YuYu Hakusho – Emotions Run Haywire

Emotions Run Haywire 

‘YuYu Hakusho’ by Yoshihiro Togashi
“Emotions Run Haywire” by Miakoda-Hoshi

DISCLAIMER: YuYu Hakusho doesn’t belong to me. No sue!!! XD

Warnings: Tasteful romance, violence, character death, etc.
Characters: Yusuke Urameshi, Cyn [“sin”] Angelos, Kurama/Suichi Minamo, Hiei, Koenma, Botan, etc.
Pairings: Kurama x Cyn

Chapter 1

Cyn Angelos woke up in a tree, long before the sun rose. She groaned, remembering what happened the night before. Her body was completely saturated in blood; she could even taste it in her mouth. Despairingly, she descended from the tree and returned to her house. She swiftly took a bath in the nearby lake and got dressed for school. She tied her long, dark blue hair into a braid with a black ribbon, even though it still fell past her knees. She donned her school uniform and her black cloak that brushed her ankles.

Cyn walked outside and waited for the bus. She’d rather not take the bus, but it was the quickest way to get to school. Around 7 A.M, the bus advanced. Cyn inaudibly stepped on and moved her eyes around for a place to sit. There were more often than not, girls on her bus, and they were all sitting in seats around a young man with long red hair who was reading a book. They didn’t bother to sit next to him.

Not again… Cyn thought. Every time a new boy came to school, Sakau, the most popular girl, would try to get together with him first. None of the other girls would have the guts to touch him first. She always detested girls like that. Cyn gradually paced down the isle of the bus until she came to the seat where the boy was sitting.

“Mind if I sit here?” She asked, monotone as always. The red head moved his eyes away from the book and up at her.

“Not at all.” He moved closer to the window so that she would have room to sit. The other girls gasped. They feared what would happen when Sakau would arrive on the bus. The bus pulled away and Cyn took out a book she had brought from home. It was in some foreign language. The young man looked up from his book once again and glanced at Cyn.

“My name is Suichi, would you mind telling me yours?” Cyn looked up from her book.

“Cyn,” she replied.

“Nice to meet you, Cyn,” he said, and then he revisited his book. The bus came to a stop again and Sakau walked up the stairs. Sakau saw Suichi, not recognizing his face. The other girls looked at Sakau and saw her face tighten. She walked down the bus aisle and stopped next to Cyn.

“Mind telling me what you’re doing?” she asked, displeased.

“Sitting,” Cyn said, not looking up from her book.

“That’s obvious, but tell me something. Why are you sitting with him?” She pointed to Suichi.

“Because I can.” At that instant, Sakau’s fist tightened and she tried to throw a punch. Cyn merely lifted her hand and blocked it.

“Now would you please sit somewhere? We’re going to be late for school.” Cyn raised her steel eyes and looked at Sakau cold in the face. Sakau’s face turned red, embarrassed, and slowly walked to the back of the bus.

—–yuyu hakusho—–

On her way to her first class, a young man with short black hair and green eyes walked up next to her, as did a boy with orange hair, on the opposite side.

“Whatcha hidin’ under that cloak, Cyn?” asked the black haired boy, his tone almost daring her to fight him.

“I bet I know what she’s hiding Yurameshi.” Cyn didn’t bother to look at them. She acclaimed their voices. It was a couple of punks named Yusuke and Sazuma, but everyone called him Kuwabara. They were always bugging people around the school. Kuwabara walked over to Yusuke and whispered something in his ear. Yusuke busted out laughing at Kuwabara’s remark.

“Ha ha ha! Hey, Cyn! You wanna know what he said?”

“No! Yurameshi, don’t!” Kuwabara said, alarmed.

“What do you think she’s gonna do? Turn you into an even uglier frog?”

“Say that again and I’ll bust you right in the mouth!”

“Try it!” The two argued, Cyn still paying them no mind. Eventually, the two commenced hitting each other, and a random professor came up and commanded them to go to class. Cyn did hear the remark, but didn’t bother to do anything about it because she didn’t care what people said. She thought they were all the same.

Cyn placed foot into the door of her first class. One and all looked up at her and hushed. She could hear them murmur regarding her; they were usually things similar to: “I heard she has a kid. That’s why she’s so busy all the time.”

“Well I heard she practices sorcery and plans to put curses on all the people who mess with her.”

“Wah! I don’t want a curse to be put on me!” As she passed them, they all looked up at her, then hastily turned away. When Cyn got in the vicinity of her seat, she saw that the boy from the bus that morning was sitting in the seat next to hers. Girls were chatting with him, trying to get information about him so they would know how to make an impression. He was obviously trying to abstain from telling them anything, but he was having an arduous time. The girls looked up at Cyn and quietly walked to their seats. Suichi looked up at her in perplexity.

“How did you make them leave?” She looked at him as she sat down.

“Every one in the school treats me that way. They get afraid when they see me, so they take off when I come near,” Cyn said, not having a bit of sadness in her voice or in her face.

“Well, it looks like we’re going to be classmates,” he replied, putting an engaging smile on.

Later in the day, Cyn stopped at her locker when Hitoshi, the school smooth guy, walked up to her.

“Hey Cyn…” he said slyly, “I know you’re hiding under that cloak. Why don’t you put that body to use?” He put his finger in the back of her cloak and started to pull it off. Cyn turned and seized his arm. She then hoisted him into the air and hurled him at a wall. The wall crumbled when Hitoshi’s body impacted it. Cyn turned, closed her locker and walked off. Yusuke and Kuwabara ambled around the corner and saw the wall.

