Moon Child – Daijoubu?

Moon Child - Daijoubu?

‘Moon Child’
“Daijoubu?” by Aina Kirisaki

DISCLAIMER: Moon Child isn’t mine, and I probably won’t even get to see it again until after Ryuuzaki buys a copy.

Warnings: Angst
Characters: Kei, Sho, [mentions of] Luka
Theme Songs: Orenji no Taiyou [HYDE and Gackt], Last Song [Gackt], Evergreen [HYDE]
Pairings: None

So about a week and a half ago or so, Ryuuzaki and I watched Moon Child together. I’d never seen it before, but watched it because she insisted, and ended up falling in love with it. We both ended up relatively inspired, and the dare to write a fanfic was made. I guess I finished writing mine faster, even though I started it later… probably because she’s writing a twenty-or-more-page epic, while I opted for this. It’s Kei-centric, and takes place before and during the first scene. I hope it’s okay, sorry it’s short.

ALSO. The word ‘Daijoubou?’ means ‘Are you okay?’ or something to that effect. That’s what the child Sho asks Kei when he first meets him.

Basically, you might see this drabble on at some point, but if it’s somewhere else and not posted under either my name or Ryuuzaki’s, then tell her please!

Chapter 1

This would be it; the sun is rising.

What was different this time? Kei was scared, as he had been the last time he had stayed in the sun. That time though, he had run away, ashamed of himself as he watched Luka burn. It had been agony, the very idea of living alone in this accursed world, and then when it had become reality…

Fourteen long, arduous years later, and Kei was tired. Too tired. Somewhere along the line, he had lost the will to move on, and had quickly chosen the alternative.

And now, he felt it in his very being – the sun was beginning to rise. He blinked once to stave off the wave of sleepiness that always accompanied this revelation, tilting his head ever-so-slightly so that his long, unkempt mess of hair stayed out of his face. If he was going to die, he was at least going to be able to face it. After that, he remained still – whether it was out of weariness or resolution, he didn’t know.

He could hear someone else entering the general area moments later, and it was at that point that his instincts began to scream at him. He was still all the same, unmoving until he heard more than saw a young boy lean over, towards his watch.

Off! he thought, slapping his hand away and cracking his eyes open to take in the boy that he could now smell, his eyes falling to his neck in open-mouthed hunger…

He shut his eyes again, breathing heavily as the first pinpricks of sun came into contact with his skin. The pain there was intense, but he wouldn’t move away.

He couldn’t.

Not when death was this close, this inviting…

“Are you okay?” The human inched closer, even though right before him, Kei’s hand had all but burst into flame.

“Go away,” he rasped, tempted to add stronger language to it, but refraining as a last act of courtesy. Or maybe it was pity. He refused to care. The sunlight travelled inch by inch up his arm until he bit his lip to stop from screaming.

And there it was. Like the salvation of death – or perhaps life – came a shield from the sun. As much as he hated himself for it, he clung to it, huddled underneath in agony as his wounds mended and he healed slowly.

He was being forced to live… again. Forced to live – the way it had initally felt after Luka had turned him into this monster, this cursed creature. But this time, he was being given life.

The realisation that he was truly glad to be saved hit him like a brick might. And he hated himself for it, hated every fiber of every cell in his body for it. But he was grateful to the nameless child that offered him life.

Maybe, in time, he would walk to the sunlight.

For now though, he would cautiously accept this. If nothing else, he would wear himself out and grow to hate living, as Luka did.

And he would just keep telling himself that.


~ by Aina Kirisaki on Sunday, 27.07.2008.

3 Responses to “Moon Child – Daijoubu?”

  1. yay!
    ees something written by Aina :]
    this is perfect.
    after watching the beginning of the movie it’s pretty awesome.
    hmm i think you could describe sho’s cuteness a little more. and maybe make the “are you okay” a bigger deal? 🙂
    otherwise i really like it.
    i really like your style, aina haha.

  2. Since I seem to be following you around, Rune, I’m going to agree with you.

    Aina needs to work on portraying the depths of emotions that these two hold for each other (not yaoi, but they are still practically brothers). Sho would obviously kill someone just to make Kei more comfortable. If possible, try to show that.

  3. mm yeah i agree with YOU also. emotions play a really big role in the mood of the whole passage.

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