Buso Renkin – A Warrior’s Pride

A Warrior's Pride 

‘Buso Renkin’ by Nobuhiro Watsuki
“A Warrior’s Pride” by Ryuuzaki Kusakurin

DISCLAIMER: Buso Renkin doesn’t belong to me; if it did, would I be writing fanfiction? 

Warnings: Violence, OC, language, etc.
Characters: Haruna Kurosu, Captain Bravo, Tokiko Tsumura, Kazuki Muto, Victor Powered, etc.
Theme Songs: Rien ne s’arrête (inédit) [Patricia Kaas], On the Precipice of Defeat [Shiro Sagisu], Heat of the Battle [Shiro Sagisu], Preparation Montage [Trevor Rabin]
Pairings: Read and see

Chapter 1 - The Secret 

“Warrior Haruna, report.”

“There were seven homunculi, two plant-based, one humanoid, and four animal-based.”


“Slight damage taken to the buildings nearby, nothing major.”

“Thank you. The details of your next job will be sent shortly. Headquarters out.”

Haruna stretched luxuriously, smoothing out her pleated skirt and happily sighing. Her blonde hair was luminous in the light of the various computer screens, each revealing something different going on in different parts of Japan. Sitting back calmly, she raised one of the curtains and opened the window, letting a slight fall breeze blow through her technological ‘throne’. This was the seat of her power in the Alchemist Army of the world rather than in petty regions; through her specialization in hacking, technological manipulation, and inventing in general, Kurosu Haruna was an invaluable asset to the group. The guards outside of her room more or less proved that one for itself. Her special ability parallelled that as well; she could perform what was called a ‘dive’; it was a mental jump into a computer network which allowed her to manage things more efficiently and quickly. She could more or less download the facts and data into her mind, making her one of the most intelligent warriors at the same time. Often, she coordinated the attacks on homunculi with whatever warrior chief would be leading it; her most recent orchestration had led to the fall of the L.X.E. using Warriors Tokiko and Kazuki. Captain Bravo – Sakimori Mamoru – had led the attack with a troubled mind, but she had finally assured him that the kids would be alright because if anything got bad she personally would step in. She almost had, actually, she remembered. When Victor had emerged, she had known that it wouldn’t end well, but when she saw Mutou Kazuki in his newfound ‘Victor III’ form, she changed her mind and kept her distance.

The young warrior’s development was of particular interest to her, the teenaged Great Warrior Chief of China.

—–buso renkin—–

“Chief Kurosu, please report.”

“Victor’s on the move again. I’m not going to be able to stay out of his detection forever, sir,” she replied, mildly amused at the sigh that came from Chief Shosei’s mouth at that. Even through the communications device, she could hear his exasperation. “Of course, if you want me to, I can attempt to engage him. With two kakugane, I should be able to hold him from engaging the other task force until you’re ready on your end.”

“Do not engage the enemy! Even you wouldn’t last, strong as you are, Kurosu. I’ll send backup and then you may engage the target. Shosei out.”

As soon as the communication line closed, Victor turned towards her. Under his icy gaze, she found herself somewhat scared. This was no ordinary target; logically, she knew that, but when faced with the actuality… she was terrified.

“You are alone,” he observed, suddenly in front of her. “How foolish.”

“Perhaps,” she replied shakily, steadying her hands and trembling legs. Raising both kakugane in front of her body, she prepared to attack, but then, slowly, lowered them in surrender. “I have to fight you,” she explained, unexplainable sad and scared. “I don’t want to, but I have to, don’t I?”

“Regardless, all practicioners of alchemy must be eliminated.”

“Yet you yourself use it as a means of violence.” Maybe she could do this. She began to quickly stretch her muscles for battle, glaring at him the entire time.

“Perhaps. Are you the ‘one’ the last warrior spoke of that could possibly defeat me?”

“If you’re talking about the warrior chief of China, then yes, that’s me…” She was still shaking a bit, but at least her voice sounded steady enough. Once again raising her two kakugane, Haruna lauched herself up into the air, releasing her blades just in time to make a sidelong pass at Victor. Adrenaline filled her system, causing the shaking to stop – now any shaking was based on anticipation. Speeding forward, she managed to slice into his left arm and backflip away in time to avoid an attack. It went on like this, with countless lightning-fast dodges countered with immeasurable power and the energy drain.

