.hack//G.U. – Haseo

.hack//G.U. - Haseo

“Haseo” by Yumi Mitora Kusakurin

DISCLAIMER: I love the .hack series, but I don’t own it. All I own are simple copies of the anime [.hack//ROOTS], the movie, and all the GU games.

Warnings: Mild yaoi, WAFF, crack
Characters: Haseo [Misaki Ryou], Endrance [Ichinose Kaoru], Sakubo [Iori Nakanishi], Atoli [Kusaka Chigusa]
Theme Songs: Suteki da Ne [Rikki], ReBirth + ReVerse [Abingdon Boys School], Photograph [Nickelback], Best Love [Chikayo Fukuda], Gentle Hands [Chikayo Fukuda], Reflectia [Eufonius], Silly-Go-Round [FictionJunction YUUKA]
Pairings: Haseo x Endrance, Ryou x Kaoru

This is my response to the fic Ryuu-sama and I are writing together. Lol, can you tell that I really hate Saku? Well, maybe hate is the wrong word… but I don’t like her particularly either!

I’ve also noticed that all we’re writing right now is Endrance x Haseo… I swear, the next one I write will be something like Haseo x Atoli or something mainstream…

Cross-posted to LiveJournal.

Chapter 1

“What did you do to Master En to make him like you so much?” Saku begged for the millionth time. “He doesn’t even pay attention to me,” she continued whining before Haseo cut her off.

“I don’t know,” he sighed in reply to her query, unable to completely determine why the boy liked him himself. All he knew was that Endrance liked him.

“Well find out!” Sakubo stomped out and huffed loudly once she had left the Raven @Home. Messaging her wonderful ‘Master En’, she, as usual, recieved no reply, and as usual, determined that it was all somehow Haseo’s fault. “Ugh! I can’t stand that guy! I just can’t!” Trotting off towards the Chaos Gate, Saku got a short mail from Haseo.

Endrance tells you to stop sending him pointless messages. Cut it out, Saku.

“That little…! I’ll get him, I’ll get him, I swear I’ll get him!”

She didn’t know that it was just the beginning.


“Perhaps if we display affection… she will leave us alone?”

“No,” Haseo replied, wincing as he read the flaming reply from Saku. “Damn, that girl is annoying…”

“I can distract her if it’s for you, Haseo…”

“It’s okay; it has to be pretty annoying to have her clinging onto you all the time.”

“True,” Endrance replied with a small smile. Haseo cared about him, he actually did! He was such a good person, opening his heart up to him and trying to solve everyone’s problems…

“Earth to Endrance?” Haseo waved his hand in front of the former Emperor’s face, looking somewhat concerned. “You okay?”

“Yes… I’m just thinking.” The dreamy tone of voice made Haseo mentally shake his head and wonder for about the milionth time what was wrong with Endrance. As much as he loathed to admit it, the older boy was probably right; the best way to drive Saku off would be to fake affection in front of her.

“Alright,” the Rogue sighed defeatedly. If this was really the only thing he could come up with, then he had mental issues.

“Hmm?” Endrance finally looked up from his daydreaming. “What was it, Haseo?”

“I said that your idea was alright,” he replied, more than slightly miffed.

“Oh… That’s good, Haseo… Do you want to try this out so that Saku… doesn’t suspect?”

“Not really,” the younger boy grumbled, but instead sighing and standing up. If he was going to lose his first kiss, virtual or not, he wanted it to be somewhere private, like where they were now – after all, an abandoned @Home was certainly secluded, especially if said guild only had eight members and a grunty. It wasn’t so much that he had a problem with Endrance, but it was the whole situation that pissed him off. Despite popular belief, Haseo didn’t really mind the man’s obvious advances – he would never admit it but he was attracted to Endrance.

Closing the half-meter gap between them, Haseo closed his arms around Endrance, trying to convince himself that it was just ‘practice’ for the purpose of foolling Saku. It wasn’t working. As he mulled it over, a gentle hand on his chin lifted his face so that he was looking at Endrance.

“May I… Haseo?” The enchanting falsetto could be annoying at times, to be sure, but times like now were examples of its good sides. He nodded minutely, and before his mind fully registered what was going on, Endrance’s mouth was on his own. Half of him was struck with the desire to continue, but the other half was screaming for him to run away as fast as he could and never return to ‘The World’ at all. Obviously, the latter was too far off the mark for Haseo, but he did pull away regardless, gasping for breath. “Haseo?”

“I – er – sorry… I don’t think this is going to work, Endrance,” Haseo replied edgily.

“I… apologize for upsetting you,” Endrance replied, his expression carefully guarded. He began to walk out, the pain of rejection heavy on his shoulders, when Haseo stopped him.

“I didn’t say we couldn’t be friends! I just – I need to get to know you better, alright?” The man’s face lit up at this.

