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Descendants of Darque 

‘Descendants of Darque’ by Ryuuzaki Kusakurin

DISCLAIMER: This story, characters, and plotline belong to me, Ryuuzaki Kusakurin, also known as Larkir. Works of fanfiction are accepted, so long as you remember that I own the original idea.

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Species in Descendants of Darque:

Type A – Aural
     Aural Vampyres are creatures with magick abilities, created within the game as spellcasters and magickal healers. Stronger Aurals have the ability to project their abilities onto others, temporarily imbuing those around them with their abilities. How long this lasts depends on the individual strength of the vampyre. Aural vampires are also the rarest form, usually only assigned to veteran players who have learned to forcibly switch their types and have on multiple occasions. No player has ever been assigned the Aural form as a starting type in the history of the game. The stronger Aural vampyres also have the ability to project their magick into a particular shape, such as wings, a weapon, or a shield. The strength of each projection once again depends solely on the strength of the character. Ironically, many Aurals are also former humans, though VAMPYRE types that ascend to this level are more powerful.
Type B – Ifrit
     Ifrit Vampyres are those with the ability to control fire for a set amount of time. This depends on the individual strength of each player. The stronger Ifrits also have the ability to completely merge their bodies with the fire in order to boost their strength in battle. This fire can also be harnessed and controlled remotely, i.e. a wildfire could be completely put out or enraged by an Ifrit. Ifrits generally have more rash personalities in all aspects, but even with the players’ psychologies generally matching in this respect, only ten percent of VAMPYRES are given this form.
Type C – Shiva
     Shiva Vampyres [also known as Mermaids] are able to control water and/or ice. They are usually slightly more powerful than Ifrits and Dyrads, and as such, they are only assigned to about two – three percent of all players set in the VAMPYRE type. Because of their unique physiology, a player assigned as a Shiva in the beginning will also be unable to ascend to Aural form. Those with the ability to control ice can also usually harness an underwater transformation ability, granting themselves a distinct advantage and becoming practically invincible underwater.
Additionally, there is a secondary type of Shiva – Shivans, which are the result of transforming an elf into a VAMPYRE-class. Their magick power is heightened beyond that of a mere VAMPYRE, and their speed is generally faster than even that of the Aural Vampyres.
Type D – Dyrad
     Dyrad Vampyres have the ability to merge with any living thing without sentient abilities, such as a plant or animal, and temporarily retain some characteristics from the being. Many Dyrads also have the transformation capability and can choose a single animal to take the form of when they feel the desire to. Roughly ten percent of all players of the VAMPYRE type are initially assigned to be of the Dyrad type.
Type E – Humanoid
     Almost all players set in the VAMPYRE type are humanoid vampyres. Humanoids are generally classified as the typical vampyres of myth, and have little to no magickal abilities. Their one major advantage is their incredible regenerative ability, as well as their ability to mimic humans and hide their appearance for a specific amount of time [usually a few hours].

