Moon Child – Remember

Moon Child - Remember

‘Moon Child’
“Remember” by Ryuuzaki Kusakurin

DISCLAIMER: Not mine, don’t sue me over it, ne?

Warnings: Blood, implied yaoi
Characters: Sho, Kei, [mentions of] Toshi, Yi-Che
Theme Songs: Kaisô / Nagaki unmei no isshun [Goro Yasukawa]
Pairings: Kei x Sho

I don’t think that I’ve written a fic that embodies a song so well… I’m pleased with how this one worked out. *nods*

A/N: This assumes that Sho is around thirty-five or so in the ‘present’.

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Chapter 1

He hears the throbbing on Sho’s heart as clearly as if it was next to his ear. He can almost feel the way it pulses, labouring to keep his only friend alive. The rapid tempo isn’t saving ihm, though; it’s just forcing more of Sho’s lifeblood out of the wounds. Sho’s shaking form is surrounded by sunlight and Kei can’t move, caught in time by his memories, things he has long sought to forget, to ease the passage of lives and time.

—–moon child—–

[26 years ago]

“Aren’t you afraid?” he asked, coppery blood dripping out of the sides of his mouth and some staining the tips of his long hair.

The child shook his head, dark eyes wide, but pure. Purity born from filth.

Kei let out a breath of air he hadn’t realised he had been holding and it came out in a rush, almost as a sound of surprised amusement. For a moment he continued to stare, drowning the the boy’s dark eyes and the child shuffled awkwardly.

And then he smiled.

—–moon child—–

[23 years ago]

“Sho, you need to be more careful,” Kei sighed, watching the boy across the room with half-open eyes that saw every move despite the relative darkness of the area.

Sho was nursing a scrape on his arm that had quite nearly been worse. He had been horsing around with Toshi, climbing onto the stacked crates outside of their new ‘home’; it had been the best Kei could do, since their last apartment had been broken into and left uninhabitable.

“I know, whatever,” the boy mumbled, still cradling his arm as if it was broken. “It’s Toshi’s fault, stupid idiot wanted to try and climb the crates anyway…”

“And you chose to go along with him,” Kei chastised with mild amusement. The boy reminded him so much of his own younger self that it was almost uncanny.

I’ve got to be careful, make sure he doesn’t try to grow up and adapt to my lifestyle.

“Do you want me to bandage it?” the blonde offered, sitting up and brushing his semi-long hair back into a ponytail as he continued to keep his eyes on Sho. The scent of blood was in the air, and while he could keep the urge to bite away relatively easily, the instinct to watch wasn’t so quickly pushed aside.

“Nah, it’ll be fine,” the boy protested. “I’m almost thirteen, Kei. It’s only a scrape.”

“Right,” Kei scoffed teasingly, waving him off. “Go have fun with Toshi while the sun’s still up – be back by sundown.”

“Yes, mom,” Sho shot back with his typical childish sarcasm, something he had picked up from Kei in the last year or so. “See you,” he called, waving once as he walked out the door and into the streaming sunlight.

“Be careful,” Kei murmured after the door had shut, not wanting the child to realise how much Kei worried over him.

For a kid I was going to leave behind, I’ve gotten pretty attached…

He didn’t really mind though, no matter what he told himself.

—–moon child—–

[19 years ago]

“I’m tired,” Sho whined, his voice reaching the same pitch it had when he was still a child, trying to get his way. He all but threwto the side and it skidded across the warehouse floor with a clattering racket. Sho jumped slightly when it hit the wall, the sound echoing through the empty shell of a building.

“You’ll never get it if you don’t try,” Kei offered, biting back his laughter and instead managing a low chuckle. Sho was trying to practice marksmanship, and it wasn’t going well at all. “Besides, we’ve only been out here what, an hour?”

Three hours,” Sho pointed out after checking his watch. Kei’s watch. It had been the vampire’s gift to him on the second day they had known each other, and Sho had worn it almost every day since. When he heard a small snort from the vampire’s direction he looked up from the face and dorty, old metal of the timekeeper.

“Why do you still wear that?” the blonde asked, his green eyes questioning. “It’s not really worth anything, you know.”

