Claymore [KMnZ] – Background Info

Claymore Background Info

Based on the storyline of the manga Claymore by Norihiro Yagi.

This information contains spoilers for not only my story, but for the manga as well. It is not advised that you read unless you have already read through the current volume 13. Also, I made a lot of modifications as I saw fit.

A/N: I modified the actual rankings to suit my own needs as they arose with this work of mine; it’s kind of like a pet project right now. Scheduled to have four parts in all, I’m proud of what I’ve done thus far. Also in all actuality, the title ‘Kin Metsuki no Zansatsusha’ refers to the main character, as her eyes are always gold and have never actually been silver in her entire career as a Claymore.


[/]=Died before story  
[X]=Died during Part 1  
[+]=Died during Part 2  
[M]=Miria’s Survivors *
[L]=Larkir’s Survivors *

  1. ‘Dark’ Alicia
  2. Beth
  3. Galatea [D]
  4. ‘Rippling’ Ophelia [/][A], ‘Crimson’ Rianne [X]
  5. Rafaela [+]
  6. Hilda [/], ‘Phantom’ Miria [M]
  7. ‘Artemis’ Lucrecia [A][+], ‘Aven’ Larkir [L]
  8. ‘Windcutter’ Flora [L]
  9. Jean [X]
  10. ‘Thundering’ Amane [+]
  11. Undine [L]
  12. ‘Hunt-Eyed’ Israfel [+]
  13. Veronica [+]
  14. Cynthia [M]
  15. Deneve [M]
  16. Rikki [M]
  17. Denise [+]
  18. Lily [+]
  19. Renee
  20. Yukie [+]
  21. Denise [/], Akita [X], Lissa
  22. Helen [L]
  23. Esther [X], Xiayou
  24. Zelda [+]
  25. Mizuki
  26. ?
  27. Katea [A][/]
  28. ?
  29. Kate [+]
  30. Kiō [+]
  31. Tabatha [M]
  32. ?
  33. Raquel [X]
  34. ?
  35. Kayla [+]
  36. Haruna ‘the White’ [A]
  37. Natalie [+]
  38. Maria [X][A]
  39. Naoya [+]
  40. Yuma [M]
  41. Molly [+]
  42. ?
  43. Deanna [+][A]
  44. Daine [+]
  45. ?
  46. ?
  47. Clare [M]

Pieta Teams 

6. Miria
14. Cynthia
20. Yukie
31. Tabatha

7. Lucrecia
10. Amane**
35. Kayla
39. Naoya

7. Larkir
12. Israfel
22. Helen
40. Yuma

8. Flora
18. Lily
30. Kiō
41. Molly
47. Clare

9. Jean
13. Veronica
16. Rikki
37. Natalie
44. Daine

11. Undine
15. Deneve
24. Zelda
36. Haruna
43. Deanna

* Miria was unaware that more survived because the entirety of Larkir’s band of survivors was still unconcious when she woke up. Thus, when Larkir woke up, she realized that Miria and some of the others must have survived and looked for them for the first two years, but finally gave up since they could no longer distinguish the yoki of their comrades after the time period and decided it was time to leave the north.

** At the time of the Invasion of Pieta, Amane was number 10, but she was also twelve years old. Miria and Lucrecia deemed her to be too young and too immature to lead her own squad. Although she is highly literate and well-read, Amane seemed to be happier following the lead of others. She can be thought of as a Miata-type character, strong but relatively dependent on those older and more mature than herself.

Handwritten Drafts

These are drafts of the rankings and stuff in general that I handwrote to keep track of the plotline; this one is probably more accurate than the typed version because it has since been updated. At any rate, sorry about the quality, there’s only so much I can do…
Thanks to users Elfpudding and Earlybirdpie for scanning these for me.


Page 1



Page Two


~ by Larkir Kusakurin on Friday, 12.10.2007.

8 Responses to “Claymore [KMnZ] – Background Info”

  1. Try printing the handwritten pages out if you want to read them.

  2. Didn’t Helen survive with Miria and the others? Or did you just switch her out with Rikki for your story? ^_^;

  3. Lol yeah I switched them out because it better suited my story.

    Heh, Japanese names in an old-English-like story… makes me laugh.

  4. Ahh, I see. ^_^ Was just wondering.

    Gotta agree with you on how they mixed in Japanese names into a setting like Claymore’s. XD

    Then again, maybe there are some regions that they haven’t explored in the manga or anime that could explain the difference in the names.

  5. Hmmmm… that’s a good point… O.o

    Maybe I can exploit that?

  6. Take the idea and run with it. XD Loopholes are wonderful things once you find them.

  7. Indeed they are.

    I’ll probably write something like that… in a month… whenever my grandmother’s funeral and all are over… I don’t know how long that takes…

  8. i dont undestand this….

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