.hack//G.U. – Wild Child

.hack//G.U. - Wild Child

“Wild Child” by Aina Kirisaki

DISCLAIMER: .hack belongs to Bandai Namco.

Warnings: Language, slight spoilers, WAFF, etc.
Characters: Haseo, Alkaid [Chika Kuramoto], Endrance, Atoli, Shino, Antares, Azure Kite, Silabus, Gaspard, Kuhn, Pi, Sakubo, Ovan, Yata, Zelkova, Kaede, Piros the Third, Matsu, Bordeaux
Theme Songs: Gentle Hands [Chikayo Fukuda], Best Love [Chikayo Fukuda], BREAK OF DAWN [Do As Infinity], Rakuen [Do As Infinity], 俺たち!グランティ!![Chikayo Fukuda]
Pairings: Haseo x Alkaid

This is a rework of the wedding scene from the end of Volume 3 – this is my first fic, so please give reviews on what I can do to improve!

This was written for VoidKitsune; she requested it in the boredom that is math class.

Chapter 1

“Hey, Haseo!” The rough, boyish voice made the famous PKK turn around from where he was standing, talking to Atoli and Bordeaux.

“Alkaid!” Haseo waved to the famous German-Japanese PKer as she quickly excused herself from the situation, and then turned back to Alkaid.

“We were actually talking about you,” Atoli offered with a polite smile. “We were wondering when you would come back to ‘The World’.”

“I’m alright now,” Alkaid replied with a smile. “Thanks, Atoli. Anyway, if you’ll excuse us…” Grabbing Haseo by the arm, she dragged him off and entered a few Area Words before Atoli could say anything.


“What’s wrong, Alkaid?” He remembered her incredibly competitive nature as well as her uncanny ability to pull him away from Atoli – her intentions were usually pretty clear. Not only was she Endrance and Atoli’s biggest competitor for Haseo’s love, but she was also the only one forward enough to act on it. Her tomboyish face set in a determined visage, Alkaid crossed her arms and turned to stare at Haseo.

“How are you and your girlfriend from Moon Tree doing?”

“Moon Tree’s basically gone; after you…” He paused, unsure of how to convey the meaning of his words without sounding like a complete idiot or an insensitive PC. “After you went into a coma, Sakaki turned Moon Tree’s home into an AIDA server.” Pausing to fully digest the former Emperor’s words, he blushed and began to protest. “And she’s not my girlfriend! I don’t like her that way-”

“So you’re still available,” she replied with a grin. “Good.”

“Wait, what?!” Haseo understood exactly where the fiery redhead was going with this, and while Alkaid was a more attractive option than Atoli and certainly Endrance, he wasn’t sure where he stood on the whole matter.

“C’mon! We can talk at the Beast Temple, okay?” She all but ran off at that, forcing Haseo to follow in her footsteps. “Haseo, you slowpoke! Hurry up!”

“I’m coming already,” he shouted back, snorting when Alkaid started running backwards and more or less rammed into an angry Gaze Knight. Summoning his broadsword, Haseo leapt into the battle right after her.


“Alkaid.” The girl in question turned after kicking open the treasure in front of the Beast Statue. “What did you want to talk about?”

“No-nothing in particular,” she stammered, her normally aggressive facade fading to reveal an unsure expression. A faint blush coloured her fair cheeks as she contemplated what to say next. As she kicked dust around with her foot, she gave up and decided on another approach entirely – she kissed him.

Haseo’s eyes opened wide as a pair of warm lips landed on his own and a smaller body practically threw itself into him. As he was about to ask her what had brought that on, Alkaid suddenly disentangled herself from him and ran off, towards the Chaos Gate.

“If – if you tell anyone, I’ll PK you,” she muttered before warping out, leaving a very awkward Haseo, who raised his hand to touch his lips where she had planted a kiss only instants before. Absently warping back to Breg Epona, the famous PKK logged out and began to type an email before deciding on a greeting card instead.


“Mail from Sakura, chain mail, chain mail, fan mail, mail from Haseo…” Alkaid stopped in the middle there as she read the email from Haseo, which was followed by a greeting card. His letter was oddly kind; from her recollection, Haseo didn’t really show much emotion besides righteous anger and annoyance.


I didn’t relaly know you felt that way. I just wanted to tell you that there’s nothing between Atoli and I, because I liked someone else instead. I would rather go out with you – I think I like you, Alkaid.

She blushed with a wide, stupid grin on her face while she re-read it and then scrolled down to the greeting card.

Haseo was offering to do the wedding event with her!

She stopped reading right there and sent her reply of acceptance to her crush, logging back in without checking any of the other emails.


“So, uh, Alkaid,” Haseo began, having warped from Netslum Tartarga to see her, “I’m sorry if I made you, um, mad at me or something…”

“You idiot.” She was still turned away from him, and the white-garbed Adept Rogue took this in the worst possible way. What he didn’t know was that she meant it in another way entirely – why hadn’t he told her about what he felt for her? Why hadn’t this happened earlier?

“I… Sorry, Alkaid. Just… just forget it.” He turned around to warp somewhere, anywhere, but a small hand on his shoulder stopped him.

“Wait, Haseo! I – uh – I didn’t mean it that way!”

“You didn’t?” A small glimmer of hope was in his PC’s eyes. The player behind Alkaid, Chika Kuramoto, dismissed it as a glitch in her M2D headset while secretly wishing it was real.

‘Nope! I was going to say you were an idiot for not realising that I liked you too,’  Chika thought before mentally discarding that response.

