.hack//G.U. – Why He Does

.hack//G.U. - Why He Does

“Why He Does” by Aina Kirisaki

DISCLAIMER: I won’t even bother pretending .hack belongs to me.

Warnings: Language, SPOILERS
Characters: Sakaki
Theme Songs: Best Love [Chikayo Fukuda], DARK INFECTION [Chikayo Fukuda], Raison D’etre [Dir en Grey], Zips [TM REVOLUTION]
Pairings: None

Don’t take my story! If you see it anywhere else, please tell Ryuuzaki-san!

A/N: I’ll be the first to admit it: Sakaki is a messed-up guy. However, as a friend of mine has said, “In order to understand the machinations one must first understand the evil behind them.” Therefore, I’ve decided to write a short fic about Sakaki and why he’s so evil in the series.

Chapter 1

He does these things because he wants power. Any amount of power is fine, but he knows he’ll want more anyway. So he lusts after it online, where he is Sakaki, one of the Seven Council of Moon Tree.

At first, he was content to sit patiently, waiting out his turn in meetings and responsibly managing things so that Zelkova might praise him for doing a good job. Of course, as the weeks and months drag by, Sakaki grows bored with this scheme. The rythymic, sultry melody of power draws him in and makes him bold. He begins to gather support, his staunchest supporters being Matsu, Hiiragi, Sophora, and even an important lower-ranked member, Atoli. She has the stirrings of a strange power within her, he knows; it is one he cannot understand but he is nevertheless drawn to it.

That is when he is presented with a unique opportunity – AIDA. The ten-year-old boy behind the PC ‘Sakaki’ knows that it’s evil, knows that it’s wrong, and yet… He uses it anyway. In order to become the ultimate god of ‘The World’, he has to have ultimate power. It’s child’s play, he thinks. And it really is; follow the script here, threaten Epitaph Users there, frighten the general, oblivious public a little and then portray yourself as the saviour… Child’s play.

The pieces fall together and he finally does what he feels he should have done months ago; overthrow the damn brat at the top of Moon Tree. He turns it into an AIDA server, convinced that it will make him stronger. He abuses Atoli’s trust in him by making her his first victim, and then she in turn makes Zelkova nothing more than what he’s sure is a stream of scattered data and a comatose player.

He wants to be recognised and admired by everyone, no matter who. It doesn’t help that his parents hardly ever looked at him or acknowledged him, even before he took up ‘The World’. Some days he wonders about the power of AIDA if unleashed in the real world; he could be a ruler of the overall world. He thinks his parents might pay attention to him then; if not, he would force them to, and they would love him and look at him with adoration sparkling in their eyes. So he accepts the power as it comes faster and stronger, even while planting AIDA in the newly-awakened Atoli so that she will help him overthrow the other Epitaph Users. When it doesn’t work, he infects himself… and the one pulling all the strings eventually agrees with him and teaches him to control the virus in order to make him stronger.

Later, he faces off against Haseo and winds up with a blade through the virtual chest. He wants to scream at the top of his lungs in frustration; pawns aren’t supposed to have any independent will, but Endrance apparently does, more or less controlled by his overt obsession with the ‘Terror of Death’. He stands up to Sakaki, and with his help, Haseo utterly crushes the power-crazed AIDA-PC. When he falls into an Outer Dungeon, he encounters his benefactor, Ovan – but when he begs the strange man for another chance, he is discarded and left as scraps for the Azure Knights.

Before he falls into a coma, his last thought isn’t about how Kite is hovering over him, about to destroy him. It isn’t about AIDA, or Ovan’s betrayal, or his ambitions. Instead, he chooses to recall a picture. It is an old picture, as old as he is, and it is rather simple; a baby in his mother’s arms as she gazes adoringly at him and he reaches up to her. The picture is of Tooru – Sakaki – and it is the last thing he sees before he closes his eyes.


~ by Aina Kirisaki on Tuesday, 13.05.2008.

One Response to “.hack//G.U. – Why He Does”

  1. Good representation of Sakaki, although the perspective is kinda… odd. Don’t take it the wrong way, but maybe make it a little clearer next time, kay?

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