Loveless – Sightless

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‘Loveless’ by Yun Kouga
“Sightless” by Ryuuzaki Kusakurin

DISCLAIMER: Loveless belongs to Yun Kouga, not me.

Warnings: Violence, language, mild yaoi, etc.
Characters: Atarai Ichirou, Rikicho-Atarai Ryougi, Kain Lafayel, Gokuraki Haruka, etc.
Theme Songs: To Zanarkand [Nobuo Uematsu], LONGING [Gackt], BREAK THE NIGHT [TOMMY K], Rock Is Dead [Marilyn Manson], London [The Crystal Method], Hikari [Utada Hikaru], Rakuen [Do As Infinity], Take a Little Hand [Gabriela Robin], Mizérable [Gackt]
Pairings: Ichirou x Ryougi, Lafayel x Haruka

This is a work of fanfiction based on my story ‘Flawless’. If you see it on any other website, please notify me immediately.

Chapter 1 

“Ichirou?” The white-haired boy groaned, waking up, and rolled over to face his partner, constant companion, and sacrifice.


“Do you feel something, or is it just me?” Ichirou met his friend’s red-brown eyes and realised that something was wrong. Ryougi was worried. Closing his own blue eyes in concentration, the sleepy Sentouki reached out…

…and hit a brick wall.

“It’s not just you,” he assured the chestnut-haired teen. “I feel it, too.”

“They’re strong,” Ryougi murmured, his ears shifting against the pillow as he blinked to clear his eyes. “Should we go?”

“I vote for a shower and food first…”

“They’ll be gone by then,” Ryougi protested. “I want to see how we match up.”

“All right,” Ichirou replied with a sigh. “Get dressed though. I’ll send out the signal.”


“Hey, look! They’re so cute,” Haruka whispered with a smile. They were hiding from the two males, ready to launch a sneak attack. “Oh! That one’s name is Ichirou,” she told Lafayel, pointing out the white-haired one. “We were at Seven Voices Academy together.”

“I see,” the tanned young man replied uncaringly. “Engage your system and attack them,” he ordered.

“That’s against the rules, Lafayel,” she muttered, staring at him.

“You know the punishment for disobedience, don’t you?” Nodding slowly, she angrily complied and sent a restraint out to bind the sacrifice as they revealed themselves.

“We are Zero,” Lafayel called out, a cruel smirk on his handsome features.

“Haru-kun… you…” Ichirou was in a state of relative shock, it seemed. “Why?”

“Shards of ice fly through the air and pierce the target.” Her eyes were cold, unfeeling, and Ichirou knew the rumours were true.

Her sacrifice had turned his childhood friend into a heartless fighter. Then he saw the silent tear roll down her face, and knew he had a chance.

“Walls of flame!”

“Deluges of rain fall and extinguish the fire with frozen, cruel tongues.”

“Anou… Rain makes a mudslide and sends it back to the target.”

“Earthen walls protect us. Blades of leaves cleave through your watery dirt and slice into the target’s flesh.”

He was stuck. Ryougi knew Ichirou couldn’t use flame because of the water, and that left him out of his element.

“Cages of steel surround us; you can’t touch us!”

“Jets of water strong enough to sever limbs, aim with my hand and keep the strength of my resolve.” Behind him, Ryougi screamed, his eyes rendered forever useless.

“Now that he’s blind, the pain of our attacks will seem about ten times worse,” Lafayel said with a sadistic grin playing across his face.

Peaceless unit will fight auto,” Ichirou cried. “You won’t hurt him any more!”

“I… chi… rou…” But nobody heard the boy as he cried out, as the warm red and brown faded from his sightless eyes.


“Losers,” Lafayel had snorted and left. Haruka had gone with him, leaving the two to die. But Ichirou refused to give up.

“We’ve gotta get out of here…” His dry lips were caked with blood and bits of it flaked off as he spoke. His leg was bleeding too, several muscles severed and his left arm was broken. “Dammit,” he whispered, seeing people walking through the abandoned warehouse. If they were out this early – when the sun still hadn’t risen – they were up to no good.

“This one’s still awake!”

“Good. Don’t worry… we’ll take good care of you, cutie…”

BANG. The noise echoed throughout the area, as did the scream that followed. Another gunshot, and the men surrounding Ichirou and his fallen partner scattered.

“I left Lafayel to get here,” she explained as she bandaged him. “He’s sleeping in the dorm.”


“He’ll live, though his sight is gone. I had to do something…” She quieted down and resumed working on treating his injuries. Putting his broken arm into a splint and wrapping his leg in heavy gauze tape, Haruka lifted the white-haired boy onto her motorbike before turning to Ryougi. His entire face was marred and bleeding. Wiping away the blood, she winced and cleaned it, wrapping the top half of his face in gauze in order to keep out infections. “Hold on to him. I’m going to the Under-city… it’s the only way I can get both of you treated.” And then they were off.

