Naruto – Namida no Ketsueki

 Namida no Ketsueki

‘Naruto’ by Masashi Kishimoto
“Namida no Ketsueki”

DISCLAIMER: Don’t own, don’t sue. If you don’t like yaoi, DO NOT READ.

Warnings: Mild yaoi, WAFF, death, mild angst.
Characters: Kyuubi, Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke, etc.
Pairing: Naruto x Sasuke

Fidgeting nervously, Naruto looked into the Sharingan that consumed his friend’s eyes. Sasuke had long ago allowed his curse seal to take over his chakra. The burning blue flame surrounded the Uchiha as Naruto held back unwelcome tears. He felt the beast, the Kyuubi, stir within him, and the blast of white-hot pain, he felt the foreign power flood his body.

Sasuke felt the Shinobi’s increasing chakra before he could see it. Naruto, the Kyuubi, they were both blending their chakras… it was so confusing – he didn’t want to fight his friend- didn’t want to fight his only friend. He wanted to scream for it all to stop, for this to be over. He was disgusted with himself, and not only with himself, but with the cruel world in general.

Naruto’s nails quickly became claws, his body forced onto all fours. It hurt, but the entire battle did, too. His loyalty lay with the Konoha ninjas, so as a shinobi, Sasuke stood in the way of his home’s safety. As Uzamaki Naruto, though… his loyalty was with Umino Iruka… Hatake Kakashi… Haruno Sakura… and Uchiha Sasuke, his only real friend. Leaping forward to counter Sasuke’s attack, he smashed a claw-fist into the ninja opposite him. Looking at the boy’s swirling red eyes, he realized that one of them had to die here.

Sasuke entered the final level of his seal’s power, his black hair elongating and wings sprouting from his back. As Kyuubi-form Naruto sprinted towards him, across the water, he used the abilities from his Kekkai Genkai, blowing fireballs towards the boy-fox. Amazingly, the opposer avoided all of them. On the tail of his last assult, Naruto lept through the fire, slashing at the air, narrowly missing Sasuke. A couple of hand seals Naruto flying to the other side of the river.

“Chidori!” Sasuke yelled, infusing a good amount of his chakra into his right hand. He jumped from Naruto, who remained silent, watching death come hurtling at him. As the chidori plunged into his chest, right above the heart, he coughed blood onto the boy’s face.

“Sa… Sasuke-kun…,” he choked out the words, crying for his friend. But… why was he the one crying if he was nearly dead? He knew why, really. It was so simple as to be profound. He loved him.

That was the same time that Sasuke realized… that in order to gain power, he had tried to kill his only true friend. Naruto had been there for him for quite a while… so why was he, in turn, the one who killed?

“Naruto, you dobe…,” Sasuke’s chakra was nearly exhausted when he came to the revelation. “Don’t die on me… please…” he couldn’t stand what he had done. Not now. Not ever… he hated himself already.

“I forgive you…,” Naruto coughed again, the fox-like chakra fading away entirely. Sasuke was broken. On orders from Orochimaru, he had tried to kill his only friend. “Sasuke-kun… everyone’s been waiting for you in Konoha…,” blood seeped from his wound, Sasuke’s hand still plunged inside of it. The blond slowly closed his eyes, conscious and breathing shallowly. He could hear Sasuke quietly crying over the roaring waterfall.

“Naruto… I’m so sorry… forgive me… don’t die! You can’t die! You’re gonna be the Hokage, dobe?” Naruto smiled slightly, a single, last tear rooling down his cheek. He was so weak…

“Doesn’t matter. None of it… matters,” he choked out, blood droplets landing on his fair, pale face. “Go back-” he gasped, eyes still closed as Sasuke wrenched his hand from Naruto’s slender frame, “-to Konoha. Please…” his laboured breathing slowed, and his eyes closed once more as his heart finally stopped.

“Naruto!” Sasuke screamed as he never had before. He stood up and soaked his body in the cold water, bringing himself back to his senses. Back to reality as he died… in spirit. He saw Sakura in the corner of his mind, knowing that she would be chiding him about his lack of healing powers. Healing powers. That was it! He recalled the basic steps to healing, and shuddered in memory of the last, most forbidden procedure. They only taught it because of the Leaf/Sand alliance… and there was only one way to end the procedure- when it was successful, the healer would in turn die while restoring the other to life, fully healed. Bursting forth from the deep waters, the Shinobi began to gather his remaining chakra. It made sense, after all. He was an avenger, right? Avenging his friend’s death by in turn causing his own would be the only alternative he saw.

The silence of death could be unnerving, Naruto decided, traveling as a boy-fox spirit, the Kyuubi and he enmeshed. He floated above his limp body, watching curiously as Uchiha Sasuke began to bandage his corpse’s wounds. He knew why, as he drifted, not totally there, but not away either. Why was Sasuke even still here?