“Whoa, Hitoshi. What happened? You finally found a use for that head of yours?” Yusuke joked.

A guy standing nearby said, “No, it was that Cyn girl. Freaks me out, the little witch…” Kuwabara and Yusuke looked at each other in confusion.

—–yuyu hakusho—–

Cyn decided to walk home, to clear her head and skip all of the gossip because of the afternoon’s episode. Just then, she saw Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Suichi. It appeared as if they were waiting for someone; She figured it was most likely her. She strode up to them.

“I know you want something, so go ahead and tell me what it is.”

“Hey hey, pretty smart. Might be a match for you, Kurama.” Yusuke elbowed him lightly.

“Kurama?” Cyn questioned.

“I’m Suichi here, remember?” he said, undertone.

“What’s it matter anyway? She’ll know your real name when we have to take her to Koenma.” Kuwabara moved his eyes to her.

“OK, here’s what’s going on. We learned from—”

“Koenma up in Spirit World that I have a secret and he wants to find out,” Cyn presumed.

“Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.” Yusuke said.

“How-wha? How’d you know?” Kuwabara asked questionably.

“Just a lucky guess…”

Chapter 2

“Koenma, we got her,” Yusuke said, entering Koenma’s office with Cyn, Kuwabara and Kurama.

“Good. Cyn, please sit. Now, we have some very important issues to discuss but first, tell me your history.” Cyn took a seat and began to converse.

“When I was a little girl, about six, I had always wished to be an angel. I told everyone about it. I told this one mysterious woman I met in an on an old road. She told me there was a way to make it true, but I had to pay a price. A price that I would pay for dearly. I wasn’t thinking clearly and wanted to be an angel so bad, I said yes. Little did I know that this would include taking my soul and switching it with a demons’. Somehow, I still had a little of my quintessence left and was able to control the demon inside. The only thing was there was something that stood out.”

Cyn stood up and took off her cloak. Angel wings were growing where her shoulder blades were.

“The soul of the demon actually benefited me in a way. I became wiser, more aware of my surroundings and I aged slower than average people. There are also things that made things worse. I realized I could not show myself because the people of the world would not be amazed, but frightened. I stayed away from people, away from my parents. They eventually abandoned me and I learned how to look after myself. I also could not show emotion. Every time I did, acidic tears came from my eyes and burned my face. Eventually, my heart turned to stone. I don’t even smile anymore. Even though I can keep the demon inside me calm, it still is part of me. It controls me and kills millions of people who have sinned.”

The three boys look at each other in astonishment and Koenma looked a little stunned himself. He cleared his throat and said,

“How long ago did this happen?”

“1000 years ago,” she alleged. Koenma looked down.

“So you have become that demon, the Sin Angel. Did you also get the memories of the demon?”

“Yes. I knew that the Sin Angel was growing out of control and she started to kill everyone, so even I sometimes kill the innocent, even children,” Cyn said, no repentance in her voice.

“How often does the demon break out?”

“It can break out whenever it wants if I decide to let it free, but on the first and last day of every season, I have no control.”

“Very well. That will be all, but you will have to stay here for while for questioning on another day,” said Koenma. Cyn put her cloak back on and walked out the door.

“Koenma! Shouldn’t we lock her up or something? I mean she rammed some guy into the wall at school today,” Yusuke said.

“You have nothing to worry about Yusuke. The first day of fall was yesterday. It’ll be a long time before she changes again. I’m sure she won’t attack anyone unless they attack first.”

By that evening, the entire gang (except Hiei) was in the hotel. It was supposed to be only the four of them, but the others came like they were visiting back in the Human World.

“Oh, Yusuke, don’t be angry. Don’t you like it when we’re here?” Botan asked, trying to sound immaculate.

“No, I don’t. All you do is get on my nerves!” Yusuke protested.

“Oh come on. We’re not that bad are we?” Keiko walked up to him, holding Puu in his face.

“Puu!” it said, putting on a happy face.

“Yes,” he said, aggravated.

“Stop whining, dimwit. We’re here and there is nothing you can do so I suggest you shut up,” Genkai said.

“You don’t tell me to shut up, you old hag!” They continued talking and quarreling for a long while. Cyn had left the room; only one person seemed to become aware of her absence.

—–yuyu hakusho—–

Cyn sat and stared at the lake, thinking. She heard footsteps behind her and revolved her head. Kurama was looking down at her and smiling. She stood up and looked at him, pondering what he wanted to talk about.

“I just want you to know,” he said, his eyes showing much sympathy. “I know how you feel.” He gave her a gentle, friendly hug, not meaning it as a sign of affection. Too bad Cyn had so less human interaction, she didn’t know. Cyn had a surprised look on her face and blushed lightly.

“I know how you feel…because I am a demon on the inside. It wants to come out so badly, and I want to let it out. But I contain myself. You must do it too.” He let her go and looked at her face. He thought she looked nice-looking with an expression like that, but then became confused when he saw tears start to fall. Cyn screamed at the pain, covering her eyes. She tried to stop it, but it burned her hands and face, causing them to bleed. Still covering her eyes, she ran back to the hotel and went to her room. She closed the door, and screams of pain could be heard behind it. The others tried to go to her room to see what was wrong, but Kurama kept them from going. He explained to them why they shouldn’t bother her and they left her alone for the rest of the night.