“I see.” He finally spoke after moments of dodging and countering, standing seemingly defenseless – though after long minutes of battle, she knew otherwise. “Your Buso Renkin’s special ability is to enhance your speed just enough that you become a blur. By the time your opponent attacks, you’ve already dodged it and countered.” She skidded to a halt when his axe crashed down in front of her.

“What you’re saying is that we’re evenly matched. You can’t honestly say you’re as fast as me, Victor Powered,” she shot back, jumping back and aiming a kick at his face. It was easily blocked, but when she crashed to the ground, the soil around her flew about, as if she had gained a tremendous weight. “I underestimated the weight of two of my blades. It’s slowing me down.”

“Slowing you… what?” He had reacted too slow and as a result had nearly lost an arm. Narrowing his eyes, he looked at the alchemist warrior with a sort of vague curiousity rather than the unbridled hatred he had shown earlier. “You sacrificed one weapon to take out a limb. Unfortunately for you, that means you lost something as well.” Her left arm was limp at her side, the tendons obviously severed. Her head tilted to the side, surveying the injury as she activated the other weapon once again.

“I’m not going to lose anything by fighting you further, apparently,” she sighed, allowing her re-activated kakugane to form the deadly arm-covering blade. When Victor de-activated his own weapon, she downright stared.

“Perhaps there’s more to warriors today than I thought,” he offered, extending a hand to the female warrior. “You are the first human I have seen that is not affected by the energy drain.”

“There’s a reason to that, you know,” she replied, wincing as Victor dragged her up and hauled her over his shoulder.


“L-later… please…”

“Very well. But when you heal, you will explain,” he demanded, glaring at her as if to reinforce the statement. But by then, she was unconcious, her kakugane grasped firmy in her hands.

—–buso renkin—–

“Sir, we’ve spotted Victor again.”

“Any word from Chief Kurosu?”

“None at all, sir.”

“We move to attack, regardless,” Chief Shosei ordered firmly.

“Sir! There’s… It appears that Victor has taken Chief Kurosu alive and is fleeing with her!”

“What?” Almost every chief in the room stood up in shock. Hiwatari was one of the few who did not.

“So what? She left the service of a warrior then, stealing two kakugane from the Alchemist Army while she was at it. Big deal. We hunt ‘er down and catch ‘er,” he said, grinning. “It looks to me like she left with him of her own free will.”

“Doubtful. Can you get a visual on that, Shinomura?”

“Of course, sir.” Only a second later, the viewscreen showed Victor. Right next to him was a being of a smaller stature, holding onto his hand and running with him, away from the task force.”

“No!” That was Sakimori. “She wouldn’t have… I trained with her… She was loyal…” He seemed to be in a state of catonic shock, almost. After all, Haruna had been the one to urge him onward after the mudslide.

“Sakimori – no, Bravo – get up and stand strong. That is your preferred name, is it not?” Warrior chief Shosei was standing over the kneeling man with an almost fatherly visage. “I have no doubt that there is a reason for her actions – for now, we watch and wait. Dismissed, everyone. Tell Gamma shift to get in here as quickly as possible.”

When the room had cleared out except for Bravo and the Great Warrior Chief, he began to explain his reasoning to the still-silent man.

“She is the warrior chief of China, so she has some leeway in regards to that,” he began, pulling Bravo over to a chair.

“But… why? Why would she run off with him?”

“Finally got your voice back?”

“I suppose, sir.”

“As I was telling you, she has some leeway. But that doesn’t come from just being powerful. It’s the nature of that strength. You could even say she’s powered by something… Do you understand?”

“I believe so.”

“At any rate, believe in her. Haruna will come back one day,” Shosei called over his shoulder as he walked towards the exit. Right before he crossed the threshold, he finished the thought. “She is, after all, Victor’s child.”

Chapter 2 - More than merely alike 

“Ugh…” The first thing she registered was that her head hurt.

The second thing she remembered was the journey here with Victor. He had finally listened to her and allowed her to run rather than be carried, but regardless of her speed he had lost patience and pulled her along by the hand. She couldn’t remember where exactly they were; the blonde attributed that to the fact that she had been exhausted. Dragging herself out of the warm bed and into the frigid air, she softly called out for her ‘father’. She still owed him an explanation as promised.