Chapter 2

Ryougi awoke to the smell of food and the feel of an unfamiliar bed. Shaking his hair out of his face and blinking, the boy quickly realised that he could no longer see.

“I-Ichirou…” he groaned in pain, tears falling from his sightless eyes. “Where are you?”

“He’ll come around soon enough,” a feminine voice informed him quietly. “He took all of the damage for you after your eyes were hit.”

“You’re…?” The voice sounded familiar, and he searched his memory before it hit him.

A girl and a haughty young man, both dressed in black, met them in an abandoned warehouse well before dawn.

The girl fought without mercy, but a tear slid down her cheek as she fought.

Red and brown shades faded around him as he fought to stay awake.

“Get away from me!” he yelled, scrambling away from the cool hands that were rebandaging wounds. He fell off of the bed in his feeble attempt to escape, hitting a wall in the process but still moving unsteadily away. “Go pick on someone else!” For a while, the footsteps that had been coming after him faded, and then the noise was replaced by quiet crying. He could hear the teardrops hitting the wooden floor underneath where it sounded like she had stopped.

“I’m not after you,” she whispered, and somehow he knew that the Sentouki wouldn’t look at him. “I’m… sorry.”

“S’okay, Haruka-san,” Ichirou’s muffled voice replied, and Ryougi heard his partner’s feet slide out from under the covers and meet the ground as he stood and shuffled over to the girl. “It’ll take a while, but we’ll get over it.”

“How can you say that?” Ryougi was obviously upset now, the white-haired Sentouki knew. His partner was a volatile mix of emotions underneath his usually calm and occasionally snuggly exterior, and Ichirou knew that this was his breaking point. “She almost killed us, Ichirou! Almost killed you!”

“She had no choice,” he shot back calmly. “Haruka’s sacrifice would have killed her if she hadn’t fought us convincingly.”

Convincingly? Is that what you’re calling it? From my perspective – and it’s pretty dark right now – I’d say that she wanted to fight,” he hissed, the remarks scathing as Haruka once again burst into tears and then ran out of the room, slamming a door behind her as she left the apartment.

“Good one, Ryou,” Ichirou sighed, leaving the blinded boy alone with his thoughts before thinking better of it and returning to sit awkwardly by Ryougi’s side, his arm in a sling and his leg bandaged.


A million things ran through Haruka’s mind as she fled, the most prominent one being what she had just witnessed and what she had done to those two.

Peaceless was a rival unit, she tried to assure herself, but in her heart, she knew that if she had asked nicely, the two would have left as quickly as they had come out from their home to fight. She knew Lafayel probably already knew, and as the thought that, her cell phone buzzed in her pocket. Kain Lafayel.

“‘Morning, Lafayel-sama,” she greeted him with false cheeriness.

“I just saw the strangest thing, Haruka. Those two we fought earlier today are gone,” he literally purred, the words a smooth covering for what was to come.

“Gone? What do you mean?” Oh gods, she mentally told herself, he knows it was me!

“Their bodies aren’t there. Come over to my place in Area 1 and we can talk it over, alright?”

“Understood,” she replied in a clipped tone, shutting the phone and rushing onto the first Northbound train.

This was going to be brutal.


“You betrayed me, Haru-kun,” the man towering over her still body told her with that same smooth voice. “I’m almost offended, and you know I don’t take well to that,” he continued, his rich voice flowing from his mouth and entrancing her as it always seemed to, even if she didn’t want it to. A click and metallic noise told her that he was going to punish her royally for this ‘transgression’.

“I’m sorry, sir,” she begged, knowing that if she moved to escape he would kill her.

“Sorry isn’t good enough, Haru-kun. Take your shirt off.” She rushed to comply while remaining face-down and almost immediately after she did, a cool knife blade ran down her spinal cord, slicing the skin just enough for it to be painful. This was followed by another, and another, and another…

In the following hours she lost count of how many times she had been hit, cut, or generally abused, though she also knew that each moment that ticked by was one minute less she had to deal with him. Three hours later, Lafayel seemed to get bored of punishing his ‘disobedient’ Sentouki.

“You can go now,” his voice told her, leaving her alone in the room as a broken, bleeding heap of a body. Silent tears streamed from her eyes as she pulled her shirt back on over her head, simultaneously tearing all the scabs on her back. She would have to treat them herself, because the hospital down here in the Under-city would ask too many questions.

She just hoped that her houseguests would understand, or at least they wouldn’t try to make the soon-to-be scars worse.


~ by Larkir Kusakurin on Friday, 18.01.2008.

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