Blood+ – Bound by Blood

Blood+ - Bound by Blood

‘Blood+’ by Junichi Fujisaku
“Bound by Blood” by Aina Kirisaki

DISCLAIMER: Blood+ and Blood: The Last Vampire aren’t mine, never will be, but in the event that they become available, I’m laying claim to Hagi and Solomon!

Warnings: Vampirism, oneshot, language, het, violence, mild spoilers
Characters: Saya Otonashi, Hagi/Haji
Theme Songs: Desert Rose [Abingdon Boys School], BLADE CHORD [Abingdon Boys School], HOWLING [Abingdon Boys School], Every Time We Touch [CASCADA], Tsukiakari [Rie Fu]
Pairings: Hagi x Saya [if you squint]

A/N: I actually haven’t finished the whole series yet, I’m at Episode 46. Which is close enough to make some calls on who lives and dies, who goes with who, and what happens. I also own books 1 and 2 of the manga, and I’ve got to say, I like the Karl in the manga much better. He seems more human-ish. And he’s so cute! I want to hug him!!!

I’m sorry it’s so awful! I wanted to write a short, reflective piece about Saya and Hagi, but I couldn’t, and so I gave up and aimlessly started to write [rather than wander].

Chapter 1

When had it become this?

She supposed that it had happened in the year she had been away; that year had allowed her to hone her fighting instincts and train her mind. It had given her much-needed time to process the truth – no matter what she wanted to pretend, she had been forced to accept that she was a Chiropteran and not a human. It had been near-impossible for her at first, with many nights spent simply listening to Hagi’s cello, but eventually she had learned to accept what she was.

The next step had been her constant need for blood. At first, Saya even refused her chevalier’s futile tries to get the stuff into her, and as a result, her strength had quietly drained away until she could barely walk. Hagi had forced the blood into her system by way of a kiss, and she had healed almost immediately. After that, Saya hadn’t questioned her body’s necessity for blood, and after battles when she sustained major injuries, she drank from Hagi for as long as she needed. That had been when things had begun to change, day by day. With the rising sun, something changed, and with the rising moon, it was cemented.


“Saya.” The man’s ever-calm voice rang through her ears as she walked forward, the material of her deep purple dress blowing around her legs in the wind.

“What is it, Hagi?” Saya asked, pausing mid-step and waiting for her long-haired chevalier to finish his thought.

“Perhaps we should rest for the night,” he offered, glancing toward the rising moon. “We have a long way to travel tomorrow.”

“In a little bit,” she replied, brushing her slightly-wild hair out of her face. “Im not about to collapse, Hagi.” And then she smiled. It was an unexpectedly rare sight, enough so that the cellist almost raised an eyebrow. Saya Otonashi had changed so very much in the past two years since her awakening.

She had gone from a relatively normal high school student in Okinawa to a somewhat frail warrior to… this. This was by far the tamest version of Saya that Hagi had known, if one disregarded the Saya that had released Diva from her cage. Even then, Saya had become a rather convincing monster after witnessing her adoptive father Joel’s death. But while this particular version of Saya was probably the tamest, it was also probably the most deadly. Today’s Saya was a coldly collected warrior, capable of fighting where Diva’s chevaliers battled. Her very existence was defined by the burning desire to reduce her little sister to nothingness.

Hagi knew that it had hurt her badly in having to aid in the process of killing the man she thought of as her own father, and at times the handsome chevalier had wondered if she would lose herself in the grief. The same went for when Riku was killed by Diva… For several months following that fateful battle, Saya had been nothng but a shell of her former self, reduced to a body on autopilot.

But one day, her eyes had cleared. She had awoken one morning and asked Hagi to help her get the power she needed. Of course he had complied, but the sheer strength of her new resolve had astounded him.

She was like a different person.

Accepting his blood had taken quite a bit of that resolve, but she had eventually managed it. After hours of debating the necessity of it with him, she had decided on drinking exclusively from him. Humans… those she was bound to protect… she wasn’t going to kill them. Not now, not ever.

And that had been the final word.


“Hagi?” It was late, but as far as Saya remembered, Hagi didn’t need sleep. This was only confirmed when she heard his elegant black clothes shift as he turned to face her in the dim light. Instead of speaking, as she was so accustomed to from the last remaining member of her family, he simply waited. “Do you think that after this is all over… do you remember your promise?”

“Yes,” he replied quietly, as if he wished that he didn’t.

“When this is all over… when I’m gone… what will happen to you, Hagi?” That was the only thing she truly cared about at this point – her fierce desire to protect Kai, David, and even to some extent Hagi himself had since faded, leaving what she knew she needed to do. She had long ago learned that Hagi could protect himself far better than Saya could, and David and Kai had a way of always surviving.

The only dilemna left was the one that now sat in front of her. Kai would go on to live a human life, probably marrying a kind, hardworking woman and eventually having children. She would wake up in time to see Kai maybe two more times before he died – she’d even get to meet his children, if he didn’t think of her as too much of a freak by then.

“I will die with you, Saya,” Hagi murmured, an apology in his deep voice. The man was almost still entirely an enigma to her, even now, but she could at least decipher the man’s voice, if nothing else.

“You should live,” she sighed, turning over on her side to face him. “Promise me that you’ll live, Hagi.”

“If that is what you wish.”

“I wish that you would think of yourself sometimes,” she told him before closing her eyes.

“It is a chevalier’s job to look after his queen,” he reminded her. “For now, sleep.” He neglected to mention that his lack of enthusiasm in living after her death was his own free choice for the sake of the argument.

“We’re not done with this conversation,” she muttered as she got more comfortable underneath Hagi’s jacket – the closest thing she had to a blanket at this point. Moments later, she was fast asleep.

“To live…” Hagi murmured, glancing over at his cello and then deciding against it – it would only wake Saya and reinstigate the uncomfortable ‘discussion’. “Perhaps, but without you… it would not be worth the effort.” Pressing a light kiss against her forehead, the man rose and took up watch next to his sleeping charge. He her to live, more than anything, but if she had made her decision, he wasn’t the one to stop her. Kai would try, perhaps… He hoped so, though he had long since given up in trying to change Saya’s mind when it came to almost anything, including topics like this. Especially topics like this.

The sun would rise again, and everything would change with it – as usual.

One could only hope that it would be for the better this time, the sun rising as a bearer of cheer or hope, rather than a wakeup call to the chiropteran queens and therefore a cry to battle.


~ by Aina Kirisaki on Monday, 14.07.2008.

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