—–yuyu hakusho—–

The next morning, after everyone was awake and in the living room, Cyn came out of her room wearing a black scarf and gloves on her hands. The scarf covered most of her face; only her eyes could be seen. In her hands was a pillow, stained with blood and severely burned in some spots. Kuwabara and Yusuke looked at the pillow in alarm, then looked at Cyn.

“What the heck did that pillow do to you?” Yusuke said, trying to keep his cool.

“I told you what happens when I show or feel emotion, so it’s no surprise.” She discarded the pillow into the trashcan and turned to abscond.

“Wait, show us your wounds. We can help you bandage them.” Cyn turned around and saw Keiko looking at her. For some reason, she couldn’t say no.

“All right then, but I should tell you, they aren’t pretty.” She sat next to Keiko and took off her scarf and gloves. They exposed horrible scars that were still open and bleeding. Keiko flinched at the sight of them.

“Are you sure you can do this?”

“Y-yeah. Just a little shocked is all. Puu, go get me the bandages will you?”

Chapter 3 

Once again, the four walked into Koenma’s office.

“Good to see you again. Please sit down.” He looked at Cyn’s face covered with bandages and looked a little taken aback. He cleared his throat and began to question her. He asked her about her weapon of choice, which was a lance, if she could perform magic and other questions about her ways of battle. When they were done for the day, they left the office and began to walk back to the hotel. When they were almost there, Kurama told everyone to go ahead except for Cyn.
Kuwabara and Yusuke looked at each other and laughed.

“Remember abstinence you two!” Yusuke said and they walked off. Kurama blushed at the comment and looked down. He then turned to Cyn when he regained his composure and began to apologize.

“I’m sorry about yesterday, making you show emotion and all.” He averted his green eyes so she wouldn’t see how sad he was.

“It’s just that…well, you and me are alike in such a way that no one else could really touch. I guess I got too emotional back there.” She looked at him.

“ It’s not your fault, it’s mine. I showed emotion, so I got a rightful punishment.” Kurama raised his eyes in surprise.

“It’s nowhere near your fault. I’m the one who…I’m the one who made you feel that emotion in the first place. I’m sure you hadn’t felt that emotion in a very long time,” Kurama turned to leave.

“But I’m sure it must have felt been nice to have such that familiar feeling.” Cyn tried to keep her face candid as well as her heart would allow. Why was it getting so hard for her to cover this up? Why was she feeling emotion so easily? Hadn’t she held it up for so many years? She watched him walk away, leaving these questions to herself. She began to walk behind him, trying to find the answers.

—–yuyu hakusho—–

When she got inside the hotel, she saw someone new in the room. He had black hair that stood up, and was wearing black clothes. He had red eyes and a white headband around his forehead; he was sitting in the windowsill. She didn’t really pay any attention to him, nor did he to her. She started to walk past him without a glance, when Botan ran up to her and introduced her to him.

“Hi Cyn. This guy right here is Hiei. He said he only came because he had nothing better to do, but that’s not the real reason, is it Hiei?” She bent down at him and smiled.

“Get away from me before I pull off that odiferous mouth of yours.” He glared over at Botan, like he always did when he was pissed.

She backed away from him and said, “Oh my. Oh, don’t worry about it Cyn. He’s always like that. You’ll get used to it.” She scurried away and sat on the couch. Cyn began to walk to her room when Kurama, Yusuke and Kuwabara came into the room from the hallway.

“Aw, c’mon Kurama. You can tell us. What were you two talking about? Wait, don’t tell me you’re the one that made her feel emotion yesterday?” Yusuke said, laughing. “Tell us which one it was. We won’t tell.”

“Hey Yurameshi, shut up, she’s right there,” Kuwabara warned. Yusuke looked and saw Cyn standing there.

“Oh, um, hey Cyn! We weren’t talking ‘bout nothing.” Yusuke laughed nervously. She walked past them, into her room and closed the door. “Boy, she’s no better than Hiei,” Yusuke said.

—–yuyu hakusho—–

“Sir, she’s back.”

“Good, good. It’s time we met again.” A strange man smiled, thinking what he would do with the girl who stole his heart 595 years ago. “I think I’m going to pay her a little visit.”

—–yuyu hakusho—– 

Cyn walked out of the hotel, trying to hide her frustration. It was crazy in that hotel with all of those of those people. She couldn’t understand how Kurama and Hiei, since they were the calmest of them all, could keep from getting angry and slaughtering them. Cyn stopped. She heard a footstep. She knew whoever it was, was looking for her.

“Come out. I know you’re here.”

“Very perceptive of you Cyn.” A tall, young looking man with smooth, dark brown hair, slightly tanned skin and ice blue eyes stepped out of the shadows. He was wearing a black jacket over a white t-shirt and black pants. “I see you are no less wise than you were almost 600 years ago.” He paid no attention to the bandages on her face and hands and walked closer to her. Cyn tried her best to keep a straight face. She knew they would meet again, but didn’t expect for it to be so soon.

“What’s wrong Cyn? Aren’t you glad to see me?” He gave her a cute little pout. He had used that to win her over in the past. She stared at him, ignoring his pout.

“No, I’m not. Why are you here, Gene?”

“Only to see you, love. I don’t understand why you’re not happy to see me. Don’t you remember the ‘fun’ we used to have? You never let the tears go because of me.” He walked closer. “Every time we had our ‘fun’, I gave you a special potion, remember?” Cyn stood still, watching him walk closer, unwavering. She didn’t want to be there, but she knew it was useless to try and run.

“I remember the potion. It was more as if you drugged me and raped me.”

“Oh Cyn, I used protection so you were safe.”

