Moon Child – Mistake

Moon Child- Mistake

‘Moon Child’
“Mistake” by Ryuuzaki Kusakurin

DISCLAIMER: The movie doesn’t belong to me, the characters don’t belong to me, the actors don’t belong to me, but if they did… *grins*

Warnings: Spoilers [kinda], death, vampirism
Characters: Sho, Kei
Theme Songs: Vestige [T.M.Revolution], Hello [HYDE]
Pairings: None

Aaagh. Bad plot bunny… thing. My angst muse ‘Adam’ is definitely back, if I didn’t know it before. Every time he leaves and comes back, more of my half-decent writing ensues. Like this.


Chapter 1


Kei’s cry bounced off the cracked walls and echoed for an instant before the sound dissipated. A few feet away, Sho lay on the ground, blood beginning to seep out of his body from the bullets he had taken as he shuddered, his eyes open as he watched the sky. A rich crimson painted the front of his shirt, and though his hand was pressed to the injury, it wasn’t enough. Sho was dying.

“Sho,” the vampire called again, hoping beyond hope that it wasn’t true, that what he saw before him wasn’t real –

“Kei.” The word was soft, a simple acknowledgement as the blonde neared, hesitating before he stepped into the full sun that had come out and surrounded Sho. Kei took him in his arms, holding him close as the man below him began to go into spasms.

“No,” Kei whispered, his eyes wide as Sho began to shake in his arms, unable to hold his muscles still. His eyes were clear as he convulsed, and Kei knew he had expected this outcome as soon as he entered the warehouse.

He had come here to die.

The taller man reached a blodied hand upward, like he meant to touch the sky, not even paying attention to the small wisps of smoke that were blowing off of Kei’s body. He was losing blood fast, and Kei immediately grabbed the hand and pushed it down, covering the injury with both his own and Sho’s hands, their fingers intertwined. As more blood pushed past the entry wound from beneath their hands, Kei felt his fangs pushing out of his gums and steadily ignored them. He was too caught up in the moment, too overcome by his emotions to care.

Sho’s spasms began to die down, as did the man’s breathing, and the blonde knew that it was almost over. 

“Sho, don’t leave me! Sho!”

The vampire’s fangs scraped his lower lip and instantly the thought occurred to him that he could still save Sho. He could reverse the damage, restart the dying tempo of his friend’s heart. He was still considering it when Sho went still in his arms, barely hanging onto life.

The man looked at him after the spasms faded away completely, his eyes weary but bright. His body lacked the strength to move any more, but when Kei leaned in to bare his fangs against Sho’s neck, the man whispered,


“I can’t let you die!” Kei sobbed, feeling the skin on his arms sear with each small touch of the sun. He pressed the tips of his canines against the epidermal layer of skin on Sho’s neck, directly above the jugular.

“Please, no,” Sho managed, his lungs straining for breath.

Kei’s fangs pierced the dying man’s flesh, easily draining whatever was left in Sho’s body as he cursed himself for doing it. He had sworn that he would let Sho die when his time came… he had even sworn it to Sho… 

Sho was whispering something, but Kei paid it no heed as the blood rushed into his mouth, much of it spilling over his lips and staining his shirt in his haste. He could feel Sho’s body go limp in his arms as the man passed into unconsciousness, teetering between life and death…

Ripping his wrist open, Kei pressed it to Sho’s lips, letting the relatively large amount of blood trickle down his throat before the wound healed itself. He waited until Sho automatically swallowed to breathe a sigh of relief, noticing that the sun had once again hidden behind the clouds.

He felt Sho’s heart pick up its pace and looked down, taking in the almost ethereal expression on his old friend’s face.

It isn’t too late…

Kei’s hands rested on Sho’s collarbones and he contemplated it. He could easily close his hands around Sho’s neck, taking him out of the world before he finished transforming. Sho’s body was still human…

“Please, no.”

He remembered what Sho had said only moments ago and bowed his head. Despite everything he had promised, he couldn’t bring himself to end that life… even if he had been the one to damn it.

“No,” Sho whimpered in his arms and Kei turned his eyes to Sho’s face again. He wasn’t awake, but he continued speaking in a quiet murmur. “Kei, don’t-” The vampire pressed his head against Sho’s chest, holding his tears back as much as he could. “Please…”

That was enough…

“I’m sorry, Sho,” Kei whispered, his voice cracking as he tried to speak.

Sho gave a soft gasp in his unconsciousness as Kei’s cool hands closed around his throat.


~ by Larkir Kusakurin on Tuesday, 23.09.2008.

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