“I thought that it was obvious that I liked you,” Alkaid blurted out, covering her mouth as soon as she said it. “I-” She was cut off by a gentle hug. “But you have to treat me nicely! And be here when I need you! And-”

“I’ll make you happy,” Haseo whispered into her ear, sincerety painting his determined features as he pulled back.

“Then let’s go,” she said, laughing as he offered her his arm – the gentlemanly gesture wasn’t lost on Alkaid at all. For her part, she made a point to flaunt the famed ‘Terror of Death’ showing manners all the way to the Harbor District of Mac Anu.


They had walked the red-carpeted line all the way up to the end, where Alkaid had blushed about looking girly in a wedding dress, but everything had gone smoothly. Haseo had even kissed her! She blushed at the very thought, and had no doubt that she was blushing in real life as well. That being said, she didn’t bother to pull off her M2D to find out – she was too busy talking to the guests as she wandered around. She noticed a brown-haired PC staring at her intently, as if he wanted to speak to her, so she meandered over.

“I’m Silabus,” he offered, extending his hand. “Haseo’s our guild’s leader,” he explained quickly, gensturing to the pink Beast-creature who she remembered to be named Gaspard.

“I remember you,” she replied slowly. “So what didja want to talk about?” Alkaid rubbed the back of her neck nervously; she hoped that these guys wouldn’t try to spoil her ‘wedding’ event, although from all appearances, the only one who would even dream of attempting that would be Endrance. Fortunately, the man was so wrapped up in keeping Haseo happy that she doubted he would try to ruin it for her, and by proxy, Haseo.

“Just… Treat him well, okay?” he asked, looking a bit nervous himself. “He deserves a good partner.”

“I know,” she replied softly, taken aback by the level of honesty and loyalty in Silabus’s brown eyes. Even if they were just pixelated data in a virtual world, it was really there. “I’ll try my best.”

“Then you’ll be just fine!” Gaspard exclaimed with a wide grin. Giving her a hug that she uncomfortably returned, the beast-man wandered off, looking for a friend who was here as well. Silabus excused himself as well, leaving her alone once again.

Endrance caught her eye next. The blue-haired man was brooding in a corner, seeming to be very depressed indeed. She approached him cautiously, as if he was a wild animal that might strike at any time.

“Endrance.” The man looked up, noticed her, and resumed his lethargic staring contest with the cobblestone ground. “Oh, for the love of God, Endrance, look at me!” That definately got his attention, especially when she slapped him. “Do you think Haseo’s gonna like you having a pity party during his wedding?” She knew she was being harsh, but this was Endrance she was talking to. The guy could go emo in under a second, for all she knew.

“Haseo… doesn’t need me anymore…” I can sympathise, she thought, before sitting next to the former Emperor on the stone wall.

“That’s a load of bull and you know it! He needs all his friends, you idiot!” She paused for breath, thinking of all the times she had thought Haseo had just brought her along because he felt sorry for her. “Even you,” she added softly, putting a cautious hand on his shoulder. “Y’know, I used to think Haseo only kept me around because he had to,” she told him with a gentle sigh. Men were so hard to talk to without getting annoyed at. “But he really is a pretty good guy on the inside, yeah?”

“I know… Haseo was the only one who needed me for a while. I would do anything… to repay that,” Endrance told her sadly. Alkaid’s response was to whack him across the head, knocking off his violet hat in the process. She bent to retrieve it before playing with it, not offering it back to the man she was conversing with.

“You know, I don’t know much about this love stuff or anything,” she began. “I’m only fifteen in the real world, but here I can be Alkaid. I don’t have to be shy or scared or whatever because I know I’ve got Haseo to fall back on if I have to. You probably know more about that kind of stuff than me, though,” she admitted.

“I’m not much more experienced than you are,” Endrance replied with another heavy sigh. “But… For whatever it may be worth… I wish you both the best. If Haseo falls, I will be there, though…”

“No problem,” Alkaid answered with a grin. If Endrance had something to live for, then he wouldn’t be too gloomy. “Tell ya what. We can go adventuring together sometime. I’ll even be the healer. You can fight with Haseo, too.”

“Thank you… I would enjoy that.”

“Hey, that’s what friends are for, right?” She left Endrance there, daydreaming about Haseo and what it would be like to fight alongside him again. Snorting and shaking her head, the redheaded Emperor wandered off to see another guest; this time, it was someone she hadn’t expected to come – Sirius.

“Alkaid.” His rumbling voice surprised her, seeing as he had been turned away from her and she had been about to launch a sneak attack on his elongated neck. She did regardless, hugging the life out of him until he pried her off.

“Hey, Sirius.”

“I hope you find happiness with Haseo. Remember that you can always come to me should you need me, though.” And then he logged out.

“Jerk,” she muttered under her breath, grinning nonetheless. Sirius was just… Sirius, she supposed. But it didn’t matter for long after that, because a certain Rogue swept her off her feet in a surprise attack of his own only seconds later.

Happiness, Sirius? She looked back at Haseo, who had his arms loosely wrapped around her waist as he stared out into the virtual ocean. Yeah, I think I’ve found it.


~ by Aina Kirisaki on Monday, 12.05.2008.

2 Responses to “.hack//G.U. – Wild Child”

  1. Squeeek! ❤ wow really, it’s nice to see something other than Haseo x End

  2. Soch a beautiful tale of love, I even cryd tears of blood to the beauty in how mach Endrance tuly loves Haseo.
    You should make more love stores.

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