“It was still a violation of privacy. You should never have done that, especially to me.” She brought out her lance.

“Oh, I’m sorry Cyn. Can’t we start over? Here, let me make the first move.” He snapped his fingers and in a flash, her cloak was torn to shreds, revealing her clothes and wings underneath. She was wearing a thin black shirt that started at her shoulders and some black jeans. Gene spied something. “You’re still wearing the necklace I gave you. If you don’t like me,” he said, now standing right in front of her, “Then why are you still wearing the necklace?” He bent down and gave her a kiss on the lips. He began to lift up the back of her shirt when she took her lance and tried to stab it in his side. He jumped back and peered at where she attempted to injure him. There was nothing more than scratch on his jacket. “Aw, why don’t you want to have ‘fun’ with me anymore? It was the best ‘fun’ I had ever had with anyone.” She didn’t say a word and pointed her lance straight at him. He then knew she was serious and unzipped his jacket, took it off and revealed his black wings. He had the potential to make them appear and disappear, unlike Cyn. “I guess you want to play this game again, even though you know you always lose.” He brought out his sword; even though he knew that a sword was weak against a lance. As soon as they were getting ready to fight, they heard someone calling Cyn. “Until we meet again, love.” He grabbed his jacket, stepped back into the shadows and vanished. She was angry and was showing it. Her fist was clenched as well as her teeth and she had hatred in her eyes. Kurama ran up to her.

“Cyn, what were you doing out here?” She looked at him and then he saw her face, angry and full of ire. The acid tears began to fall once again. She flew up and disappeared from sight. She didn’t return to the hotel. Instead, she went to the lake and put water on her face, hoping it would stop the tears from burning.

—–yuyu hakusho—–

“Tell me what’s wrong.” Kurama came up to her from behind. “It’s all right. You can tell me. It’ll be our secret.” He gave her a warming smile, a smile that was hard to repudiate. She had no one else with her and guessed it was all right to tell him.

“Well, there’s this guy I got involved with a very long time ago. He and I were alike because we both had wings. He had done the same as I had; only the demon he fused with allowed him to feel emotion and to hide his wings. He and I got into a relationship, but he was no better than a low-class demon. He violated me in ways that I had never imagined. He visited me again, and tried to…” She trailed off her sentence, considering she didn’t need to say more. Kurama sat next to her.

“Tell me his name.” She looked up at him and hesitated.

“…Gene.” More tears fell, but she held in her cries of pain. He gave her a hug and held it like last time.

“You don’t have to worry about him. As long as I am here, there is no way he can get to you like he did before.” Cyn thought to herself. She knew that she would pay dearly, but didn’t care. She wrapped her arms around him as he had done to her. The tears became bigger, but Cyn ignored them as long as she could. Some tears that had fallen had landed on Kurama’s shirt, burning holes into it, but he didn’t seem to mind. The embrace lasted for several minutes and when they let go of each other, Cyn’s face was worse than the time before; the bandages that were already applied had openings burning through them. “Let’s head back, shall we?” He stood up and held out a hand. She grabbed his hand and stood up. They walked back to the hotel, him holding her hand the entire time.

When they stepped into the hotel, he released her hand so that when they walked into the living room, the others wouldn’t do anything to pester them. Surprisingly, everyone was gone. There was a note left on the table: Went out for a while, be back later. Kurama guessed that Hiei had left for some reason he wouldn’t explain to the others. Kurama went to the medicine cabinet and grabbed the bandages and some cream he had made the other night.

“I’ll put this on your scars. It will help them heal a lot faster.” He sat at the table with Cyn and began to apply the cream. “I’m currently working on something else. It will lower the effects of your tears. You’ll be able to feel emotion a lot easier with it.”

“But you can’t make it for me forever.” He stopped applying the cream and started to apply the bandages. “Eventually it will wear off and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to make it over and over again just for me.” She averted her gaze to the floor. He finished bandaging her face and hands. He stood up.

“Who says I wouldn’t?” She looked up at him, wondering why he was treating her this way. Could I really be falling for this man that I barely even know? Cyn asked herself. She already knew the answer was yes. That was how she got involved with Gene. A little kindness and she was hooked. She knew the probability of her staying away from him was very unlikely.

—–yuyu hakusho—–

Later that evening, Kurama knocked on Cyn’s door. She opened the door and he handed her a plate of food.

“I’m guessing that the others are on a nightly rampage again, so I decided to make something to eat.”

“Thanks,” she murmured. She slowly walked back into her room, but didn’t bother to close the door.

“Mind if I join you?”

“Shouldn’t we sit at a table or something?”

“Only if you want to, ” he said. They walked out of her room and into the kitchen. They sat at opposite ends of the table. In the middle of their meal, Cyn said,

“Why are you being so nice to me?” He looked up at her.

“Why shouldn’t I be?” “Because one day, I might kill y—”

“You wouldn’t have to worry about that, believe me,” he stated. “I can take care of myself. I told you that I am a demon on the inside, right? You don’t know how powerful the demon is, so don’t judge a book by its cover.” He stood and put his bowl in the sink. He sat down on the couch and took out his book. She finished eating, put her bowl in the sink and began walking to her room. She stopped and turned to look at Kurama.

“I’m going to bed now.”

“Goodnight then.”

Cyn muttered a goodnight and went to her room.

The others returned later that night. The reason they were out for so long was because Botan had become drunk and they had to chase her to get her to come home. They said she kept on hopping on her oar and flying away. She couldn’t fly straight and kept crashing into poles. When she realized she couldn’t fly well, she got down and started running again. Botan was now dizzy and sort of unconscious.

