Japanese Mini-Dictionary ♥Updated Weekly!♥

Weekly Japanese Dictionary 

It occurred to me that I use a lot of Japanese in my writing, so it’s the once-a-week dictionary!!! [kinda]

♥♥ This week’s word is the following: Henide – Insanity♥♥


The most familiar term, usually used with pets, close friends, [sometimes] family members, etc.

This suffix denotes a general respect for the individual, and is mostly used in regards to males or boyish individuals. [ie: I (Ryuuzaki Kusakûrin) am female, but most of my friends address me as Kai-kun] This would be used with the name of an acquaintance or somewhat close friend/friendly person.

This suffix can be used for females as ‘-kun’ is for males. It is also more respectful and can denote a higher degree of wealth, respect, social standing, fame, power, etc. It is essentially Mr., Mrs., or Ms. is in English.



-taichou / -kaichou


Ohayo / Ohayo Gosei-masu Good Morning / Good Morning [respectful]
Kon’nichiwa Good Afternoon / Good Day
Kon’banwa Good Evening
Oyasumi Goodnight

Hai Yes
Eiee No

Tawakemono Jerk, fool

Ichi 1
Nii 2
San 3
Yon – 4
Go 5

Kuro Black
Shiro White
Hai-iro – Grey
Ao Blue
Midori Green

Fenikkosu / Fushichou Phoenix
Ryuu Dragon
Kyuketsuki Vampire
Erufu Elf
Tenshi Angel
Oni Demon
Yokai / Youkai Demon [human-form]
Tengoku Heaven
Jigoku Hell

Sekai World
Mirai – Future
Ai / Kokoro Love
Hana / Sora  Sky
Toubousha Runaway
Byakuya  – True Light
Kiseki Miracle

Danzai Guilty
Hana Flower
Hanabi Fireworks
Ketsueki Blood
Kotetsu Steel
Mizuki Water
Ame Rain
Namida Tears
Rikutsu – Reason

Aki Fall
Fuyu / Fu-yu Winter


~ by Larkir Kusakurin on Thursday, 15.11.2007.

2 Responses to “Japanese Mini-Dictionary ♥Updated Weekly!♥”

  1. Uhhhh…. not to try to undermine the girl that speaks Japanese, or anything, but, ummm… isn’t “roku” six? ‘Cause I seem to remember from those Japanese counting lessons (when was that? Like, second grade? As such, my memory could VERY EASILY be faulty) that “Shi” was four…. but… yeah… remember, I’m trying to draw on memories that are AT LEAST 5+ years old… and that’s if I’m lucky… so yeah… ummm… stuff…

  2. Thank you! Seriously, I had it wrong. It’s ‘yon’, ‘roku’ is six.
    I remember the first three due to Bleach… in Japanese, Yachiru calls Ichigo ‘Ichi-nii-san’, which means ‘big brother Ichi’.
    All the same… ‘ichi [1] – nii [2] – san [3]’


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