Kin Metsuki no Zansatsusha Christmas Special

Claymore Christmas Special

Happy Holidays, everyone! This is my gift to the people who still read the stuff on my blog, so please keep reading in the coming year, and my blessings to you and your family! Happy Christmas!

‘Claymore’ by Norihiro Yagi
“Claymore Christmas Special” by Ryuuzaki Kusakurin

DISCLAIMER: Claymore isn’t mine, so don’t sue.

Warnings: WAFF, spoilers for Part 2 of KMnZ
Characters: Larkir, Helen, Flora, Undine, Galatea, Ashe, Torias
Theme Songs: Tsuki no Curse [Okina Reika], Teresa no Bishou [Masanori Takumi], Shinpi to Shin’en [Masanori Takumi]
Pairings: Read and see!

“So, Helen… what is this?”

“It’s a human tradition,” Helen replied brightly, thrusting the roughly-wrapped parcel out towards Larkir. When she continued to look puzzled, Helen finally threw it at her uncomprehending commander and more or less skipped off, whistling a merry tune as she went to go find food.

“The holiday is called Christmas, Larkir. Most of the humans regard it as a relatively religious holiday, and they give gifts to people in that time period. Incidentally, most youma tend to be less active in spite of their natures,” Ashe sighed, presenting their leader with a gift of her own. “We all found gifts for everyone else, though you don’t have to get anything for us.”

“Anou… err… thank you,” she stammered, looking awkward as in turn, Undine, Galatea, and Flora each handed her something.

Undine, practical as usual, had given her a pair of black leather boots, useful because her metal uniform boots had long been broken and rusted. The part that covered the top of her foot was shielded with metal, also a touching gesture on the former warrior’s part.

Ashe had given her a small set of charms to hang on her dual claymores’ hilts. While it wasn’t practical, it was definitely something that Larkir could appreciate – it bore the symbols of their ragtag bunch as well as two people that even in death remained close to her heart, Teresa and Lucrecia. Smiling in a melancholy manner, she uncharacteristically embraced the newest member of their group in gratitude.

Flora seemed to be the most creative, giving her a hand-knit shawl. She had no idea when the former number 8 had gotten time, but apparently she had made time to make all six of them one each – excluding herself, of course.

Galatea had given her perhaps the most thoughtful gift, a white scarf embroidered with her symbol in black – it was a reminder of the past, as well as the present state in which she lived.

Torias hadn’t gotten her much of anything, no doubt because he had never heard of the occasion, either.

I was hoping that maybe… No! I won’t wish for something impossible! Larkir shook her head roughly at the thought, blushing a little bit.

Helen had given her an assortment of clothing, no doubt taken from the various former clothes stores of Pieta and Alfons in general. Her personal favorite was the fishnet tights, which appeased her sense of odd style as well as her desire for clothes she could move around in. The entire gift gave her an idea. Telling her group that she would be back by tomorrow, she set off into the snowstorm, Galatea following along with her.

Div = Kayla

“Too stiff… too rough… maybe this is right, then?” Looking to Galatea, the white-haired slayer smiled imperceptibly when the blind warrior agreed after feeling the material.

“It’s flexible enough that it could work,” she replied, her musical voice mirthful. “I can help you a little bit; Undine will need legs on her outfit, however else it turns out, as will Helen and obviously Torias, but Ashe and Flora will probably enjoy shorter skirts more.”

“How do you know?”

“Flora and I were on a hunt together once – she and I talked about past covert missions. Each time, she had chosen a skirt because she said she liked the feel of having her legs free. Ashe is rather obvious about her likes and dislikes, and I can work well in either.”

“Hmm. I’ll think about that. You, Helen, Torias, and Undine get pants, Ashe, Flora, and I get skirts… Then we have to be able to sheath our broadswords somewhere… Of course, there also has to be lightweight armour in the design, and it has to be something that we can still repair if it gets torn…”

Galatea left the older warrior to her work, smiling as she walked out of the old shop.

Div = Therese

“Anou… you guys… happy Christmas…” Presenting six packages, she handed each person one, gesturing for them to open their gifts. As they did, Helen shouted in what could only be pure excitement.

“New outfits!” Glomping onto Larkir, it took most of her strength to pry the clinging warrior off of her body, and even then, she had Undine’s help. “Thanks!” Unabashedly stripping out of her old uniform clothes in front of everyone; they were used to it, having seen each other in various states of undress for all their years in hiding. That of course meant that she was the first to try them on. A combination of black straps and a form-fitting outfit comprised the basic layout, and everyone admitted that it did indeed look good.

Only a few minutes later, everyone had changed into the new outfits, and they seemed pleased with the results.

“It actually fits! And there aren’t any holes in it! Wooooo!” Helen was more or less dancing.

“Larkir?” Looking over at the masculine voice, she did a double-take.

Torias looked good. His black hair was highlighted by the dark material, his silver eyes highlighted by the metal in the armoured areas. The top showed off all of his chest muscles, making Larkir realize that he didn’t rely so much on his youki-enhanced strength as he did on his natural abilities.

“Yeah?” Her heartbeat must have been audible to him, she thought, because everyone seemed to be staring at her as he led her away from the general excitement – and everyone else at the same time. “So, what…?” She attempted to sound nonchalant, but suspected that she largely failed.

“Anou…” He shook his head, blushing. “I just wanted to say thank you, and… hell, I’m not good at this stuff,” he sighed, looking straight at her. Forgoing any other words, he chose non-verbal communication over anything else, leaning forward and pressing his lips to hers gently, and then pulling away just as quickly. “I’m sorry, I…”

And then he was cut off with a real kiss, nothing like what he had imagined. When she pulled away, a smile ghosted her lips, her breath looking like steam in the cold air.

“Happy Christmas, Torias.” grabbing onto his hand, she smiled and decided that perhaps she liked this human season.

Perhaps, indeed.


~ by Larkir Kusakurin on Sunday, 23.12.2007.

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  1. hehehehe. I think it’s cute.

  2. Fixed food typing error and some spelling mistakes, only It amused me so greatly. :3

    “Her personal favourite was the fishnet tights, which appeased her sense of odd style as well as her desire for food she could move around in.”

    Move around in food :p

    ❤ cuteness

  3. Glad it amused you…

  4. :3

  5. I admit that I was hungry at the time..

  6. Saddly, I havn’t been able to read all of this yet… I’ll have to print it off.

  7. Lol. *laughs head off* It’s not long, it’s only four pages.

  8. Cute, cute, cute!
    I love it!

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