“I guess we better get her to bed,” said Keiko. She and Shizuru, Kuwabara’s sister, dragged Botan to her room.

“I wonder where Cyn and Kurama went?” Yusuke asked.

“I bet their just sleeping,” said Kuwabara. “Together! Hahahaha!” The two of them laughed together at the comment.

“Why do you always bother them Yusuke?” Kayko said, coming back from Botan’s room with Shizuru.

“Maybe it’s because Yusuke doesn’t have enough action in his relationship with you Keiko,” said Shizuru. Keiko and Yusuke blushed and looked at each other.

“W-what do you mean by ‘action’?”

“C’mon, you guys. You’ve only kissed like what, once? And that was only when he needed it. It was never for pleasure.”

Keiko and Yusuke looked at each other again, red-faced and wide-eyed.

—–yuyu hakusho—– 

Cyn tossed and turned in her bed, unusual for her. She was obviously dreaming of something. In the reverie, trees surrounded Cyn who was in her full demon form. Anything that moved was as good as dead. She walked through the forest and came across Gene. Uncontrollably, Cyn changed back into her conventional form and he grabbed her. He started to assault her when Kurama came to her and pulled out a strange rose and suddenly turned it into a whip of some kind. He whipped Gene and he shattered similar to glass. She then saw him look at her with his kind smile and reach out his hand. She grabbed his hand and stood up. They then began to bring their lips closer together when unexpectedly Cyn woke up. She looked around her room and noticed the sun hadn’t risen yet. Cyn hid it, but down inside, she wished that the dream lasted a bit longer.

Chapter 4

Cyn grabbed her cloak and walked out of the door. She caught sight of Yusuke, Kuwabara and Puu sleeping on the couches and a cluster of cards on the table. After walking outside, she looked at the sky. The sun wasn’t even peeking over the horizon yet. Cyn spread her wings and flew off, cloak in hand. She used to do this a lot in the city, but instead of an endless sea of trees, she would see many buildings, some with lights on. Cyn assumed this was the anodyne time to go flying. She closed her eyes for a minute or two, letting the wind caress her face. When she reopened her eyes, she was still flying over the boundless forest and saw a glimmer of the sun. Cyn dove down into a slight less dense part of the trees and sat, thinking back to when all of this began.

A knock was heard on the shack that young Cyn called a home. Cyn wasn’t going to bother to answer it, but the knock came again but harder. She knew whomever it was was going to barge in if no one answered. She sighed, put a blanket around her shoulders and opened the door slightly. It was a policeman; She knew because he had a sword on his belt.

“Excuse me, Miss. Are your parents home?” He put on a fake smile, trying to be nice.

“No, they aren’t.”

“Do you know when they may be coming back? I need to tell them that you should be enrolled in school.”

“…They aren’t coming back,” she said, still keeping the door slightly ajar.

“Mind if I take a look around your home?” Cyn thought he looked like a clown with that corn-fed smile on

“Yes, I mind. Please go away.”

“I’m sorry, miss, but I need to investigate.” He started an endeavor at getting in, pushing the door. Cyn pushed on the other side of the door, preventing him from going inside. The door started to creak and they both knew that the door was going to break if one of them didn’t let up. Cyn stopped holding the door closed and the policeman stumbled in from having the weight taken off the door. He was a fairly heavy-set man, very round in the face. All he saw around the home was many books, a blanket and pillow, and some empty food containers. Out of nowhere, he fell to the ground with a deep pain in his side. The officer put his hand to the spot where he was hit and then looked at it, covered in blood. The final image he saw was Cyn walking towards him, bloody lance in hand.

‘Dear Tokyo Police Station,
I have decided to leave my job due to a family illness. To better my health, I will be moving to a different place. Thank you all for giving me the privilege of this job.
Officer Takata.’

“That’s strange…he seemed fine yesterday…” one of the officers said. Yes, Cyn had written the letter. She knew that she would raise suspicion if the officer never came back to the station without an explanation. She kept the body of the policeman, bringing it back to living with a spell and making it impose as her father so she could enlist in school. Since Cyn aged a lot slower than normal people, she would have to fail grades to keep questions away. She need not pay attention anyway; she had taught herself all of the lessons already.

“Cyn. You are never going to pass if you keep getting grades like this.”

They would never understand. One day, Cyn did get an A on a test and when it was time to play, a young boy asked her if she was happy. Cyn simply asked, “What is happy?” The boy looked at her as if she had something on her face and ran off to join his friends.

Even then, she wore her cloak. She just made her makeshift father tell them that she had a skin condition and she was set. Cyn kept up this charade until it seemed like she was old enough to live without having an adult protect her. She finally laid the body to rest at a private burial. Soon, she began going to high school. It was her second year. She still had no friends, that is, until Kurama and the others.

…Until Kurama and the others…

She had singled him out in her thoughts. Why couldn’t she shake him off? Cyn had thought she mastered the art of feeling nothing, yet he could break her down in an instant. Cyn felt that she would be hurt again. She would leave today.

Cyn broke away from her daydreaming and looked at the treetops. Sun was beginning to shine through the gaps in the canopy. She figured it was time to head back so she rose out of the trees and flew back to the hotel. When she arrived in the living room, Kurama and Yusuke were talking about something. She was about to appoint Kurama when he turned and began to speak.