“Victor?” When Haruka recieved no answer, she quietly crept into the next room, expecting the room to be as bare as what was now her own, but when she entered, she realised how mistaken she was.

The man’s room had a few rugs, a large bed, several European-style portraits of what she assumed to be his family, and a hardwood bookcase filled with novels and scientific texts. Fascinated, Haruka inched away from the sleeping man and approached the shelf of alchemic texts.

“Stay away from those,” Victor’s voice rumbled, all while he glared at her. “You still owe me,” he reminded her.

“I know. So what was it that you wanted to learn about me, Victor Powered?”

“Name?” It was barely a grunt.

“Haruka Kurosu, age 19, head warrior chief of the Indochina region.”

“Why doesn’t the energy drain affect you?” This time, not only was it not monosyllabic, but it was a full sentence, she mentally remarked with a wry half-smile.

“My lineage,” she sighed. For some reason, she didn’t want to tell him – never before had lying looked like such an attractive option.

“Who were your parents?” He looked genuinely curious, she noticed. Shuddering inwardly, she answered his query by asking a question of her own.

“Do I have to answer that?” When she recieved a sharp glare, she steeled herself for her response to that. “I never knew my mother – I was taken away from her when I was only minutes old.” When Victor idly began to crack his knuckles, she felt required to finish. “My father has never met my mother; to me, my father is no more than a collection of cells in a hospital syringe. The Alchemist Army wanted to test the viability of genetically modifying babies shortly after birth in order to create a new class of us – super warriors, I suppose. The fatality rate was too high – at over 95 percent – so they halted the program. I was the only real surivor because of my unique father – once the strongest warrior of his generation until he lost his humanity after a near-fatal battle. The Alchemist Army actually modified me with DNA samples taken from him post-humanity. And so what I guess I’m saying is that my father was the most powerful warrior ever… the first to reach such heights… and a genius besides… you… you’re my father, Victor.”

“What are you saying?” He simply glared and appeared to be more powerful than ever now that he was looming over her, only feet away from what could mean her own sudden death.

“I can’t help it! Really, I can’t, I – I’m sorry – didn’t mean t-to…” Crying out of fear for her life, seeing as her kakugane were in the other room, she prepared herself for death.

“Stop crying.” His command cut through the tension in the room as if it were a knife. “If that is true, then it seems I have an apology to make.” Once again offering her his hand, Victor gently lifted her to her feet this time, rather than slinging her around. “It makes sense,” he murmured, slipping into his old language, English. She didn’t understand him, so she simply stared and waited for him to finish puzzling whatever it was out of his mind. When it seemed that he had finished his line of thought, she looked into his eyes and realised one of the reasons he had once been well-liked – his smile.

—–buso renkin—–

“Target sighted! And he has the warrior chief with him, sir!” The young male speaker licked his lips anxiously, anticipating battle. He was Europe’s great warrior chief, Edward Westhouse. Fortunately, he also spoke Japanese.

“Follow them until you’re spotted, chief. Tell Hiwatari and Sakimori to do the same. Shosei out,” the voice replied.

“Hmm… follow them, then. Don’t let them out of your sights.”

“Mm,” Bravo agreed.

“Whatever,” Hiwatari grunted, taking off through the air.

“And they’re off…”

—–buso renkin—–

“Victor? Eight warriors are trailing us – two teams of four each.”

“I know,” he replied, continuing his sprint across the barren winter landscape.

“I’ll take the one in the jacket. He can resist the energy drain. Also, they probably think that you’ve taken me hostage. If you play it up, then I can wait until they’re distracted and take a few out in a single shot.” Offering one of her half-smiles, Haruna shook her blonde hair out of her eyes and laughed in merriment. “I can’t wait to fight someone of my caliber,” she called over her shoulder, breaking off from him to head back to her pursuers. In the true spirit of the action, he chased after her, making it appear as though he had knocked her out or killed her, and slung her limp body over his shoulder.

The warriors watching from afar didn’t know what to make of it.


“Yeah, go get the chick. I’ll stay here ‘n wait for him ‘ta make a move,” Hiwatari responded, shooing the girl off with a wave of his hand. Bravo, on the other hand, didn’t wait. Speeding forward with his teammates flanking him, he caught up to Victor in seconds.

