.hack//G.U. – PK 4 Life

.hack//G.U. PK 4 Life

“PK 4 Life” by Ryuuzaki Kusakurin

DISCLAIMER: .hack//G.U. doesn’t belong to me. Neither do IYOTEN and Asta, as much as I wished I did so that I could say I owned part of the game. T_T

Warnings: Cursing, violence, OC, etc.
Characters: IYOTEN, Asta [Tatsumi Hori], Henide, Bordeaux, Grein, Negimaru, Gabi
Theme Songs: Zips [T.M. Revolution], BLACK OR WHITE? Version 3 [T.M. Revolution], Crosswise [T.M. Revolution], TO-RI-KO [T.M. Revolution], DESIRE [Abingdon Boys School], HOWLING [Abingdon Boys School], Fre@k $HoW [Abingdon Boys School], resurrection II [T.M. Revolution], Behind the Mask [Yellow Magic Orchestra], Feel the Rush (Junkie XL Remix) [melody.], EDGE [Access], SEASON’S CALL [HYDE]
Pairings: IYOTEN x Asta [?]

Done as a request fic for Steeple333 again. Actually, I more like begged her for a prompt because I had five extra minutes and was bored out of my mind… Yumi helped with this one XD And yeah, I know Asta is a guy in real life, but I’m referring to the PC as a ‘she’ simply for the fact that it makes things less complicated.

Don’t steal the fic, and it won’t be posted anywhere else. I doubt it will be, though…

Chapter 1

“That makes three today! Way to go, IYOTEN,” Asta cheered. “These noobs are so stupid – they never knew what hit them!” She frowned, tapping her lightly-glossed lips as she mentally tallied their kill count. “The next one’s mine, you got it?” 

“I know,” IYOTEN replied, casually brushing his hair to the side a little as they left the dead PC lying there in the Beast Temple. Putting his sword away in the typical flash of light, he started to walk towards the Warp Point, intent on finding something else to do, or someone with a higher level to fight. 

“Hey! IYOTEN, where are you going?” The blonde followed him, as was typical, until he turned around. 

“I’m bored,” he grunted, still walking towards the Warp Point.

“How does the Arena sound?” Her hopeful voice reached his ears right before they warped back to Mac Anu, and when the blue light had faded, she continued. “We can go back to Kestrel and see if there’re any people who want to participate,” she grinned, watching as IYOTEN keyed the words in for their guild area.


Δ Sneering Failing Empire

“Who the hell d’you think you are? Watch it,” Asta yelled as someone bumped into her. And then another. “Watch it already, fot god’s sake!”

“Leave if you wanna live,” one yelled back at her. “Gabi’s letting one of the new kids practice in here.” And then Asta had the presence of mind to actually look around.

Gabi was sitting on his throne, of course, but then, there were also his monsters in the guild area. High-level monsters. And in the middle of them stood a girl, obviously a PK-er by her stance and the (rapidly increasing) pile of dead PC bodies around her. Her choice weapon appeared to be twin blades, from the looks of things.

“How about her?” IYOTEN asked, shrugging. “She’s definately strong enough.”

“I don’t like her, but if you say so, I’ll ask,” Asta replied with a smirk, flipping her short green hair over her shoulder before summoning her weapon. “Hey, you! Want a free ticket into the arena?” The girl turned, her white pigtails flipping as she looked back at them with pink pupils. As if to accentuate her already-strange PC, her body was pale, paler than IYOTEN or Asta, and her clothes were white as well. A short Chinese-styled dress barely reached mid-thigh, and her dark dual swords clashed stunningly with her entire PC.

“Why would I bother?” The quiet voice surprised Asta, but she shrugged it off and leaned on her broadsword, the basic Broad Wheel. She noted with a boyish grin that IYOTEN had also drawn his weapon and stood at the ready. “I’m bored enough as is without dealing with weaklings like you two.”

“Why you-!” Asta lunged forward, but IYOTEN grabbed her slim arm, watching and waiting.

“Wait for her to attack. We don’t know what she’ll do first,” he mumbled, nodding his head at the impressive body count. Even the famous Bordeaux was in there, Asta noted with newfound respect. Normally they just ignored her and stayed out of her way, as did most of Kestrel. “She’s getting ready to attack.”

Sure enough, the albino girl leapt into the air, her dual swords swinging as she sailed towards the two PKers. Asta immediately jumped to the side, activating Armour Pierce and swinging away. Of course, the albino was caught by surprise, and she only managed to block about half the hits. IYOTEN leapt into the fray at this point, knocking the other blade away. About to finish her with a few steady swipes, he was surprised when he found himself looking at the tip of a sword.

“An Adept Rogue? What are you trying to be, the Terror of Death?” Asta scoffed, ready to attack. “What else are you?”

“Tribal Grappler,” the quiet girl replied calmly. “I chose to be a Tribal Grappler.”

“Whatever,” was Asta’s response, spoken in her player’s true voice, that of the man behind the PC. “Shut up and fight, noob.”

“I believe that was what I was doing,” the PC told them matter-of-factly, swiping forward and PKing IYOTEN in a single well-aimed blow.

“IYOTEN?” Asta turned her green-haired head sharply, watching the girl cautiously. “I knew I didn’t like you.”

“You’re next,” the albino sighed, swapping her sword for her dual blades once more.

