen as the man presses the handgun to the boy’s head and waits.

“Get… get off of me,” Sho whimpers, struggling as much as a ten-year-old possibly can against an adult. The gun cocks and Sho’s eyes squeeze shut, believing he is going to die.

Kei doesn’t offer a surrender option to the man; by the time the attacker realises that Kei has moved his hand has been jerked to the side and he quickly is forced to drop the gun as the vampire crushes his hand. His eyes still gleam gold as he fists a hand in the man’s hair and jerks his head to the side, his teeth plunging roughly into the jugular beneath.

As he feeds, Sho stumbles back to Toshi and Shinji, who are stock-still, watching Kei in a twisted, morbid kind of curiosity. The beast that has wound its way into the blonde’s consciousness pays them no heed; the vampire’s bloodlust has been sparked by the availability of fresh blood and he moans softly as he swallows mouthful after mouthful of the precious liquid.

“K-kei…?” Toshi calls, his voice quiet and scared as he watches. Out of all of the boys, only Shinji has seen a glimpse of this, and it was enough to make him wish he hadn’t.

Kei’s golden eyes open and flick to them even as he feeds, watching them unblinkingly as they stare at him in what could only be wide-eyed terror. When he finishes with the man, his eyes dim and darken to their normal states and it takes him a moment to fully realise what he’s inadvertently exposed the boys to. They look at him, still scared, and he stumbles away, the familiar high from feeding making him clumsy.

“You need to get home,” he tells them, a light command in his slightly slurred voice as he feels his fangs retract. They scamper away, following his order, and he breathes a sigh of relief before disposing of the bodies. He dumps them in one of the rivers that flows to the ocean and returns home, the sun threateningly light in the sky as he seeks shelter on his makeshift bed of piled blankets, hidden in the shadows.

He loathes himself more than usual as he hears Sho, Toshi, and Shinji begin their normal morning routine of making breakfast with whatever food they have left. Sho usually tries to offer some to Kei despite his knowledge that the vampire doesn’t need it, but nobody bothers him as he closes his eyes and eventually drifts off.

—–moon child—–

As soon as Sho thinks the vampire is asleep, he pads over to him and curls up next to the inhumanly-cold body, taking comfort in his father-figure’s arms.


~ by Larkir Kusakurin on Sunday, 05.10.2008.

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