He is your friend, is he not?Startled, Naruto turned, only to see the true Kyuubi, without chains or a lock to bind it.“Yes. Yes, he was,” he said aloud. “It isn’t fair, you know, what we’re expected to do. We fight for our villages and at the same time we kill our friends on the pretense of safety and relative hate. That’s why I – we died,” he said, sighing. The demon fox cocked it’s head looking back at it’s former vessel.So do you hate him?“No.”Do you think it’s fair that people die, then?“No -yes- well, maybe. I’ve never thought of it that way. I’m only fifteen.”

Then why do you complain? Naruto had no comment to that. He looked at Sasuke, his gaze lingering on the Oronin’s face, almost wistfully.Do you love him?Naruto blushed brightly.“I- I dunno. I think so…” he blushed even more brightly, “Dream about him.” Does he love you?“No! Look at him. He killed me-” he stopped, hearing the Kyuubi’s amused rumble. “Oh, I know, he didn’t want to. He’s trying to save me now, so he might, but I dunno…”Not enough chakra. Never enough. He collapsed next to Naruto’s body, scratching a note onto an empty scroll. Nothing left now. Nothing left by an empty soul. Scroll, soul. Hahahahaha. Not amusing. He cast that thought away angrily. Falling effortlessly into the cold, deep water, he watched the air bubbles drift away from his body until the world began to fade and inhaled water… The black surrounded him until a warmth enveloped him… a familiar orange glow…The normally ramen-obsessed blond cried silently as he watched his friend die. In his head, he flashed back to their last battle, and then the look in the Uchiha’s eyes as he himself had been dying.

“Ky-Kyuubi?” he shuffled quietly. “ C-can Sasuke be over here, with me now?” The nine-tailed spirit nodded, laying on it’s huge legs in the attempt to watch the upcoming events. It growled a bit as a blue wisp of a soul left the Uchiha’s body and began to shimmer. Naruto fell back, onto his feet as Sasuke became visible to his left.

“Sa-Sasuke…” Naruto was crying again. This was the boy he knew, black-eyed and raven-haired. This was who he had died for…

“Naruto, you dobe…” Sasuke trailed off, looking around. “Are we… dead?” The crying blond nodded, surprised suddenly by two warm, pale arms wrapping themselves around his torso. “You always were a crybaby, Naruto-kun.” The Kyubbi rumbled in response, and Sasuke jumped, not expecting company.

You have visitors, little Raven-hair.The fox inclined his head slightly, to reveal…“Mom! Dad!” Sasuke cried, running about a meter then halting, realizing how… emotional… he had gotten- it scared him, but he scared himself a lot, so…“Sasuke, we’ve been waiting for you little one,” his mother smiled and said, her voice musical.

“Where is this place, though?” both boys asked it simultaneously.

“It is Dangai. Each spirit must find and do what it must to leave for the true world. Souls are remade, reborn. Sometimes it is simple – forgiving a loved one. Sometimes it is more than that.”

“Then why are you still here,” he swallowed, “Mom? Dad?” The answer came from the Kyuubi.

Because of you, Raven-hair. And you, too, Fair-skin.“Me?” Naruto and Sasuke asked. “I mean – us?” The giant nine-tailed kitsune nodded.I have been here before, little ones. I know my destiny; it is always the same. Go to them, the Kyuubi rumbled.On cue, the two Uchiha adults walked forward, each placing a hand on one shoulder.“We love you, Sasuke… and please, don’t come back here too soon,” his mother offered.

“You too, Naruto. Protect Sasuke,” the man said, fading from view.

And Fair-skin, you have my power. Sayanora.That done, the world faded from view into black, like death.Brr… cold. Naruto sat up on the rocks, sopping wet. Sasuke lay beside him, still unconscious, his curse-seal wings folded behind him, long hair outspread. Naruto touched his cheek, then the other shinobi’s, and found both to be warm. They were alive!“Huh? Mom… wait, I’m alive…?”

“I… think that their task was to bring us back…”

“You dobe… let’s go home.”

“Back to Konoha, Sasuke-kun?”

“Back to Konoha, suki.”

“I am NOT a girl, Sasuke-kun!” he blushed and kissed the Uchiha anyway. With Naruto laughing as though nothing had happened and Sasuke giving his usual monosyllabic responses, it seemed that all was well – the weight of the world had temporarily left the genin’s shoulders and left them carefree. After all they’d been through, it was well-earned, well-deserved.


~ by Larkir Kusakurin on Friday, 12.10.2007.

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  1. That was… interesting. I think that’s the word I’m lookin’ for, anyway.


    It was good, but I felt that the Kyuubi’s dialogue was a little… difficult to read. It wasn’t exactly split very well from the descriptions of the surroundings and such… It’s still readable, but it’d be easier to read if you split that up.

  2. -.-;;;


  3. OoOoOoOoOo yaoi.

    Maybe I need to review more often…

  4. This is very interesting. I really like following Naruto stories.

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