Out of Town, Out of Mind?

Out of Town, Out of Mind?

Hi there! It’s Ryuuzaki here with some… *drumroll* news! I know, exciting, isn’t it? [maybe]

For about three weeks, Rikutsu Kurasu will be more or less empty due to a rather interesting set of circumstances: [By ’empty’, I mean that many of the authors will be unavailable.]

Aina Kirisaki and I are going to a Chinese Immersion summer camp at Appalachian State University for about three weeks – we are leaving on the 16th of June and will return on the 6th of July. Hopefully, we’ll learn a lot there – I’m really looking forward to meeting new people and learning Chinese. We’re even going to learn how to cook, but… Between Aina and myself, we’ll probably manage to make the entire campus sick… We don’t cook. >.<

Mitora Yumi-san has gone AWOL for now, and we’re not sure when she will return, although I’m hoping that it is sooner than later.

Del’Cera Osirin Kusakurin may or may not be around depending on how busy he is. Between vacations and Xbox 360, we’re never quite sure if he’s busy or not. ^_^;

Miakoda-Hoshi is celebrating being accepted to college and graduating high school. Congratualtions, Miakoda-chan!

That’s about it, but think of it this way – starting July 7th, there will be a whole host of new updates for Rikutsu Kurasu:

The Rikutsu Kurasu Forum
After long, arduous hours of labour that could be described as nothing but obscenely annoying, I’ve finally straightened out most of the CSS coding for the forum, which means that after I iron out a few more kinks in the system, I can open the forum to everyone! I think that it’ll be open by about the 10th of July.

Working on Getting a Domain
We’re thinking about moving to our own server and hosting Rikutsu Kurasu on our own, although we’re not sure how that will turn out. This is iffy, at best, and there are no guarantees about this one, but if we get the server space donated by one of my contacts, we may be able to have our own domain!

More Stories Brought to You Faster
As far as computer hardware goes, I know I have almsot 20 stories I haven’t posted yet. Aina has several, once she gets over being shy about letting others read them. Hopefully Yumi will return with stories in tow, and Del’Cera-chan is working on a companion piece to his story ‘The Tale of Three Outcasts’ after much begging on my part. He’s so lazy sometimes… >.<

Anyway, that’s all for now, talk to you guys when I return!

-Ryuuzaki Larkir Kusakurin


~ by Larkir Kusakurin on Sunday, 15.06.2008.

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