Type A – Valkyrie/Ramuh
     Valkyries abd Ramuh are the strongest humans, even though they have surpassed the human race entirely and can only be killed by unnatural causes; their powers are comparable to Aurals and Silver Dragons. Valkyries are those who have learned and completely mastered each role set in the HUMAN type, and stronger Valkyries have the ability to tame DRAGON types for a temporary amount of time, usually long enugh for a battle. Ramuh can control an elemental power for around the same set amount of time, though it is generally thunder, rather than ice or fire. Less than one percent of all HUMAN types ever reach this level, but when they do, they are able to use spells and such without the aid of orbs or staffs and create a weapon of their preference out of their aura. It has been said that the mere aura of an Valkyire is enough to bring a regular vampyre to its knees. In turn, Ramuh are geared more towards fighting dragons, evening out the strength. Most of these class-A humans are males.
     Valkyries are the female version of the strongest type of humans, whilst Ramuh are the strongest males. Valkyries have light blonde hair and brown eyes that flash green when they cast spells or fight battles which strain them, whilst Ramuh have dark, nearly-black hair and golden eyes which flash a very light blue. Each of them can fight both of their enemy types, but once again, each gender is geared towards fighting a particular enemy – females are faster, and so they are more suited to fight those of the VAMPYRE type, whilst males are stronger and are able to slay DRAGON types more easily than any other creature in the system.
Type B – Mystic
     Mystics are humans with the abilities to spellcast and heal. Able to use the lower-level spells of the Aurals, Valkyries/Ramuh, and VAMPYRE types, they constantly carry around staffs and books imbued with the blood and auras of vampyres and dragons to allow them the powers of magick. A little more than twenty percent of all players in the HUMAN type are assigned here.
Type C – Elf
     Elves are humans with vampyre blood, so they are essentially half breeds on the human side – the only true manifestation of their vampyric blood is their pointed ears. Their weapons of choice are usually bows and short swords, but they have the strength to wield claymores and bastard swords with ease. They are faster than many humans, but because of this trait, they are usually unable to perform VAMPYRE magick and are suceptable to status-effecting curses and spells. However, elves have their own magicks, but only a few can use it because of the tendency towards physical arts rather than mystic. Roughly fifteen percent of all players in the HUMAN type are assigned to this.
Type D – Human
     Humans are typical humans, and train in sword- or martial arts. They have no special or defining characteristics aside from their unbreakable will and their hope that one day, the world of Darque will be ruled by humans and free of both of the other types. Until then, they are willing to negotiate for any peace, even an uneasy one. This is the most common type for players set in the HUMAN class, with over sixty percent assigned here.

Type A – Silver Dragon

     Silver Dragons are the ultimate form of the DRAGON type. As dragons are the strongest beings in the entire system, they are also easily able to face off against any form of human or vampyre. Their human appearance is marked by silver hair and violet eyes, and while in that form, they are able to use their dragonic strength in any fight. Their true form is that of the dragon, however, and in their true form, they are able to wield and perform any of the techniques native to the DRAGON type. The DRAGON type has the highest percentage of final forms, leading at around five percent of all players set in the form.

Type B – Wyvern
     Wyverns are of the poison-type, using gaseous breath and weakening spells to impede an enemy’s attack from the inside of the body. Making up roughly ten percent of all players set in the various DRAGON types, these are the third most common type. In human form, Wyverns always have brown hair streaked with blonde and violet eyes.

Type C – Pheonix
     Pheonixes are typically of the fire element, and much like Ifrits, are generally assigned to players with quick tempers and rash personalities. The advantage of this type is the nearly instant regeneration ability rivalling even a VAMPYRE type. Pheonix types have the unique ability to control fire, and while they do not resemble the pheonix of myth [they have a dragon appearance], they are still thought of as birds, being the weakest type of all in the DRAGON class. Their human appearance is characterized by auburn or red hair in males and strawberry-blonde hair in females as well as tanned skin. The giveaway as to their type is the flame-shaped mark seared into their left hand. These are assigned to roughly twelve percent of all players set in the DRAGON type.

Type D – Kraken
     Krakens are, as all other types of dragons, specialized in a particular element – in this case, ice and/or water, normally both. Krakens specializing in a single element are generally weaker than any other type of dragon, but a few instances have proven that this is not always true; by way of forced specialization, some Krakens turn this to their advantage and become nearly as powerful as Silver Dragons. In their human form, Krakens are characterized by their luminous blue eyes and pale skin. Much like their VAMPYRE type counterparts, Krakens and Shivas are the rarest of the assigned types, with each being assigned to only two or three percent of initiate players.

Type E – Common Dragon
     The dragons of this type are usually run-of-the-mill types, with the standard ability to breathe fire and fly, and they have no characteristics that are common to them in human form. Common Dragons are bronze, green, red, blue, white, and gold in their true forms, and they are the only stage not required to become a Silver Dragon, though someone set as a Common Dragon can eventually ascend to become one. Most dragons in this type are half-human or half-vampyre.


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