.hack//G.U. – Other World

.hack//G.U. - Other World

“Other World” by Ryuuzaki Kusakurin

DISCLAIMER: .hack//G.U. doesn’t belong to me. T_T

Warnings: Violence, language, innuendo [?], etc.
[Outside the Parameters] – Haseo, Endrance
[And The Games Begin] [IN PROGRESS] – Alkaid, Haseo, Endrance, Yata, Pi
[The Other Side of Nowhere] – Atoli, Haseo
Theme Songs: HOWLING [Abingdon Boys School], Desert Rose [Abingdon Boys School], Tsuki no Curse [Okina Reika], Kiss Me Goodbye [Angela Aki]
Pairings: None so far…

These little one-shot things are being put together to save space [lol, like we care with a practically unlimited server…] and make it easier for you to read. As each drabble is done, it will be posted here. As it is, you can expect one about every other week until they’re done. And by the way, don’t steal my stuff.

PS: Sorry, in chapter 1, there is a little bit of Endrance-poking. That means that I’m poking fun at him a little bit. Deal with it; Endrance is my favourite character in the game, but I’m gonna laugh at him every now and then, too.

Chapter 1

It was odd enough that this place existed as it did, and because of that, Haseo instinctively knew that this was an area outside of the game’s parameters. The area wasn’t a dungeon, nor was it a field, but it was a forbidden area. He had keyed in the area words ∆ Hidden Your Shadow, and he had ended up here.

 The soft moonlight fell on everything around him, and the pale trees seemed to almost glow in the gentle radiance. It reminded him of the place he had first seen Endrance and seen the kind of destruction AIDA could cause. It also reminded him of the Demon Palace arena, for whatever reason, but he shrugged it off, knowing that he was just associating the arena with Endrance anyway.

Walking forward and brushing the silver hair out of his red eyes, Haseo sat down a few metres away from the tree line that signalled the beginning of the eerily silent forest. The sound of burbling water drew his attention and he looked over to the left, startled that he hadn’t noticed it sooner, but he chalked it up to the fact that he had never seen anything like this place prior to today.

“What is this place?” He didn’t expect an answer to his spoken question, and as he watched the sky, he realised that the area was riddled with ‘holes’, places where he could see the coding of the virtual area. Disturbed, the player stood up and walked toward the nearest such ‘hole’, although he sighed in relief when it contained no traces of AIDA or any residual AIDA signatures.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” Haseo turned, immediately recognising the falsetto. It could only belong to the former Demon Palace emperor, Endrance.

“Yeah, whatever,” Haseo muttered back, knowing that Endrance didn’t really care how Haseo answered. “The coding’s stripped in some places.”

“It is an incomplete area,” the long-haired man sighed, carelessly brushing a lock of silvery-blue hair out of his face. “Only we special users can access this type of area. That of course includes your friend Azure Kite,” he commented lightly, walking past the Adept Rouge and sitting on a rock on the bank of the small river Haseo had heard earlier. He sighed once again, turning his face to the sky, a thoughtful look on his face. “I believe that this area was in fact created by Aura.”

“Interesting,” the Rouge replied, not entirely caring. “I was just looking for a good place to level up.”

“That’s how I found it, originally,” Endrance told him, much to Haseo’s amazement. The man wanted to level up? The only time he ever seemed to care was if Haseo took him to an area, the Rouge mused. And then, the man shrugged, brushing invisible specks of dirt off of his shoulder as he sighed. “It makes me think about you, Haseo.”

“What?!” Haseo sputtered, watching the former Emperor warily. “You- what- hey!” He narrowed his eyes and pulled off his white-and-black boot, hefting it menacingly and chucking it at Endrance for good measure. For his part, the blue-haired man managed to look utterly affronted before falling off of the rock and into the water below him. “Reminds me of Haseo my ass,” he sighed, and then turned back towards the surfacing man, offering him a hand to get out of the water.

“Haseo… You should know that I’ll never stop thinking about you, even if you dislike me…” Haseo almost laughed. The usually-poised and graceful man looked akin to a drowned rat.

“I know, Endrance,” he sighed, mentally berating himself for even replying to that.

“But I wasn’t lying when I said that the beauty of this place is much like yours…”

Haseo ‘accidentially’ pushed him back into the river and walked away, leaving a still-soaking Endrance staring at his back with a faint smile at the boy’s michevious nature.

And in the Serpent of Lore, Pi and Yata were laughing.


~ by Larkir Kusakurin on Wednesday, 07.05.2008.

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  1. Ello, I like it, Bleh! <1+2= Kai ^_^

    Just for you Kai, 🙂

    :Heart: I wouldn’t kill you with the gabi emotes, i loves yous this much!!!! < .hack//MuffinGod.G.U.

  2. Oh, my…
    You amuse me, Rusty-san. *sends hugs*

    Heh. MuffinGod, eh? What about the biscuits?

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