D. Gray-Man – True Resolve

 D. Gray-Man - True Resolve

‘D. Gray-Man’ by Katsura Hoshino
“True Resolve” by Yumi Mitora Kusakurin 

DISCLAIMER: In Ryuuzaki’s words, ‘don’t own, don’t sue.’

Warnings: Violence, language, spoilers for latest chapter as of March 25 2008.
Characters: Lenalee Lee, Komui Lee, Hevlaska, Allen Walker, Lavi, Kanda, Level 4 Akuma.
Theme Songs: Back in Black [AC/DC], Highway to Hell [AC/DC], Zero Signal [Yoko Kanno], Dodge This! (Overkill Mix) [Tobius Enhus], BLADE CHORD [Abingdon Boys School]
Pairings: None

Phew! Long time no see, folks! It’s been a heckuva spring break here – got to go home and see the family for a few days.
Anyway, this idea hasn’t let me forget it at all, so I guess it had to be written one way or another… I dunno how this perspective will work out, though. I’ve never written a fic in first person… I guess I’ll maybe balance it out by writing part of it from Komui’s POV. *shrug*

This fanfic will not be posted anywhere else and so if you see it somewhere other than this ficblog, tell Ryuuzaki. She takes care of these things, as well as other godly functions, such as making almost all my graphics. Who knows? Maybe she has power over watermelons, too. Scary thought, huh?

Chapter 1 

The Innocence was oddly warm in my hands, as I remember. It felt a lot like a warm, black, melting ice cube. When it liquefied, a part of me wanted to call Komui-niisan over to see it; the silly man would be fascinated, I know. My other thoughts were directed at the people who made up my own personal world, even when I drank the liquid Innocence; Allen was still fighting, I didn’t know what had become of Lavi, and I worried for Kanda. My brother had finally made it up to the platform where we were, and while I was still scared for him, I could see him. He was still the living, breathing proof I needed to say that he was alive.

And there was Allen. Everything was hazy, but he stopped the akuma from killing me… and at that moment, I realized the one truth I had left to cling onto.

I’m not ready to watch anyone else in my world die. Not when I can avoid it.

When the Innocence finally formed the new shape of my resolve, I was ready to fight.

I’m off now, brother.

 —–d. gray-man—–

Higher and higher, she rose into the air, testing the very limits of gravity itself, and then outright defying them.

“How dare you do this to our home,” she spat at the akuma, landing on its out-stretched arm angrily. It looked at her – almost in wonder – and Lenalee, in turn, grabbed Allen from the akuma and lauched herself into the air, higher and faster than ever before, snatching him from the grasp of the beast. Nobody on the ground had seen her fly by them.

As she let Allen go, he extended his Clown Belt, crying out as his arm was wrenched out of its socket by the all-too-apparent weight of the heavy sword he carried.

She was off again, vengeance and resolve driving her to take action against the monster that had nearly destroyed the hope of the Black Order – as well as her world.

 —–d. gray-man—–

It was such an odd feeling, like floating or maybe flying. The new boots reacted to me like they were a living, breathing part of my body. All I needed to do was ask, and as the phrase goes, I recieved. I guess my resolve to fight was strong enough that I could keep this kind of thing up, though I really don’t know.

Komui would probably tell me that I needed to be careful not to overexert myself, but at the time, I wasn’t thinking of Komui-niisan. I was thinking about how to drag out the akuma’s punishment until it fell to the ground. The monster was flying up and after me now, so I leapt down from my perch in the sky, ready to attack, when I stopped and just watched. Relaxing my muscles completely, I closed my eyes and willed my legs to move, to react to the presence of the enemy. I was happily surprised when I opened my eyes and my legs were lashing out at the akuma. Twisting my body to avoid an attack, I used the akuma’s body as a foothold and brought my other leg up, smashing it down on his head until he fell from the sky. As he struggled to get up, Allen’s left arm – the sword – slammed down on the level 4 and kept him on the ground. The least I could do was help him. Once again twirling up and into the air, I came down as fast and hard as I could, landing squarely on the hilt of the sword. The blade pierced him, and that’s when I realised that even if the akuma got back up, he wouldn’t be a terribly large threat any longer.

We had won the day, and the Innocence had kept its promise to me.

I can return to my brother’s side once more.

My brother…

“Thank you,” I whispered, tears falling freely from my eyes as I still struggled to hold the akuma down. “Thank you so much.”


~ by Yumi Mitora Kusakurin on Saturday, 05.04.2008.

5 Responses to “D. Gray-Man – True Resolve”

  1. Hmmm. You could use a little work on your first person POV, but all in all, it’s pretty good!

  2. THe first person POV was a nice change. I hope you continue with it. =D

  3. hmm i Cannot find song by Yumi Mitora Kusakurin T_T

  4. Hn~ Is True Resolve the song’s name? Or is it Musician the song name? ARH! I’m getting confused!!! T^T

  5. Oh! I get it…
    The titles at the top are arranged like this:


    I hope that clears some things up.

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