.hack//G.U. – Does AI Dream?

.hack//G.U. - Does AI Dream?

“Does AI Dream?” by Aina Kirisaki

DISCLAIMER: .hack doesn’t belong to me, unfortuantely. Then again, it may well be a good thing it doesn’t.

Warnings: None?
Characters: Azure Kite, Azure Orca, Azure Balmung, Aura
Theme Songs: Nephilim [Abingdon Boys School], Rain One [Cirque du Soleil]
Pairings: None

A/N: This was written almost as a kind of strange self-reflection for my own purposes. Oh well. I dunno how it ended up as an Azure Kite story. *shrug*

Don’t steal the story!

Chapter 1

Kite drifted.

Well, it wasn’t really drifting, his mind told him; his body was in a virtual limbo, somewhere between two layers of data. He could sense Azure Knights Balmung and Orca nearby, as they were in the same state of semi-alertness he was. Aside from that, he simply… existed. Images of something that didn’t exist as far as he knew floated through his semi-conscious mind, leaving him to wonder what the white-and-black orb was, and why he was kicking it towards a net. Soccer, his mind supplied readily, although he wondered how the idea had gotten there to begin with. The exhiliration of the fresh air against his face, and then the euphoria associated with kicking the ball into the net…

He could sense Balmung ‘waking’, and moving off towards an anomaly in data somewhere in ‘The World’, but he knew he was not needed, and so he returned to his previous state between existence and the void, wondering where the strange images would lead him next.

Now he was in the rain, a strange apparatus in his hands as he shuffled through the streets of some unknown city. Umbrella, he suddenly knew, and the city was identified as the ‘real world’. Closing his eyes in an attempt to process the data of these pictures, all he got was a string of numbers identifying it as a natural human process. Kite wondered why, but shook it off and returned to his assessment of the strange images around him. Somehow, they seemed more real than his own reality; he had no clue why, though. Colours seemed more vivid, and the scents and feelings of the world around him were suddenly something sacred, close to his heart [if he had one], and secret. Balmung and Orca would never understand this, he knew, and was saddened slightly by it. Yes, he might have been what most humans would call a ‘Vagrant AI’, but he had feelings, too… It would’ve surprised many, many people.

That brought about an interesting question, one he normally might have disregarded as unimportant, but the strange images forced him to consider it. If AI could have feelings, like he did, then…?

Can AI dream?

He hadn’t really expected an answer, but to his surprise, he got one anyway.

Of course you can. The mental voice was decidedly feminine, and he found himself with the sensation of warmth and a mother’s arms surrounding him, although he had no idea what those were or why his mind had supplied those ideas to him. Quickly scanning the data running through his subconscious processes, he learned what warmth truly was, coupled with the feeling of a mother’s comfort. Now knowing that it was really alright to relax into the feeling, he did so, letting himself drift in the sensation. After all, you are my creation, and I have lain in sleep for a long time, child.

Aura? The words in his mind were a bit garbled as he thought them, unable to entirely process the fact that he was speaking to his creator. Where are you?

When you wake up, you will know, the reply came. But for now… sleep, my knight. You’ve earned it.

And so he let himself continue floating in the feelings, experiences, and thoughts of ‘The World’, adrift in the endless sea of dreams.


~ by Aina Kirisaki on Monday, 26.05.2008.

One Response to “.hack//G.U. – Does AI Dream?”

  1. I understand where you’re coming from, but I’m glad that you feel better about yourself now. XD
    So cheer up a little bit! Sometimes, it’s better to be happy for no reason than to have to be happy for one particular thing!
    You make a difference to me.
    And you’re not alone.

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