Vampire Knight – Frozen Blood

 Vampire Knight - Frozen Blood

‘Vampire Knight’ by Matsuri Hino
“Frozen Blood” by Ryuuzaki Kusakurin

DISCLAIMER: Vampire Knight isn’t mine. I own a copy of book 3. Nothing more, nothing less. 

Warnings: Death
Characters: Unknown [Level E Vampire]
Theme Songs: Hello [Evanescence], Bring Me To Life [Evanescence]
Pairings: None

This is a short drabble-ish fic that won’t be anywhere else; enjoy it here, but if you see it somewhere else, do tell me.

Chapter 1 

The white snow was blinding, the cold oppressive, and yet he tracked on.

Darkness was setting on the hills and frozen streams, their half-hearted gurgles beginning to slow as their throats were filled with ice for the night. Even animals did not dare to wander here at this time, their senses telling them to stay put for survival’s sake.

And yet he tracked on.

The lonely howl of the biting wind hit him like a brick wall, though he tried his best to stay on his feet – without him, there would be no tomorrow for some unlucky victims.

His last hope of becoming human, or at least safe to humans, lay before him, and with it came the only cure to stop the plague of immortality – the cure to stop his own rampaging blood from overcoming him and goading him to take human lives to keep his own. Coughing up that same blood, he watched it nearly instantly freeze on the ground with an odd sense of detachment. He knew what he had come to do.

He had come to die.

The woman who had turned him into this blood-drinking abomination lay ahead of him, her blood still warm even as she died from exposure to the elements. She could have saved herself, he instinctively knew, but she couldn’t bear the thought of facing you. As he fell upon her newly-dead corpse, he caught a single droplet of blood on his forefinger, watching it as it froze and melted again on the fragile warmth his fingertip. This single droplet can save me… but even if it does, I will not leave her side. She was never kind to me, never let me choose my paths in life while she lived, but at least now… now I can choose my own death… as a human. Pulling the droplet close until it passed his pale, trembling lips, he swallowed the precious droplet, a satisfied look glinting in his hazel eyes. He was at last free of the burden he had thought he would carry eternally, until someone came to kill him, but at what price?

Only moments later, he succumbed to the cold, curling up next to his mother to die as he had come unto this planet – by her side.

—–vampire knight—–

Author’s Notes: This story came to me around… oh, 2 am, 3 am? *laughs* Of course, I was actually up at the time, so I came downstairs and typed it.

Oh the things I do for reviews…


~ by Larkir Kusakurin on Monday, 28.01.2008.

5 Responses to “Vampire Knight – Frozen Blood”

  1. It’s beautiful to me. ❤
    I really like this one.

  2. Yaaaay thankies!

  3. *pie cry* ;.;

  4. I’ve never read Vampire Knight, but I might now…
    Very descriptive; even death can be beautiful.

  5. where can i get it at?

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