Sho knew that well, having once tried to steal it from the vampire as nothing but a last resort, something to make himself, his brother, and Toshi a little more money so that they could survive.

“It is to me,” he frowned, inwardly wondering if his friend and father figure recognised the sentimental value behind it.

“It just… doesn’t suit you,” Kei observed, jumping to the top of a fallen column with ease and seating himself there after a moment. “Go get your gun and we can try again.”

“What do you mean, it doesn’t suit me?” Sho called back, annoyed.

“I mean that you shouldn’t wear it just because it reminds you of me,” Kei told him, shifting slightly on his perch. “You’ve got me around to remind you, you know.”

“I know, I know,” the youth grumbled, plodding over, retrieving the handgun from the floor and raising it as he walked back.

“Oi, Sho! Hit this!” Kei drew his hand back and hefted a piece of metal, presumably from the bits of rubble hanging from the roof near the top of the column, throwing it across the space in front of Sho with surprising agility.

Sho drew the gun up in a fluid motion, firing almost instinctually as he hastened to obey Kei’s easy order, putting two bullets in it before the thin sheet hit the ground.

“Good job!” Kei called to him in English, and for the first time that night, Sho smiled. “Before long, you won’t need me to go with you on jobs, ne?” he teased. “You’re almost eighteen, after all.”

“No!” Sho protested before he could think about it. When the vampire looked at him curiously, his cheeks flushed slightly and he mumbled, “I’ll always need you around.”

“I was joking,” Kei replied slowly, jumping down from his seat and making it over to Sho in record time, awkwardly surveying the piece of metal. “Two shots; that’s a lot better than last time.”

“I’m working on it,” the teen replied with a quick smile, cheeks still red.

“That’s good – it’ll take a lot to keep up with me,” Kei shot back, catching the wide-eyed expression on Sho’s face at the obvious allusion before the teen focused on the way he was holding his weapon.

“I’m working on it,” Sho repeated softly, not catching the equally surprised expression playing across his friend’s face. “But only because it’s you,” he added just quietly enough that the vampire couldn’t notice as he took aim and fired at the next object Kei lobbed across the warehouse, striking it dead-on.

—–moon child—–

[17 years ago]

“How is it?” Kei asked, standing against a wall as Sho drew close to the window, pushing back the curtain to reveal the barest hint of sunlight as he peered out of it. His young-looking face was stressed as he watched Sho, waiting for an answer. The teenager turned and looked at Kei silently as if he was trying to figure out how to word it.

“Lovely weather,” Sho finally managed, dropping his hand from the curtains but leaving his hand on the windowframe.

“Really…” Kei sighed, resigning himself to sitting indoors while everyone else was free to walk about in the sunlight. “Perfect for Yi-Che’s big day.”

“Na, Kei…?” Sho’s voice was hesitant as he spoke, drawing his hand away from the window where he had been looking out from a crack in the curtains and walking to the other side of the room. He chose to sit in a chair on the other side of the square column that ended the dividing metal poles that seperated Kei’s side of the common area from Sho’s.


“You don’t drink blood these days…”

“It’s none of your business!” Kei snapped, glaring at him from where he was standing before returning his gaze to his feet, where it had been for the past few minutes. Sho sighed and tried again.

“But you’re so weak,” he protested quietly, worried about Kei and the way he was acting. When he subject was breached, his lover would normally shrug and assure Sho that everything was fine, and then he’d go out and feed later.

It must really be getting to him…

“It’s hard to see -”

“Should I drink yours?” Kei demanded angrily, cutting Sho off entirely and glaring at him again. Pushing off from the wall, he took a few shaky steps forward, into his side of the room, and dropped onto the daybed, his body suddenly seeming too heavy for him to carry as he slouched forward. The vampire’s next words were spoken in nothing more than a low murmur, his hand on his mouth as if he was thinking. “I live by draining the lives of others. You know what that’s like? That’s my entire life.”

I do know what it’s like, Sho wanted to protest, remembering the times Kei had been so caught up in his residual bloodlust after a feed that he had taken Sho – sometimes painfully – pressing bloody kisses along Sho’s body as he made his desires known and followed up on them.