“I’ve got something for you, Cyn. I was just telling Yusuke about it. We’re going out later and we’d like you to come.” She opened her mouth to say something, but he was prepared. He held out a small vial to her. “I’ve been working on this for a while. It will stop you from crying acid tears. Even when you cry regularly, the tears won’t burn. You’ll be able to show emotion. The effects will last long enough for you go around without getting burned. You don’t have to come with us, but it would be fun if you did.” He smiled, feeling he had done a job well done. He had worked long and hard. Cyn looked at the vial and looked at his face. She couldn’t bear herself to wipe that proud look away, so she took the vial and stared at it. She mumbled a thank you, almost cursing to herself for taking it. Yusuke looked at them both, shrugged and then walked away. Cyn would have to decide if she would go with them or if she would stay a loner forever.

Chapter 5

Later that evening, Cyn stared at the bottle. If she drank it and went out with everyone, she could build up a tolerance and end up wanting to feel emotion all the time. On the other hand, she did want to try it out. She wasn’t very social, and she’d probably weigh everyone else down. She couldn’t remember the last time she felt emotion without the acid burning. Curiosity lured her out and she decided she would try the potion for one night and one night only. I hope I can remember that I after the effects wear off that I won’t be able to show emotions without the consequences. She looked at the necklace she still wore, ripped it off and threw it in the wastebasket. She opened the bottle and drunk the potion, not caring about the taste. She guessed it would take a while for it to set in so she began to get ready.

A few gentle knocks were heard on Cyn’s door.

“We are about to leave. Are you coming with us?” the knocker asked. She could distinguish Kurama’s voice. She glanced in the mirror in her room and observed she was sweating a bit. I’m…nervous…and…showing it. Nothing’s happening. There’re no tears. It…worked. Briskly, she wiped the sweat off her brow. She looked on her bed, ready to grab her cloak when she remembered she had left it on the couch in the living room. Darn it, Cyn thought. She knew she would feel self-conscious showing herself in the outfit she was in and she’d reveal the awkwardness as well. She had forgotten that when you have emotions you have to deal with them. She heard Kurama make a few more knocks on the door and then she heard him start to walk away. She opened the door without giving much consideration and ran into Kurama. She estimated he was walking away when all he was doing was tapping his foot. She stumbled back a bit and looked at him in surprise. She noticed that he was glaring at her different than her ever had before. He was looking at the way she was dressed. She was wearing a hard leather tank top with metal snap buttons going down the middle and a few additional ones on the edges of it. It was a little tight at the chest. She was also wearing tight dark colored blue jeans with black boots. Kurama couldn’t help but become aware of how the outfit showed her curves better than anything he had seen her wear. She still had her hair tied up, but the ends were curled ever so slightly. She had a double piercing in each ear. She had wanted to see what it was like to wear make-up for the first time, but didn’t want to ask to borrow any; besides, she didn’t need it anyway. Cyn looked away, blushing some and embarrassed by his stare. He glimpsed up at her face and become conscious of her reddened face, automatically figuring out she had taken the potion.
He broke out of his lustful stare and smiled.

“I see you’re ready to go.”

“…Yeah…I just have to get my cloak…it’s in there.” She pointed towards the living room. He turned to walk into the living room, where everyone else (except Hiei…again.) was waiting.

“I bet she’s not even going to come,” Yusuke said doubtfully. Kurama stepped out of the dark hallway that led to the living room and reached out a hand. Cyn was certain they couldn’t see her yet. She took his hand and stepped into the luminosity. She saw that everyone was astonished and electrified; Cyn was once again uncomfortable. She averted her gaze, not even recalling that she was still holding Kurama’s hand.

“Yusuke, stop dragging your jaw like that! And stop staring at her!” Even though it had been 30 minutes since they had first seen Cyn in that outfit, the image was burned in Yusuke’s mind. Every time he looked at her, he would imagine her without the cloak and fall into an odd stare. Kayko, of course, was enraged by the actuality that he was attracted to some one else, especially some one older than him. She finally broke him out of his trance-like state by beating him over the head and knocking him down.

“What was that for?!” Yusuke said, a bit ill tempered that he was pulled away, or rather knocked away, from his fantasy.

“You have drool on your shirt,” Keiko said in an angry tone as she strode ahead of him. He stood, wiped the drool from his shirt and scrambled to catch up with her.

“Keiko, it’s not my fault she looks that way!”

—–yuyu hakusho—–

Soon, they reached the town and Cyn looked at all of the sights. She had never been to a city at night before, so this was quite a speculation. Kurama glanced at her looking around and smirked a bit. She almost looked like a child in a candy shop. It was a different look for her and he thought it was kind of funny. Cyn noticed him looking at her.

“What?” she said, almost playfully.

“It’s nothing,” Kurama said. She gave him a look that said ‘yeah right’.

“The only reason I’m looking around like this is because the city feels like new to me. I haven’t been in one in over 500 years and back then they didn’t look like this. ”

“Well, it’s good to see you’re having a good time.”

“I really wish I could do this more often…” She wished she hadn’t said that. She was speaking her mind more than ever now. With that last statement, Kurama might start giving her the potion on a regular basis. She didn’t want that, to become dependent. “Uh. Forget what I said, will you?” She looked away from him. Kurama wondered why she was saying that but didn’t go deep into it, knowing she wouldn’t like it. He tipped his head to the side a bit to look at the others to find them gone.

“Uh…where did everyone go?” he asked, stopping his stride.

“What?” Cyn said. She halted and turned as well. “Hey, they left us here. Should we go look for them?”

“They’ll find their ways back to the hotel. They do this all the time.”

