Moon Child – Dying Dream

Moon Child - Dying Dream

‘Moon Child’
“Dying Dream”

DISCLAIMER: Good lord. If Moon Child was mine, I would be rich and rewriting bits of the story. [this means it’s not mine]

Warnings: [barely implied] yaoi, death
Characters: Sho, Kei, Hana
Theme Songs: Vampire [Goro Yasukawa]
Pairings: [barely implied] Sho x Kei

…okay, so if I’m not allowed to listen to Orenji no Taiyou, I’m not allowed to listen to the Moon Child OST either, because this is what it does to me. >< *sigh*

This story was written while I was listening to the song ‘Vampire’ from the Moon Child OST.

Crossposted to my LiveJournal.

Chapter 1

I hope this is a dream…

People were dying.

All around him, people died, rose back again, and fell to the ground, their arms raised in some kind of obscene ritual. The pattern of death and life, in that order, was so confusing to him and he wanted more than ever to just close his mind to the horrors of the world, shut himself off from everything living and sink into an eternal sleep, one he had been denied for far too long.

Beside him, like a noiseless phantom, stood the only other of his kind. His child, in a sense. He longed to reach out and touch the other man, to gently card through his hair and comfort him, to cry into his shoulder and be held. The desire to do so was strong, stronger than it had ever been, and yet his body refused to react.

“What’s going on?” his companion asked, and for once, he had no answer.

“I don’t know,” he replied, his eyes still trying to take in the strange scene laid out before him. “Why are you here?”

“I came to say… goodbye.”

The mockery of life around him was reflected in himself, and as he watched the macabre dance of the near-corpses around him he understood. He knew that this life was one his child wasn’t meant to walk, one the youth had never been meant to. It was one of sorrow, pain, regret… a curse, more than a life. These dancing shells, empty bodies… they were just the remnants of what he had already discovered, people his child had encountered at some point.

He turned to face the only other one like him, the being born of his blood, and found him missing, swallowed up into the eerie world around them. The last thing he felt of his child was a whisper, a ghost of a kiss against his psyche.

One of the corpses extended her hand and Kei took it gratefully, feeling the searing pain of fire as his fingertips brushed the skin there.

And his joy faded into pain, his face twisting in agony as the licking flames spread up his arm, his teeth bared as he attempted to wrench himself free –


What’s going on…?

The blonde’s eyes flew open and he sat up in a rush, his body drenched with sweat. He turned to face the voice as it came again –


It was Hana.

A dream, then. But…

“Kei, are you alright?”

“N… Yes,” he breathed, waving her off, back to the bed where she should have been sleeping. When he heard her close the door to her own room and climb into bed, Kei pulled his legs to his chest and wrapped his arms tightly around them, his face painfully blank as he tried to sort through everything that he had dreamt of.

When he had first told Hana that her father had died, he could tell that she hadn’t believed him. Her eyes had been clear, seeming to hone in on the lie as small children tended to. He hadn’t stopped her from challenging it, hadn’t confirmed or denied that he was still out there somewhere. And he never would, though he always told himself that it was better for her not to know, better for her to think that Kei was lonely and unable to comprehend that her father was gone; it was better for her to see a half-truth than a complete lie.

The last thing he felt of his child was a whisper, a ghost of a kiss against his psyche.

But it wasn’t a lie anymore, and he didn’t have the heart to tell Hana that her father truly was dead now.


~ by Larkir Kusakurin on Tuesday, 30.09.2008.

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