.hack//G.U. – Waltzing Steps

,hack//G.U. - Waltzing Steps

“Waltzing Steps”
by Aina Kirisaki and Ryuuzaki Kusakurin

DISCLAIMER: .hack//G.U. doesn’t belong to either of us, as there would most likely be another sequel to the games if it did.

Warnings: WAFF, fluff, homokisses!, yaoi
Characters: Endrance, Haseo, Silabus, Kuhn, Pi, Yata, Atoli, Shino, Gaspard, Zelkova, Kaede, Tabby, Piros the 3rd, Bordeaux, Natsume, Azure Kite, Azure Balmung, Azure Orca, Sakisaka
Theme Songs: Victory Party [Chikayo Fukuda], Albireo [T.M. Revolution], Rain One [Cirque du Soleil]
Pairings: Haseo x Endrance, implied Kuhn x Silabus

Written as a trade for steeple333. XD Thank you for your wonderfully adorable artwork!

Don’t steal the story without permission! I mean, I don’t know why you would want to take it… but whatever… *shrug*

Chapter 1

They were finally married online, so they didn’t have to hide their relationship anymore, and that was all well and good, but…

“I have to dance?” Haseo squawked, looking very much like an upset animal of some sort. “No way!”

“Please, Haseo,” Endrance murmured, looking a bit crestfallen at his ‘husband’s’ abject refusal.

“I… no!” Taking off in the opposite direction of his ‘bride’, the Rogue managed to run into no less than five people: Kuhn [who shouted ‘whoa!’ and got out of the way], Zelkova [who laughed a little at Haseo’s haste to get away from the possible threat of dancing], Shino and Tabby [who moved out of the way], Bordeaux [who cursed at him before flicking him off and ignoring him], and Atoli [who followed him]. “I can’t believe that… he wanted to dance with me…”

“You were going to dance?” A blonde-haired head appeared in his peripheral vision, startling him enough to make him turn towards the owner of said hair. Atoli shuffled back and forth, looking aat the ground nervously. “Do you know how?”

“Is it that obvious?” He was totally mortified; it was his wedding, after all. “I… I didn’t want to upset Endrance or anything, but… I just don’t know how,” he admitted, hanging his head and looking out from the balcony, watching the graceful waves as they lapped against the stone island of Hy Brasail.

“Not really,” the Harvest Cleric admitted. “I just… I’m happy for you, Haseo,” she finally whispered. “I’m glad that you found someone who you like, even if he is a guy and it’s Endrance and…” she smiiled sadly, turning her head to look at Haseo.

“Thanks, Atoli,” he replied sincerely, tempted to bang his head on a wall. “We’re still going to adventure together and everything – you’re probably my best friend here, now. Ever since Shino went into a coma, I guess I kind of started seeing her as a memory. You were there the whole time for me, and I don’t know why anyone would have ever thought badly of you.” There. If she managed to take offense to that, he might just shoot someone.

“It’s funny, but you and Endrance are a lot alike.” Haseo’s eyes widened as he watched the smaller girl speak, the sunlight painting her face beautifully. “You both try to say things – you more than him – but you’re not very good at it, are you?”

“Huh? What does that mean?” he demanded, watching her a little more closely.

“I mean, you both really liked each other for a while, right?” When he nodded, slightly confused, she continued, “neither of you really admitted it. Everyone thought that Endrance was just doing that to repay you, but he was definately more obvious about it than you!” She grinned at the thought. “It took Cubia and then getting stuck in the Forest of Pain for you guys to finally figure the other out!” She reached her arms out and hugged him gently.

“Haseo?” A gentle, effeminate voice reached their ears and Haseo looked back at the blue-haired man. Endrance looked a little lost, and quite lonely standing there all alone. He shuffled forward uneasily. “I’m sorry if I… made you angry…” He really was lost amidst all this frippery without his ‘other half’, Atoli mused, giving the Rogue a gentle shove towards his beloved.

“I… don’tknowhowtodance,” he mumbled as he walked forward, running the words together in his embarassment.

“I’ll teach you! I… I’ve always thought about dancing with you…” Extending his arms to take his new ‘husband’ by the waist and hand, he gently led Haseo to do the same before murmuring the steps into his ear. “Your left foot goes here… and then you step here… and now, here…” He drew near to the shorter boy and rested his chin on Haseo’s silvery hair. Sighing contentedly, the Rogue in turn began to uneasily take the lead in the waltz.

“Endrance?” The former emperor moved so that he was looking Haseo in the eyes, and the Rogue stumbled over the words slightly before actually asking his question. “Do you… I mean, do you really, you know, love me?” He blushed deeply, struck with the desire to hide his blush, but continued to stare determinedly into Endrance’s violet eyes.

“Of course I love you, Haseo… I would die for you, if the situation demanded that one of us did…” Endrance closed his eyes and planted a gentle kiss on Haseo’s forehead when the younger took a misstep and his face heated again.

“Do you love me in real life, too?” he asked, amazed at the kind of dedication he was recieving. When the man laughed shyly and nodded, he knew it was true. “Thanks, Endrance,” he said, smiling.

“Shall we go…?” Offering his arm to Haseo, the white-robed man led him onto the red carpet at the centre of the celebration, beginning to dance with his new ‘husband’ [online, at least]. He would whisper corrections to Haseo when he would step in the wrong place, but other than that, the entire function went smoothly.

Several others joined the dance floor later on, after ‘ooh-ing’ and ‘ahh-ing’ at the new couple. The most notable pairs were Natsume and Piros, Kuhn and Silabus [who were later found holding hands outside of the dance], Zelkova and Kaede, Pi and Yata, Tabby and Sakisaka, and even the Azure Knights, who awkwardly attempted to dance, although it mostly ended up looking generally hilarious. Haseo had even made Endrance dance with Saku [much to her delight].

As the dancing had died down and the formalities became old and spent, the cake was cut by the happy couple, who made sure that Bo got the biggest piece. They eventually wandered away, interest in the celebration waning, and left for the balcony once again to talk.

“So you really meant it, huh?” Haseo hopped onto the elegant balcony and watched his beloved’s reaction to his statement.

“Of course, Haseo…”

“Ryou,” he replied with a grin. “It’s Ryou.” Endrance took a moment to process this information before giving out his own name.

“And I am Kaoru… Nice to meet you, Ryou,” he offered with a small smile. “And… I hope that we can remain like this… forever.” The use of the last word startled Ryou a bit, but he was used to it – the man really did have a flair for the romantic.

“I love you, too,” he replied, pulling the man into a kiss.


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