“Ask me anything, Haseo! Anything about me at all,” he offered.

“What’s your name?” The first thing that popped out of Haseo’s head was something he mentally berated himself for asking. It seemed so juvenile to ask such things on an online game where players would almost never meet each other in real life.

“Ichinose Kaoru,” the man gracefully replied, sitting down on the ground across from Haseo, who was already sitting.


“I’m 20…” He hoped that it wouldn’t displease Haseo, although his guess was that his companion was close to his own age.

“Ummm… do you go to school?”

“I used to… I don’t any more. My mother wouldn’t let me,” he sighed, a lock of silvery-blue hair falling into his face sadly as he spoke. “I don’t… interact… with the real world very well.”

“What do you mean?”

“I…” He paused, waiting for the right words to come to him. “I prefer The World to my life. I would leave my room if it was for you, though,” he hastily added with a soft smile.

“Alright then,” Haseo replied, and was about to answer another question when Pi’s voice bounced through the @Home. They were currently in the room behind the right blue curtain, and while nobody in the main hall could see them, Pi would certainly come looking.

“Haseo? Where are you? Sakubo wants to talk to you,” she called.

“Hide,” Haseo hissed, scrambling to his feet and inadvertently grabbing Endrance’s hand on his way in order to drag the taller character into a corner so they wouldn’t be found. As luck would have it, he ended up pinning Endrance in the corner, his hands on either side of the man’s body as he panted from the sudden exertion. Blushing hotly, he mentally banged his head against a wall.

“Haseo,” Endrance breathed, smiling slightly at the expression of Haseo’s face. His lips were slightly parted as he took in air, and his face was slightly flushed. Partially lidded eyes only added to the effect.

“Pi’s still looking for us,” Haseo whispered. “Saku wants to bother me, and I don’t want to talk to her right now…” Not one to blame Haseo, Endrance simply nodded in understanding before gracefully pushing himself up and out of the corner with a quiet, dejected sigh. Pulling a curtain from a nearby pile across their newfound hiding spot so that it didn’t look like anyone was actually in the area, Endrance once again sat down on the dusty floor, closing his eyes as he leaned back against the wall. A moment later, there was the sound of a door shutting, and Haseo smiled in relief. “Looks like she’s gone for now.” Frowning suddenly, he turned to look at Endrance. “You know, you can ask about me too.”

“I… thank you,” the man replied, opening his crimson eyes to watch his co-conspirator. “I suppose I’l ask the same things you asked of me…”

“My name’s Misaki Ryou, and I’m 17. I’m still in high school,” he replied calmly.

“What do you like?”

“I like video games, arcades, my friends… I guess you could say that there’s not much I don’t like. I put up with a lot of stuff at school and all, and I live alone, so I kind of have to be independent and open.”

“You live… alone?” Endrance’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Yeah, I have an apartment near my school. It’s pretty small, but I don’t really need much since I’m not there too often.” Haseo shrugged; it was life as usual for him. All he really used the apartment for was sleeping and cooking, anyway.

“I live with my mother and father… They tell me that I can’t live alone.”

“Why not?” Haseo asked, genuinely interested in the man. Endrance was an enigma to most of the denizens of ‘The World’, and not even Yata knew much about him. To be able to piece together a puzzle like this was something he was interested in.

“I… Nobody really wants a hikikomori as a son,” he sighed. He knew it to be all-too-true; throughout high school he had constantly been on the recieving end of taunts from boys and uncomfortable situations with girls that wanted to date him. “It’s… easier this way.”

“You don’t get out at all?” Haseo seemed genuinely surprised. “How do you live?”

“I live in ‘The World’,” Endrance replied honestly.

“Why don’t you come out and visit sometime? Seriously, it’s not healthy to always be on the computer,” he replied, mentally wincing as he realized that he sounded like his mother.

“I.. I’d like that, Ryou,” the former Emperor answered. “I’ll give you my address… then you can come visit me. Mother doesn’t like me to leave with people she doesn’t know…” Haseo instantly recieved a short mail with what looked like an address and temporarily pulled his M2D off, scribbling the address down and shoving it ino his pocket.

“Got it. Are you busy tonight? we can go to dinner and an arcade or something – not like a date or anything, but to hang out,” he offered.

“When will you be over?” He sounded a lot like a lost puppy, Ryou thought.

“Whenever you’re ready. It’s pretty early right now – I’ll be over by about 5, alright?”

“Mother should be off of work by then… alright. I’ll see you then, Haseo.”

“See you, Endrance.”


~ by Yumi Mitora Kusakurin on Sunday, 11.05.2008.

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  1. LOL IT’S ALRIGHT, I love the Ryou x Kaoru stuff you guys write. <33 To die for~

  2. Awwwh, this is darling X3 Perhaps a sequel with them in rl? =DDD

  3. i just love it it is awsome

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