D. Gray Man – The 14th Noah

D. Gray Man - The 14th Noah

‘D. Gray Man’ by Katsura Hoshino
“The 14th Noah” by Yumi Mitora Kusakurin

DISCLAIMER: D. Gray Man isn’t mine. *sigh* I really wish I owned Allen.

Warnings: Flashback, oneshot
Characters: Mana Walker, Allen Walker, Timcampy, Linalee Lee
Theme Songs: Innocent Sorrow [Abingdon Boys School], Howling [Abingdon Boys School], Michiyuki [Hikida Kaori], Kokoro no Ato [Kosaka Riyu], This Is Love [Utada Hikaru], One Night Magic [Utada Hikaru], Sakura Drops [Utada Hikaru]
Pairings: None

This story will not be posted anywhere else. On that note, tell me if you do happen upon it elsewhere!

This is a sequel to the other oneshot [the one with the same banner LOL] I wrote a day or so back – It’s called Musician. This is set about a week after the events in that little drabblish fic.

Also, thank you once again to Ryuuzaki for providing me with the music – she sends me stuff as she finds it. Also, sorry this story isn’t as good as my last one… I’ve been busy lately, so it was all I could do in the five or so minutes I had free today. I finished the story in those five minutes, too! n_n

Dedicated to Ryuuzaki Kusakurin.

Chapter 1

It had been almost a week since the incident with Kanda, but somehow, it left the young exorcist more confused. How did the melodies come? Hearing Kanda attempting to play out a few notes made him realize how well that he was playing, and while part of him knew that it wouldn’t come to anything good, another part of him wanted desperately to find out what was happening to him.

From within the music that constantly occupied his mind, another voice answered.

“You were the one I chose,” the voice said gently, prompting Allen to look up…

“Mana!” He looked at the apparition of his father and then back at the reality of the piano. “You’re not… you can’t be…” he stammered, actually looking at the man in front of him now. As the ghost of his adoptive father walked forward, his skin darkened in hue and black crosses began to reveal themselves. Allen visibly winced, stepping backward. “You can’t be Mana,” he accused, staring the man down in an attempt to stop him.

“You didn’t know?” He seemed genuinely surprised. “I thought you would have figured it out by now. I passed my Noah down to you when I died,” the older Walker explained.

“Why are you helping me then? You’re a Noah, too.”

“And so there were thirteen chosen ones, and one that was downcast and kept in secret, the chosen child of God bearing the gift of music,” Mana murmured, smiling as he tipped his head to the side in contemplation. “There was one Noah that chose instead to walk the path of mortals, and took in the child all others had forsaken, for they feared the gift of God so much that they shunned their eyes and ignored the Innocence. The Noah saw himself in the child and gave him everything he had, including his powers, in death.” His rich dulcet voice seemed to fill the room before fading away. He was obviously quoting something, though Allen didn’t know what. “Do you understand?”

“I think so,” he replied cautiously. “You were the one that ran away from the Noah and gave away your powers to control the Ark, right?” Mana nodded once, watching his son puzzle over the pieces left over. “And because I reminded you of yourself, you took me in,” he continued, the unspoken question obvious in his voice.

“Yes,” the man in front of him agreed, waving his hand around to indicate the ark with a broad sweep. “And this is your birthright. You don’t need the exorcists anymore. You’re a new creation, a Noah with the power of an Innocence inside him.” Allen didn’t even notice the shadow in the doorway as he stood staring at Mana – the color was draining out of his adoptive father’s skin and suddenly, he felt the stirring of something within his body. The darker skin that signified a Noah was beginning to flood his own skintone, despite his will to stay human instead. Rushing to the mirror in the piano room, he watched it complete itself – the dark crosses lines his forehead and as he looked in the mirror, he saw the form of Linalee standing in the doorway, a look of shock plastered on her face. As he turned, her expression righted itself and was replaced by righteous fury.

“We trusted you!” With that, she jumped forward, shouting one word on the way. “Invocation!

“No, it’s not like tha-” One of Linalee’s Dark Boots slammed into his arm and was immediately repulsed by what seemed to be his skin itself. Staring at the hole in his left sleeve, he was amazed to see the slight crackling of energy across his dark skin as it repaired itself. “It’s not like that, Linalee!” he shouted, putting up his arms in a block and ducking to avoid another one of her vicious kicks followed by a particularly nasty bicycle kick.

“We trusted you and you betrayed us!” Her eyes were full of tears, but even as she was attacking him, Allen could see the young woman she had once been and would eventually look like again, once her injuries completely healed and her hair grew back.

You don’t need her. Kill her. Mana’s voice ran through his head as he fought Linalee back without the aid of his Innocence, and power flowed through his body so that he was fighting to keep his attacks in check and not injure his friend.

“No,” he murmured, gasping when his ribs took a hit. “I do need them. They’re my… my friends.” Mana stayed silent, and he laid there on the floor until Linalee walked up to him, glaring down at him as she spoke. While she did so, a feeling of peace settled over him, even if he was threatened by Linalee’s presence in the room.

“Who are you talking to?” she demanded. “There’s no one here except for me.”

“You’re wrong,” Mana’s voice told her, and there he was again, in all his glory as a Noah. “I am Allen’s father. This was once my ark, but… I was scared of what my siblings were doing. I ran,” he explained, casting his head down. “Allen chose now to spare you, even at the risk of enormous harm to himself… I was right all along. He needs his friends as much as they need him, but I had to know where his heart was before I gave him the ability.” Mana looked meaningfully at the teenager he had taken in as his son before turning to the Chinese exorcist. “Now, don’t cry,” he said, putting a hand on Linalee’s shoulder and offering a handkerchief. Linalee threw her arms around Allen, sobbing apologies and various words in Chinese.

“I’m sorry, Allen… I thought – I thought you were-“

“Don’t,” Mana said gently, watching the two friends. “He’s been through a lot, and so have you. It’s time for me to be going now; I’ve haunted this room for long enough.

“Allen?” Lavi’s voice rang through the door. With a final smile, Mana turned… and disappeared. “Whoa! Who was that?”

“Just a ghost of the past,” Linalee replied, smiling at Lavi, tears in her slanted black eyes.

“A ghost of the past, huh? I guess that’s what it was,” Allen murmured, turning back to the piano. Perhaps Mana was gone, but his legacy – his son – would live on.


~ by Yumi Mitora Kusakurin on Tuesday, 12.02.2008.

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  1. Wow, that kept my eyes glued to the computer screen!
    It may have not had as much detail in it as the last one but it seemed to make up for that in suspense. 8D

  2. Oooooooooo yeah I agree! I likey, Yumi!

  3. love it!

  4. Thanks to the author for this post. I’ve enjoyed reading it.

  5. Beautiful~

  6. its a super story…..i like it…


  7. As mana die,he pass his power to allen walker.it was a good show

  8. As mana die,he pass his power to allen walker.it was a good show

  9. As mana die,he pass his power to allen walker.it was a good show

  10. its so cool…
    As mana die,he pass his power to allen walker….

  11. its so cool…
    As mana die,he passed his power to allen walker….

  12. its very touched….luv it!

  13. wat is this? is this the true story behind allen. is this really?

  14. wer in chapter? pls tell. thanks in advance. just asking. dont get mad pls.

  15. I luv it!!!!!

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