D. Gray Man – Lazy Days

D. Gray Man - Lazy Days 

‘D. Gray Man’ by Katsura Hoshino
“Lazy Days” by Ryuuzaki Kusakurin

DISCLAIMER: D. Gray Man isn’t mine, otherwise Kanda would be all mine~! *squee*

Warnings: Language
Characters: Lavi, Bookman, Allen Walker
Theme Songs: The Skycity of Bhujerba [Hitoshi Sakimoto], Eruyt Village [Hitoshi Sakimoto], Ozmone Plains [Hitoshi Sakimoto], A Moment’s Rest [Hitoshi Sakimoto]
Pairings: None

This will not be posted anywhere else, so please notify me if it is.

A/N: I decided to borrow a habit of Yumi’s and steal the word moyashi from her. It apparently means bean sprout, if the constant use in various fanfics across the board is any indication at all. And sorry it’s so short! I have writer’s block. O_o;;;

Chapter 1 

Kanda was fun to annoy, Lavi would give him that much, but there were times when the Bookman apprentice needed to just relax… well, the appropriate word was probably crash. He had been here for almost five years, seen exorcists die and be born before his eyes, and seen the rise of exorcists scarcely older than himself. It was a little frightening, really, that the fate of the world possibly rested on the back of the fifteen-year-old Allen Walker. It seemed silly to think that the white-haired boy could be the prophesied ‘Destroyer of Time’, but Bookman seemed to think that it was true, especially after seeing how Allen’s Innocence had repaired his heart after the fatal injury from Tyki’s weapons.

Laying his head back to rest on the cool stone of the Black Order’s tower, Lavi sighed heavily, the book he had been reading now laying face-down on his stomach. Groaning sleepily, he peeled back his eyepatch and let his normally-covered eye take in the light.

It was a Bookman secret, and it was why so few people were actually suited to the job. Each suitable candidate had a super-sensitive eye, capable of recognising something with virutally no input from the brain at all. Because many people with this talent would be tempted to rely heavily on it, there were rules against the use of the eye at all while in training – his own sensitive eye hadn’t seen sunlight in almost three years. Blinking back sudden tears from the impact of the light on his normally-covered eye, Lavi yawned and, after a few moments, pulled the black covering back down.

Watching the birds overhead, he was reminded of his youth – he had always admired the way birds could fly free, though he did have some dispensation in terms of freedoms. The redhead flirted shamelessly with nearly everyone around him, male or female – mostly because it amused him, no other reason – and he had the freedom to do whatever he pleased in his time off duty. But… there would always be something missing, and as one of the other apprentices had once remarked, he couldn’t afford to slip up or fall down even once – in the heirarchy of the Bookman clan, the stairs went quite a ways up, and each mission only amounted to a single step out of hundreds, maybe even thousands.

“Like I could afford to fall, anyway,” Lavi snorted, turning his head to the side to watch the clouds blow by – really, the Order was quite high up; he had never fully appreciated this fact and still didn’t. Who would care, with an infinitely extending hammer that one could ride by means of transportation? Then again, his only real care was supposed to be recording history… though in a corner of the dark recesses of his mind, he knew he had already stumbled and fallen clear off of the staircase of the Bookman clan.

When had it changed?

When had he started caring?

It was his 49th persona, the one that called himself ‘Lavi’ and walked around flirting with everyone, joking, and generally cheering up the situations that surrounded him, whether intentionally or not. He enjoyed having the limited amount of freedom presented here – it was so much better than the [dare he admit it] stuffy chambers that his old ‘home’ had consisted of. As he thought continually about this, a mop of white hair appeared in his vision.

“Well damn,” he muttered. “And here comes the moyashi.”

“What part of me looks like a bean sprout, really?” Allen was usually annoyed by the nickname he had stolen from Kanda, but he knew that Lavi meant no harm by it.

“None of you,” Lavi announced happily after giving Allen a once-over. “You’re still moyashi, though.” Allen pouted, sticking his lower lip out just enough to be adorable, and Lavi couldn’t resist. “See? See? You’re cute! Jerry-san was right!” Hopping up to do a little ‘victory dance’ for his apparent triumph over the powers of un-cute-ness, he continued until Allen flushed bright red, clearly embarrassed by Lavi’s silly antics. “That was easy enough,” he sighed, flopping back down and placing his book back on his face.

Really, these lazy days were what he existed for…

…but Kanda was still here to annoy. And Jerry had ice cream in the kitchen.

But he really, really wanted to sleep.

Eventually, in the middle of this internal monologue, sleep claimed him, and he remained there until the sun set on the Black Order.

Lazy days, indeed.


~ by Larkir Kusakurin on Thursday, 21.02.2008.

4 Responses to “D. Gray Man – Lazy Days”

  1. -Squeak- Lavi! -^.^-

  2. Told you I’d write one.
    Now stop making fun of Kanda. >.<

  3. Hah? I haven’t made fun of him in like…Forever!
    (This is about the picture I found of him in a school girl’s outfit and gave it
    to you isn’t it…?)

  4. I know. ❤
    And yes… possibly…

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