Christmas List – Ryuuzaki Kusakurin

Christmas Wishlist

Seems like everyone’s been asking me what I want for Christmas ever since I announced that I was leaving my school. Hmph. It annoys me, but a little part of me is also touched that so many people would want to spend their money on an insignifigant peep [or bunny] like me. Oh well. *laughs*

Read on to see my wishlist.

Bleach chibi Byakuya Keychain [$4.14]

Bleach: Arm Wear – Division Six Byakuya Kuchiki [$10.79]

Bleach: Ichigo Renji Byakuya Wall Scroll [$12.44]

Cantarella Volume 7 [$8.24]

Cantarella Volume 8 [$7.49]

Saiyuki Reload Pillow [$16.59]

Trinity Blood Abel & Astharoshe Wall Scroll [$12.44]

Naruto: Kakashi & Iruka Wall Scroll [$12.44]

Naruto: Key Chain – Movie Chibi Anbu Kakashi Fighting [$4.14]

Claymore Volume 11 [¥ 410/ $3.70]

Claymore Volume 12 [¥ 410/ $3.70]

Claymore Volume 13 [¥ 410/ $3.70]

Death Note – Apparel – Dea Ryuk Vignette MSS Tee – LARGE [$17.99]

Death Note L Pin Set [$5.99]

Death Note: “L” Nendoroid PVC Figure [$29.99]

Rurouni Kenshin: Kenshin Wall Scroll [$12.44]

Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children **LIMITED EDITION** Collector’s Set [$39.96]

Final Fantasy X: Lulu Wall Scroll [$12.44]

Final Fantasy Advent Children: Cloud Strife Action Figure [$16.59]

Peace Maker Volume 1 [$9.99]

Peace Maker Volume 2 [$9.99]

Gin Tama Volume 3 [$7.99]

Blood Alone Volume 4 [$9.95]

Dragon Drive Volume 5 [$7.99]


~ by Larkir Kusakurin on Saturday, 08.12.2007.

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