.hack//G.U. – Sugar

.hack//G.U. - Sugar

“Sugar” by Ryuuzaki Kusakurin

DISCLAIMER: .hack isn’t mine, and the fact that I’m writing fanfiction should be proof enough of that.

Warnings:Pointless crackfic!, drabble, OOC [for Endrance, at least…]
Characters: Endrance, Atoli, Haseo, Wise Grunty, Zelkova, Kuhn, Pi
Theme Songs: It is I! Grunty! [Chikayo Fukuda], Final Fantasy VII Chocobo Theme [Nobuo Uematsu], Ichirin no Hana [HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR], Ignite [TM REVOLUTION]
Pairings: None

Don’t take the story unless otherwise given permission. Please contact me if you see it elsewhere.

A/N: Yumi and I came up with the brilliant idea to give Endrance sugar. Maybe it wasn’t so brilliant, but whatever, right? Anyway, I’m sorry if this turned out to be utter crap, but I had to… I had to… *apologises*

Chapter 1

It was that morning when Haseo noticed that Endrance was a little… off. Well, alright, that was putting it mildly.

The man was actually bouncing across the Netslum. Bouncing. Atoli and Kuhn just seemed content to watch him, and in Kuhn’s case, content to laugh his ass off.

“Hi, Haseo!” The cheerful, child-like voice could only belong to one person, and he stood up and turned around to face the blue-haired leader of Moon Tree.

“Zelkova,” he acknowledged, slumping back against a wall, tired from the effort it had taken to get Endrance here rather than letting him randomly wander around Lumina Cloth, thus ruining his image of a cool, collected Emperor. I’d better get paid for this, he thought darkly, content to plot out ways to extort money from the purple-armoured man.

“I blocked off the Warp Point like you asked, but why-?” Endrance was skipping now, giggling madly and practically knocking down the poor denizens of the Netslum while he was at it. “Oh, I see.”

“Haseo’s afraid of what he could do if he got out,” Kuhn gasped, quickly falling back over with uncontrolled laughter. Pi kicked him none-too-gently with a boot, although she, too, looked rather amused, especially when Kuhn curled up into a ball in order to shield himself from other random attacks.

“Um… Should I call Saku?” Atoli looked rather uncomfortable with the concept of simply letting the rather famous PC continue riding the waves of hyperactivity, but Haseo shook his head.

“She’ll just blame me,” Haseo replied glumly, putting his head on his hand. Even he couldn’t stop a snort of amusement from escaping when Endrance crashed headlong into a wall, though. Atoli, of course, rushed over and began to fuss over him, but he brushed her off with a wide grin and uncharacteristically loud laughter. Apparently something was funny.

“Do you think he’ll be alright?” That was Atoli, once again fussing about Endrance as she tried to watch over him, helplessly shaking her head at his antics.

“I think so.” Zelkova was right next to him, which surprised Haseo, who in turn jumped.

“I mean, I guess he’s… okayfor now, but how long will we have to keep him here?” Zelkova cocked his head at the question, and then turned around to stare at Kuhn, who had stopped laughing long enough to gape at the rare sight of Endrance crashing into a wall, followed by more insane laughter and no small amount of punishment from a still-amused Pi. “Actually, a better question might be if he’sgoing to be alright. Kaoru probably just had too much sugar or something.”

“Kaoru…?” Haseo was confused. Who the hell was Kaoru? Voicing his question, Zelkova smiled innocently.

“Oh, that’s the name of Endrance’s player! I was looking through CC Corp’s system when I happened to run across the name database,” he offered cheerfully.

“Isn’t that supposed to be secure?” Pi’s voice came from somewhere above his head, and Haseo opted to keep watching Zelkova’s reactions instead.

“Yeah! I think so, at least…” He shrugged apologetically. “Hey!” Endrance had now picked up the Wise Grunty and was attempting to play soccer with it, despite the little thing’s yelled protests. Zelkova quickly rescued him, sans his hat, and brought him to their relative safe haven in the closed-off alleyway.

“Hey, give me that,”  Haseo said, snatching the abused little Grunty up long enough to attempt a half-assed throw. The screaming creature hit Endrance’s heat, bounced off, and then ran away as fast as its little legs could carry it. All of them made their way over when the Emperor made no move to get up from his new position on the ground.

“I think… I’m okay?” The man simply began giggling again, which of course was only begging the question…

“Endrance, how much sugar have you had today?”


I’m sorry for 1) ending it there and 2) even writing this! No flames please… *whimper*


~ by Larkir Kusakurin on Wednesday, 14.05.2008.

2 Responses to “.hack//G.U. – Sugar”

  1. xD That was priceless!
    There are a few spelling errors though…

  2. Spelling corrections have been made. It’s this damn laptop; half the keys don’t work correctly.

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