“What should we do now?” Just then, Cyn realized she was alone with him. Was this the Yusuke’s and the other’s plan? Were they trying to play matchmaker?

“We could get something to eat. We didn’t get to eat before we left.” Was this a date?

“Sure, okay.” They began to walk again, a little closer this time.

—–yuyu hakusho—–

After eating, Kurama and Cyn found a carnival on the outskirts of the city. Kurama showed Cyn all of the things she had been missing, such as the rides and foods. It was one of those scenarios one would see on T.V. where two teens go out. Cyn felt strange having this much excitement. She didn’t understand the rides too much, and more than once they passed by a ride with a giant heart on it. She usually saw couples going on it together. Cyn quietly wanted to inquire about Kurama what it was, but was embarrassed. She thought it had something to do with affection. Kurama dragged her over to a photo booth.

“Cyn, have you seen one of these before?”

“I’ve seen a few when I walked home from school a few times, but I’m not sure what they are.”

“They’re called photo booths. You go in and get your picture taken about 7 times and you get small print outs of the pictures.”

“Interesting.” Cyn stared at the booth.

“You want to try?” Cyn recognized the small amount of space that was in the booth. She became apprehensive again.

“…Sure,” she said, trying to sound composed. She didn’t move from where she was standing. Kurama acquired the impression that she wasn’t too keen on the idea. He tenderly took her hand and led her into the booth, closing the curtain behind them. Before inserting the correct amount of money, he asked,

“Do you want to take off your cloak before we start? Wouldn’t want that outfit to go to waste.” He was offering a suggestion, not being distasteful. Cyn reddened for a moment then took it off, setting it off to the side. She kept her wings folded as to not make them stick outside of the booth. Kurama paid the booth and the camera was about to flash.

“Quick, smile before it flashes!” They both quickly smiled together. Before the next picture was about to be shot, Kurama told Cyn to make a silly face. He made one himself and Cyn laughed hysterically, not able to make a humorous face in time for the snapshot.

“You look so ridiculous!” She continued to laugh. They continued making different faces until they believed that they’re mini photo shoot was over with. Cyn began to stand and forgot how small the booth was. The booth only had one entrance and exit area, so they both had to leave through the same opening. The booth leaned a bit to the side and Cyn turned in her fall and fell against Kurama whom was still sitting on the other side of the booth. The two ended up in a pose where Cyn had her hands on Kurama’s upper body, as she had tried to use him to break her fall. Their faces were close together and Kurama’s back was pressed against the wall. The photo booth took one last unexpected photo and printed out their pictures. Cyn sat up, concealed her wings with her cloak and climbed out of the booth, Kurama right behind. Kurama took the printed pictures and sorted through them. The last image was of them in that position. He glanced at Cyn, who had her back to him. He figured she didn’t want to see the pictures and placed them in his trouser pocket. He heard a nearby clock ring. The bells informed him it was 12:00 am. “Do you think we should be heading home?” Cyn mumbled.

“Yes, it is rather late.” Cyn began walking, questioning what she should do when she got home…

—–yuyu hakusho—–

Arriving at the hotel, Cyn took her cloak off and hung it over her shoulder. Kurama escorted her to her room. Before going into her room, she turned and said, “I had a nice time, Kurama and—”

Before she could say more, he bent down and swept a kiss across her cheek. Cyn remained motionless for a moment and then returned the kiss, but the mouth instead of the cheek. They began to rigorously move their lips upon one another’s and Kurama stopped to take a breath and to say something.

“We shouldn’t be moving this fast, should we?” Cyn wanted to say yes, they should move that fast, but kept her mind to herself.

“No…we shouldn’t be. It’s just…I don’t know when I’ll get this opportunity again.”
“You’ll get it again next week, I promise.” He preserved the pledge with one final kiss of the night. He held it until he needed air and released her. She wished he hadn’t done so, but let him on his way. He kept his eyes on her until he reached his room and gradually closed the door. Cyn sighed and sadly went to sleep. Upon waking up, Cyn felt different. The potion had worn off and she didn’t feel as flexible as she had the night before. She looked in the mirror and saw that her features weren’t so vibrant anymore. Unhappily, she climbed out of bed and dressed, returning her cloak to her body once more. She felt she would be suffering for the entire week.

Chapter 6

Cyn didn’t know how she did it, but she survived the week and was free to express another day. Kurama told her he had tried to make the effects longer, but had no success. He had made extra vials of the potion for when it ran out. Cyn was just pleased with her feelings being able to show. As for Kurama and her, their relationship slowly started to escalate over the course of a few weeks. Every time there was a new romantic encounter, something novel was added, whether it was by hand or by mouth. Noises, movements or touches, it didn’t matter to them. Everyone residing in the hotel was aware of the correlation going on between the two, even though they didn’t display it relentlessly. One night, Cyn was ready for the ultimate climax.

Making out in Cyn’s bedroom that night, Cyn performed a radical move. She began to slowly unfasten Kurama’s shirt. Kurama took the impulse and let her continue her business, pushing her back. He didn’t drop all of his weight on her, but enough to make the situation more intense. When Kurama’s shirt was removed, he began to unbutton hers from the buttons on the back of her shirt. He whispered in her ear, trying to make her become more passionate. “Are you ready for this level?” He maneuvered his hands all around and released the ribbon holding her hair. Cyn spread her wings to give herself space. She whispered back.
“Let’s get this party started.” She smirked and began to make her moves. Kurama put the rest of his weight on her and they began their investigation of each other.