“I don’t mind fighting you, Victor Powered, but let the girl go.”

“Why is she so important to you?” His deep rumble surprised them all. It surprised them even more when he allowed himself to stand on the ground rather than floating as he seemed to prefer. Bravo was quietly thankful for the Silver Skin as he watched his comrades fall to their knees due to the energy drain.

“She is a fellow warrior and a friend,” he replied. “Every warrior is important to me.”

“Do you think I can’t hear your tone of voice?” Victor demanded a response with: “Who exactly were you to this warrior and why should I let her live?” Glaring, he made it quite clear that he wanted a truthful response, and he wanted it immediately. Not only that, but apparently he could tell if people were lying or not. Either way, he could read people, even with their faces concealed.

The taskforce members looked at each other wildly, confused. This was very unlike the Victor that they had heard of. They had all heard or seen first-hand that the man cared nothing for those who used alchemy, whether homunculi or warriors using kakugane. So why did he choose now to care?

“She and I were more than friends,” he admitted, to the gasps of some of the taskforce. “I’ve known her since she became a warrior, and I was her mentor until she became stronger than me. That became a… deeper relationship.”

“So you were lovers,” Victor flatly stated, his eyes narrowing. “Then for my daughter’s sake, I will leave you alive. Take her and leave your underlings here to fight me.”

“For evil or for good, I will not leave them here to die.” Casting a glance over at Haruka’s body in the snow, he moved to attack and waved his team to defend the young woman. Once he was assured that Victor was not trying to kill him, he put his attention on the team. Something was wrong, he knew, but what was it?

Victor knew Haruka was his own daughter.

So why would he kidnap her and then harm her?

When he heard the screams of his teammates, he knew why.

It had been a set-up.

“Haruka! What are you doing?” That was the first one to fall, his arm flying off from his body, shortly followed by his head.

“Tetsu!” That was the newly-dead man’s sister, he knew. Her name was Kotetsu, though it didn’t matter – by the time Haruka was done with the girl, she was unrecognizable.

“Demon!” The third one, an older warrior by the name of Ebisu, died via a quick slash to the neck.

“Buso Renkin!” That was the youngest one on the team, the 23-year-old Danno. His alchemic weapon was a halberd, and apparently he was fast enough to ward off a few blows from Haruka’s twin sai. He knew she was using them because she hadn’t summoned her weapons yet – she preferred not to if she could avoid it. A few clangs later, he heard the sickening crunch of bone and knew it to be the man’s ribcage.

“Hmmm… it should be about… here…” A choked shriek of pain filled the air as she ripped his heart out of his body. That was the price of defying her, he supposed with an angry growl. Since Victor seemed to want him alive, he turned to his lover and whipped her head around to face his.

“What the hell are you doing?!” His anger at himself for letting his entire team be slaughtered by the woman he thought he once loved was palpable. When he saw her eyes, he understood though. They were blood-red, and he knew exactly what had just happened.

Victor’s calls had been activated by close exposure to the man for such a long time, and the result was like a mutated virus – she could be fine one moment, deadly the next. She’d lost control, having only meant to injure the warriors instead of killing them. And now, he was next…

“I hate to ask you of all people to do this, but hold her back.”

“Why should I aid a user of alchemy?”

“She’s losing control to your cells,” he explained breathlessly, constantly parrying blows from her sai, wondering when she would draw forth her weapons and kill him. “She’s going to keep losing control the more she fights – she’ll kill you after me.” As good as that would be, he mentally added.

“Whoever you are, you will explain this later,” he swore, dragging his daughter away from the warrior. “And you will come with me now. You’ll be hunted down like I was, maybe killed for this, but I don’t care. My daughter will need you once she calms down, if what you say is true. You’d better hope it is, for your own sake.”


Author’s Notes: I really like to put Captain Bravo with other people in terms of pairings, and he’s slated to be paired up with Haruka in this one, so I made him go with Victor in the interest of sparing Hiwatari’s team the same fate as his own. Haruka was going to attack the warriors anyway, but basically, when Victor’s cells randomly activated in her because of her heightened fighting spirit, she lost control and slaughtered them. Because of the role Bravo’s going to have in the upcoming plot, he had to go with Victor, but I can’t see him betraying his comrades, so basically Victor ‘captured’ him. I Bravo!!!!


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