“Sometimes I can’t handle it. So I go without.” Kei laughed bitterly after the statement, finding some humour in the situation before he decided to enlighten Sho. “A ‘starvation diet’.” Kei straightened up a bit, his eyes almost reminiscient as he continued. “Now I’m having fun with all of you… but it’s not real!”

Sho could hear the slight creak of the daybed and assumed that the vampire had leaned forward, but then he heard footsteps and saw Kei’s hands clutch the dividing metal bars between the wall and the column that seperated them. “You’re all growing up,” he spat out bitterly. “I’ll be left behind. Sho, one day you’ll die… But I’ll keep living!” He shook the bars for emphasis, crying his next words out in anger. “You think that’s fun?!”

From his side, Sho was shocked and hurt. He didn’t feel the sole tear running down the side of his face but Kei saw it and moved away from the bars, his anger fading as he walked towards his lover and reached down, brushing the tear away with the pad of his thumb.

“Sho, you crybaby…” he murmured affectionately, trying to make up for his outburst of temper. Sho sniffled once and Kei touched his head lightly, bringing the side of Sho’s face to press against his lower chest as he wrapped his arms around the youth. “Just like when you were a kid…” He paused, pushing Sho away to look him in the eyes. Sho returned the even stare for a moment before swallowing, trying to clear the sudden lump in his throat and then looked away. “Go out, have a good time. Everyone will worry.” Sho blinked and swallowed hard again before glancing back at his lover, turning away again as soon as he met Kei’s calm moss-green eyes.

“Yeah…” Sho nodded awkwardly, but Kei’s fingers found his chin and forced him to turn his head long enough for him to press a gentle kiss to the youth’s lips.

“Now go,” the vampire sighed with some degree of exasperated affection in his voice.

He didn’t know that the next time he’d see Sho through the eyes of a rational being would be through the glass screens of a jail.

—–moon child—–

[one week ago]

“Kei… everyone’s gone now…” Sho’s voice cracked over the phone and Kei tried to press it closer to his ear as he heard the man he had raised – the man he had loved, still loved – break down on the other end. “…I need you,” Sho choked and Kei remained silent, unable to say anything. Even when the phone was pulled away from his hands, he remained silent, pulling uneasily at the handcuffs clasped tightly around his small wrists.

As he allowed himself to be led away to his cell – the place where he was supposed to spend his last day on Earth – he knew that he would go.

Because Sho needed him, he would deny himself the release he had been craving for nearly a century. He would go.

—–moon child—–


Kei shakes himself out of his reverie and crosses the border between shadow and light with barely any hesitation, taking Sho into his arms and processing, trying to think back to how he had become a monster even as tears roll down his cheeks.

“Sho,” he cries softly, his hand finding Sho’s and twining his fingers with his once-lover’s, staining his own hands red with his only living friend’s blood. “Sho,” he cries again as the man underneath him jerkily spasms, coughing and spitting blood all over both himself and Kei, slowly raising his hand to something only he can see. Kei panics, all logic momentarily forgotten as he grabs Sho’s hand and brings it back down to the wound, pressing it there as he tries to gather himself once more for what he needs to do – the horrible, damning task that he knows he has to follow through with now that it’s crossed his mind. As he leans down slightly, ready to make his move, Sho’s spasms slow and the man begins to still in Kei’s arms. “Sho,” he warns with clear hysteria in his voice, “don’t leave me!”

The human in his arms doesn’t listen and his eyes begin to dim, though he moves more fully into Kei’s arms with his remaining strength, tilting his head to lean into Kei’s chest. Unable to move further, he closes his eyes and breathes as steadily as he can, trying to ward off death for just another moment in Kei’s arms.

He’s unconscious before Kei steels himself to bite, and nearly dead by the time Kei lets his vampiric blood gush past his lips.

He doesn’t feel the pain as his body changes, and he hovers close to death for several days before his last humanity succumbs and he becomes a vampire himself, doomed to walk a path of eternal goodbyes.


~ by Larkir Kusakurin on Saturday, 04.10.2008.

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