“That’s enough, Henide,” a voice rumbled over the Greek-styled landscape.

“Master Gabi!” Immediately the girl turned and bowed. “I’m sorry, I must have gotten carried away.”

“That wasn’t it at all,” the red-furred beast called to her, adding his obligatory smile emoticon at the end of the phrase. “Why don’t you join them in the Arena? That’s what you were here for, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah,” IYOTEN replied, surprised as he rose from the ground. The ‘Henide’ girl had tossed a revival item his way and walked off, assumedly to Gabi’s side. “We need another player.”

“You’re going to let her on our team?” Asta was disbelieving. “Hey! Don’t just walk off, you little-!” Immediately Henide’s sword was at her throat.

“Excuse me?”

That one quiet phrase was enough to  shut Asta up rather effectively.

“Calm down, Asta,” Gabi offered with another of his emotes. “You too, Henide. I’m looking forward to your arena match later today!” That being said, he logged out.

“Asshole,” Asta grumbled, thoroughly annoyed with this chain of events.


IYOTEN,” Asta whined, “I don’t even like her.”

“You like me, right?”

“Of course,” she replied, crossing her arms over her chest and shifting her weight from on leg to the other. “What’s that got to do with anything?”

“Trust me, she’ll do fine,” he replied, inwardly rolling his eyes. Asta was such a fickle and troublesome character sometimes… even in real life, where he was really a she.

 “Whatever,” Asta snorted. She turned her head and stared at the portal to the arena. “You ready, Henide?”

“Of course,” the albino character replied, getting to her feet. “It’s not like I’m sleeping.” She brushed past Asta and IYOTEN both, stepping into the portal with no regard for their own state of rediness. “Meet you in the arena,” she grinned, “or are you coming?”

Both PKers scrambled to her side as she stepped into the glowing blue circle, although when they materialised, Asta was in the centre. With IYOTEN on her left and Henide on her right, she narrowed her eyes and tossed a jab towards the opponents – one of them was a small, blue, rather nervous-looking Beastman from the Tu Tribe.

“Nervous?” When he nodded, she leaned in, summoning her weapon in preparation for the signal. “I would be too, with losers like that as friends,” she laughed, barely sparing the other two – one a Lord Partizan and the other a Twin Blade – a glance. “You’re just not cut out for this place, kid,” she taunted, her voice going to its real-life, rather rouch equivalent.

The Beastman brandished his staff – obviously, he preferred healing to combat-related arts. “I – don’t insult my friends!”

“Oh, I won’t anymore,” she chuckled, voice back in-character. “I don’t usually speak ill of the dead.” With that, the match began.


Asta whirled, having easily dispatched the Twin Blade -all that she was worried about was the leader of the group now. That Twin Blade had been hounding her for what felt like forever, and it had felt a lot like the time the PKK Haseo had chased her down and killed her with his own twin blades… Realistically, it had only been about two or three minutes, but it was still a long match for the arena. Tatsumi Hori, Asta’s controller, could feel the sweat running down his forehead, but couldn’t stop to pull his M2D off and get rid of it; what an interesting match indeed!

Every time Asta dodged in to make a killing blow on the Twin Blade, the player would pull out and engage a very disinterested-looking Henide; he had apparently learned that Asta avoided the albino player, even if they were on the same side. Not that it was hard to do.

IYOTEN tossed a cry of ‘Repth’ in Asta’s direction; apparently when she had been paying more attention to the Twin Blade, the character’s HP had dropped significantly to the 100’s.

“Thanks,” Asta called, running back after that brief pause.

After that, Tatsumi was more careful to watch his health bar.


It seemed that all three characters working in discord worked quite nicely – it completely confused their foes, and it allowed each individual to unleash Rengekis at random times. The bulk of their offence had been taken down with the Twin Blade that Asta had kept occupied long enough for IYOTEN to kill with a stab to the back. That left Henide with the still rather-frightened Harvest Cleric. As the leader of the group, he didn’t do anything major – he ran around in circles, occasionally healing himself.

It wasn’t a huge victory when the Beastman went down, but IYOTEN supposed that it did bring them one step closer to challenging the Terror of Death. Anything that helped accomplish that end was worthwhile.

“Aaaand the victor is Team Asta! With a stunning performance towards the end, they hacked their way through several tough opponents to claim the win! Master Gabi, what do you have to say about this- Master Gabi?”

As the announcer began to whine about how his job was becoming more and more pointless and disrespected by his guests, the trio warped out.

“We’ll see you around, right?” IYOTEN asked, looking at Henide’s red eyes.

“I’m sure you will. Get stronger, right?” Henide logged out, and Asta began to stomp off. When the blue-haired Blade Brandier followed, she whirled and jumped to crush her lips against his.

“What was that?” he practically squawked, a bit bewildered, slivers of his eyes showing now.

“Don’t let her touch you, IYOTEN,” Asta growled. “We’re a team, and don’t you dare go after her.”

“Of course not,” he sighed, the thought having never crossed his mind.

A moment later, staring out into Lumina Cloth’s backdrop, he asked,

“Want to go PKing?”

A/N: I am no longer familiar with .hack//G.U., mostly because I don’t own the games and I played them towards the end of the school year. I’ve had a lot on my mind since then. *bows* My apologies to all…


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