The sound of the rain comforted Cyn was she woke up next to Kurama underneath the sheets of her bed. Without much movement, she slid out of bed, put on a nightgown and went to the bathroom. She looked in the mirror and couldn’t believe what she saw. She saw a very tired, worn out woman…

“I’m looking in the mirror at this woman down and out
She’s internally dying and knew this was not what’s love’s about
I don’t want to be this woman the second time around
cause I’m waking up screaming
no longer believing
That I’m going to be around.”

Cyn couldn’t believe she had fallen for the same trick twice. No longer had she any pride nor respect for herself. Her life flashed before her in a swirl of pain and torment. She was too blinded by the deceptions of love to notice that a trap had been set before her. She had fallen pray to what she promised she would avoid. Gene had done the same thing with her. It had all fallen into place. The friendship, the flirting, the potion and then…Cyn walked out of the hotel, still in that night gown and walked to the lake, the rain unnoticeable to her. Her soul felt completely vaporized. She no longer had any moral fiber.

“Over and over I try
and over and over you lie
And over and over I cry, [over yaaa..]
Over and over I try
and over and over you lie
And over and over I cry
[I don’t know why]”

Kurama tossed a bit, noticing the bed was slightly emptier. He groggily opened his eyes and saw nothing but an imprint in the sheets where Cyn once laid. He sat up, almost in a panic. He threw on his clothes from the night before and looked around the house. Nothing but Yusuke’s snoring. He then thought of the place she was always at. The lake. He ran outside, not bothering to grab an umbrella. When he arrived at the lake, he saw Cyn standing in the middle of the lake, looking into space. The rain fell without stopping to watch.

“Rain on me
Lord won’t you take this pain from me.
I don’t wanna live I don’t wanna breathe,
till you just rain on me
Lord won’t you take this pain from me
I don’t wanna live I don’t wanna breathe”

“Cyn, what are you doing out here?” Kurama had to raise his voice a bit for her to hear him. She stood still. Kurama called out to her again, louder this time. Cyn turned her head to the side and revealed her face. The acid tears had burned off most of her face; there was even exposed bone. Kurama cringed at the sight. Her eyes were red where the white should have been. Was it because of the tears or the anger? Kurama began to walk out into the water when he stopped. Cyn had begun to change. Her hair broke into a frazzled sort of state and became a very dark red. Her wings spread and became black except for the tips. Her face became lined with peculiar white markings. Fangs grew from her mouth and hung over her bottom lip. Her lips became black and her nails grew into claws. She became taller and somewhat muscular. After her miraculous transformation, she faced Kurama directly and pulled her lance out from the air. She stared at Kurama dead in the eyes; She didn’t move. Kurama flinched again, frightened that such a beautiful woman had become such a monster. They stood in their spots, unmoving. They kept their eyes on each other because they knew if their guard was let down, death was imminent. Cyn finally said something. Her voice was deeper with a growl mixed in. She was now fully the Sin Angel.

“I’m going to kill you, or die trying. If neither happens, I will erase myself from this world.”

“Cyn, have you gone insane?! You can’t do this!”

“No more time for talk.” Cyn rushed towards Kurama in a rather feeble – albeit futile – attempt to behead him. He had moved, but a lock of his hair was sliced off, even though it was a lance she used to fight with. Kurama felt he had no other choice. He took out a small seed and threw it at Cyn’s heart. He would have to distract her so he took out a rose and turned it into his Rose Whip. Cyn almost remembered the dream where she first saw the whip, but was too full of anger to stop and think about it. The two battled for what seemed like hours but what was no more than 30 minutes. Kurama had some bruises and scratches, while Cyn was virtually unscathed. Kurama counted down to the final blow. 3, 2, 1… At that moment, an explosion came from Cyn’s chest and blood splattered on the ground below her. She screamed, dropped to her knees and slowly began to change back. Holding her hand to her heart, she groaned in pain. Kurama ran over to her and caught her before she fell forward. Tears fell from her eyes. The rain stopped.

“Cyn, that shouldn’t have been strong enough to kill you. You’ll be all right.” Cyn’s voice was raspy, getting quieter as time went on.

“No, Kurama. It’s not a fairy tale. My heart had become weak and the blow gave me more damage than you calculated. I told you I’d…die trying.” She turned to the side and vehemently coughed up blood.

“No! Why did you do this to yourself, Cyn? Why did you attack me?”

“Kurama…never fall for the same trick twice. Never.” His eyes widened. He had made the same moves that Gene had. He was the same. She dipped her finger into some of her blood and took Kurama’s arm, the one where the sleeve was torn. She wrote the letters K and C and tried to make a heart around them but only made it halfway before she had to lower her hand from lack of energy. He closed his eyes and began to cry. Her tears were pure for the very first time in over 500 years. No stings and no potion to make them clean. “Be careful…what you wish for…” She ended her time smiling, eyes wide open and face full of color. Her last tear fell on Kurama’s hand. He realized then that it was the tear of an angel…


~ by Miakoda-Hoshi on Tuesday, 06.11.2007.

4 Responses to “YuYu Hakusho – Emotions Run Haywire”

  1. Well. Gotta say, I didn’t expect the ending AT ALL. Nice twist.

  2. Kazuma**

    If you’re going to write for a fandom, just..Research their names in the very least, it makes good fans cry ):

  3. Can’t say I like the fic too much- but eh… Yusuke Urameshi, Kazuma Kuwabara- spellings.
    The ending was dramaticly done though ^^ it worked ^^

  4. aww,that wuz such a sad ending!it wuz a great story though

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